Everything You Need to Know About Gobuyside

At some point people have been searching for jobs everywhere. We may have scrolled through google in search for the job posts that matches job description. While searching we may come across terms such investment managers, equity firms, and other deeper jargons that pertains to finance and the like. If you ever come across the word GoBuyside, don’t confuse yourself. This platform specializes in equity firms, investment managers , among others. They operate on 16 countries and 52 cities worldwide. There are more than a hundred thousand people registered in their platform for the talent network group and more than 2000 are registered as employees. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

Their talents are specifically assigned at consulting firms, hedge funds, investment banks, corporations, and private equity firms. This broad category of assignment allows them to have different sets of skills by their talents. The jobseeker must first make their profile at gobuyside.com. The profile is created confidentially. Job seekers submit their credentials, professional history, and career interests. When the profile is approved, one will be able to access the setting be able to leverage using the platform. They can also contact the gobuyside’s team as to help them in learning current market trends and also to know the open positions of their clients that matches the seekers preferences. The team’s expertise has greatly contributed to the relationship the have with their clients. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.


Their website can be easily navigated through. This helps both the seekers and the clients to have a sense of control in what they are doing. With one click of the button they are able to see or read on the information they need.


Gobuyside is also accepts interns of the first quarter of summer. The applicant will be assigned to work with the team, to analyze talents and opportunities. The company offers base salary and bonus for the lucky one.


In this world where there are a lot of recruitment sites, only a few are legit. Job seekers must first know or have a little background on what they are applying for. Since everything today is digital. It is good that gobuyside is transparent to the public on how they operate. They have informations in their website and the have also a blog where in everyone can read what the company is doing. Careers related to finance are booming nowadays. One can be an investor manager or be assigned at equity firms. Gobuyside team is always there to help and guide.

Learn: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Gobuyside-Inc.-1

Agora Financial and the Investment Portfolio

Agora Financial is giving people a lot of options when it comes to investing. People that do not know where they need to start with their investment portfolio will appreciate the fact that Agora Financial provides such a vast selection of possibilities to explore.The thing that makes people take interest in Agora Financial is the large amount of analysts that are at the wheel. People that are looking into an analysis of the stock market have their pick of experts that are in this field. Agora Financial has these consultants that can help people grab a better understanding of what they need to do in order to get the right amount of stocks in a portfolio. This may be the thing that tends to be the most complicated for investors. They really never know how much they need to put into the stock market while paying attention to other things like annuities and mutual funds.

What the investors for Agora Financial have done is provide a plethora of publications that help people pinpoint the things that are worth paying attention to. All stocks are not created equal. This means that people that are looking to invest must take some interest in knowing what they are able to invest in. This is where Agora Financial comes into place. It is the company that has the consultants that can help you pinpoint exactly what you need to do to get your portfolio on track.The publications are widespread with a number of different analysis options for annuities, stocks, mutual funds and a general analysis of the market as a whole. There are also eBooks on investing and publications about long-term goals for a retirement. What Agora Financial essentially does is put people in a place where they have a better understanding of wealth management in the growth of their portfolio.

Financial literature is often the key that people have to building better environments or building a better time frame in which they invest their money. Most people are sluggish when it comes to investing because they may not have all of the answers in place when it co.mes to what is relevant. The good thing about utilizing something like the Agora Financial literature is that you always have information on steps in advance. You have a road map laid out in front of you because you have access to people that are doing the groundwork. This is what very few investors take time to do. They do not take the time to research, and this plays a big part in to how they make investments while stock prices are within reason. Timing is everything so information from Agora Financial is essential.

Vijay Eswaran Helps People Overcome Lack, Embrace Change And Thrive

The only difference between multimillionaire Vijay Eswaran and the millions of people worldwide struggling to make ends meet is their personal philosophy, mindset and worldview. While many people look at the world and see challenges, lack and failure, Vijay Eswaran sees opportunity, an unlimited supply and success. Many knowledgeable people say those differences in mindsets and views of the world is why some people succeed against all odds, while others find themselves eking out a meager, joyless existence with no hope, plan or vison for enjoying the bright, prosperous, glorious future that could be theirs.

Throughout his life Vijay Eswaran has been a visionary. Forced to dig ditches and pick grapes to survive while in college, he did it knowing it was a stepping stone to his prosperous future. While others saw network marketing as a waste of time, he learned its principles so he could apply them when the opportunity arose. When others saw the Asian economic crisis as a reason not to go into business, Vijay Eswaran saw billions of people who wanted quality products at affordable prices. So in 1998, he co-founded the QI Group confident there was a vast, lucrative market for the products he offered.

Vijay Eswaran’s vision became a reality. Millions of people bought products from the QI Group while companies all around them struggled and failed. The QI Group’s independent marketing representatives shared Vijay Eswaran’s vision of prosperity and success and their reality matched the goal they were working towards. Many of those who shared Eswaran’s vision, methods and success were not highly educated. But they did have faith in the success of their mission, belief in their plan of action and a willingness to go into large cities and remote villages to allow people to buy their products.

The principles that make up Vijay Eswaran’s personal and business philosophy are put forth in the many books and articles he has written. They deal with creating a success mindset, a clear vision of your goals, using fear as a motivator and embracing change. Those principles have helped many people overcome lack and thrive.

David McDonald And The OSI Group’s Growth And Global Expansion

Growing up on a farm in Ohio, David McDonald had a interest in biology and agriculture. That led him to major in animal science at Iowa State University. When he graduated in 1987, he went to work with the food processing company the OSI Group. McDonald started at the bottom and his talent, intelligence and diverse skillset has resulted in him rising through the ranks of the company over the past 30 years to become president and chief operating officer. But McDonald is not resting on his laurels. He continues to play a vital role in the growth and international expansion of the OSI Group.

Iowa State University still holds a special place in David McDonald’s life some 30 years after he graduated from the school. Two of his 6 children are students at ISU. And McDonald is deeply committed to supporting many programs at the school. He has been involved is helping Iowa State University students get internship opportunities with the OSI Group. Plus, McDonald also gives to the scholarship fund at ISU through Alpha Gamma Rho, his college fraternity. The assistance he has provided to ISU will have a long-lasting positive impact. McDonald’s commitment to the school led the ISU Alumni Association to give him their ‘Young Alumni’ award.

The work David McDonald is doing at the OSI Group has been vital to the company’s success. His ability to negotiate with foreign governmental agencies, suppliers and marketers has made it possible for the OSI Group to make inroads and develop a growing customer base in many countries around the world. His expertise in handling a wide range of challenging technical and infrastructure issues has kept the company on a smooth, upward growth trajectory. Plus, his work with the logistics team had been nothing short of exemplary and has made working with local marketers and suppliers easy.

David McDonald has played a major role in helping the OSI Group to expand into new markets. Over the past 20 years, he’s been instrumental in helping the company develop a significant presence in China. The OSI Group now has 10 poultry processing facilities there. He has also spearheaded the company’s work in their recently completed food processing facility in India. Thanks to the excellent work of David McDonald, the OSI Group now has a growing presence in Europe through their acquisition of the food services companies Flagship Europe and Baho Foods.

OSI Group’s info: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

RealReal invests in brick-and-mortar stores increasing its revenue, brand

The RealReal is investing smartly and heavily in brick-and-mortar stores this year. After initial success with the company’s New York City location in the sought after area of SoHo, the luxury consignment store is looking to open up more pop-up stores throughout the country, with an upcoming one in Las Vegas Nevada.

The RealReal is an online consignment fashion store that focuses on selling luxury items including clothing for men and women, as well as household items. The San Francisco-based company has tapped into major potential revenue by opening brick-and-mortar stores that are increasing brand awareness throughout the United States.

Founder and CEO of the RealReal, Julie Wainwright, is famous for within startup circles. Thanks for her expertise, the RealReal has achieved $123 million in venture funding with $500 million planned in gross merchandise. Most of this revenue comes from the RealReal app.

In 2016, the New York City pop-up location cashed in $2 million. RealReal’s Allison Sommer, the company’s director of Marketing, noted that the average order increases six times that of online orders. Users of the brand become instantly hooked once they see the cool features and value of the brand, she adds.

The next RealReal store will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clientele can take advantage of the company’s authentication specialists and gemologists that will on hand to assist customers with these pop-ups. With such success at the heels of its real-life, brick-and-mortar stores, RealReal’s competitors like Vestiaire Collective and ThredUp are following suit. The real challenge will be increasing its membership and brand awareness to stay on top.

Currently, RealReal has seven million members around the world. With that kind of presence online, Sommers points to having a brick-and-mortar store will be key to sending the company’s message to its current members and future members as well.

Sahm Adrangi and His Negative Assesment for Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is one of the many business leaders today who are trying to address the disconsolate challenges of running a business, and the fact that he’s still in the market means that he knows a lot about running a business that makes it hard to ignore his leadership style. Consider his assessment of Kodak as an example. Follow Sahm Adrangi on twitter.com.


The Negative Report on Kodak Company


In the latest Press Release from CNBC, we read that Sahm Adrangi, the investment manager of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC, has assessed the market value of Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK), which is a commercial printing and imaging company. Its stocks have risen lately to about 187%. This rise of market value could be because it is partnering now with a blockchain company and taking advantage of the new progress and solutions that come with a Blockchain program. It is the assessment of Sahm Adrangi that there will be a negative series of results for KODAK. Its negative report means that it gives the Eastman Kodak Company a short position.


Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale explains that the recent announcement that comes with Kodak’s performance has a lot to do with the hollow attempt to chase away the ICO case that does nothing to offset what Kodak’s poor performance is doing. He also believes that there’s an unsustainable capital foundation in Kodak, which is the result of its negative assessment.


Truly, this explains why Kerrisdale sees a solid short position for Eastman Kodak Company, and companies like Kerrisdale will benefit a lot if the share price of Kodak falls.

Learn: https://www.hvst.com/user/sahm-adrangi


About Sahm Adrangi


What you should know about Mr. Sahm is the fact he’s the passionate and leading founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.


There’s a lot of projects that go along with Mr. Sahm, and for this, he’s been involved with a lot of aspects of the firm’s development programs. Some of the projects he got involved with include being the Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC. He also worked as a finance restructuring programs for various bankrupt companies and bank debt holders. He also worked for the Deutsche Bank as a leverage finance officer and manager. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.


Richard Blairs Wealth Solutions, Inc. Helps People Grow Their Money Fast And Safe

Those who are poor know how it is very difficult to raise money. Money begets money but if an individual doesn’t have money in the first place, there’s nothing to be increased. But even if a person has some discretionary funds, it will still be difficult for him to grow his money if he doesn’t have a financial plan. This concept is what Richard Blair wants to impress in the minds of ordinary people if they want to reach their financial goals. He is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., a financial advisory company based in Austin, Texas.


His company provides financial consultancies and advises to clients who are searching for ways they can invest their money. Blair’s clients are composed of small businesses, private individuals and some rich families in Austin. As a duly registered financial adviser, Blair has over 20 years of experience in delivering financial services to his clients. Wealth Solutions, Inc. is also fully registered with the government in Austin therefore it can legally dispense financial advice to whoever wants or needs it. He offers his financial services to people and businesses in Marble Falls, Houston, Bastrop, New Braunfels and Georgetown.


His family encouraged Richard Blair to pursue a career in the field of financial services, teaching and guiding people with regards to their financial plans. He has a mother and grandmother who are both teachers by profession. While growing up, he saw how the teaching profession enabled her mom and grandma gain their knowledge and self-confidence. This in turn helped him also gain the confidence to take up teaching, not the ABCs but the A to Z in financial planning. In 1949, he founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. and from then on continued to provide financial advices to people and businesses who asked for them.


If a client asks the help of Wealth Solutions, Blair will readily asses the actual financial situation of the client as well as his retirement needs. As soon as he gets all the information he needs, Blair will formulate a holistic plan which is customized according the needs and capabilities of the client. Blair’s term for his solution is: the three pillar approach. The number one pillar will help the client draw his financial roadmap. Pillar number two is designed to assist the client in devising his long-term strategy that will fulfill his investment needs. The third pillar will provide the client a safety net for his finances by way of insurance. If the client listens to Blair’s advice, his chances of reaching his financial goals will increase.

The News on the Chainsmokers

On January 17, 2018, the Chainsmokers released yet another big hit, Sick Boy and You Owe Me. The Chainsmokers have only been around for the past two years. The incredibly talented band consists of Alex Pall age 32 and Drew Taggart age 28. They have been performing top songs one after the other. To keep this kind of fame up will be a stressful process, but they have shown over and over they have what it takes to do so. The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound


Since hitting success with “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” the duo has added a new dimension to their work with Taggart, one half of the duo, adding his singing to their crowd-rousing sound beginning with the single “Closer,” in which Halsey also performs. Popularity has skyrocketed greatly for the duo. The Chainsmokers have won two American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, five iHeartRadio Music Awards, and are continually preparing to release some new musical treats since their beginnings.


Their most recent song called “Sick Boy”, was a long overdue song, considering they had nothing new for 9 months. The song is a little dark but as Drew stated in the interview with Forbes “he thinks this is the way our society now.” The words to a song are usually something felt in the artist life, but the interpretation is always left up to the fans. The song seems dark and twisted but considering the way our culture is right now and the pressures kids have these days, this song seems to fit right in. The kids these days are all connected to one another through social media to the point we are all on stage. (View: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)



“Sick boy” has a different feel compared to their other music that’s for sure. Some people like the song and others will not, but it’s all left up to each person’s take on the song. Their name “Chainsmokers” is a mystery because neither of them smokes and they don’t want to explain how they came up with it. Their music is a mix of hip-hop, dance music, pop and electro-pop. They seem to express their lives through music in many different music styles. This duo doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, they plan to be around for a long time to come.



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Drew Madden: Software, Clouds, And Security

When most people think of clouds, they look to the skies. However, in today’s healthcare IT world, clouds take on a whole new meaning. The latest in computer technology, the cloud can make all the difference in keeping patient medical data secure from data breaches. However, with so much data available today, knowing how to integrate cloud technology into the data networks of hospitals, corporations, and other types of medical organizations can be difficult. And with recent developments suggesting CVS and Aetna are about to join forces, and Amazon is preparing to offer customers the chance to get nationwide next-day delivery of prescription medications, the quest for electronic medical records security is more important than ever. To deal with this issue, healthcare IT entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden are making an impact on organizations around the world.

With electronic medical records systems being expected to handle an ever-growing amount of patient data, it’s important for healthcare IT professionals such as Drew Madden to use all of their available skills to analyze systems and then create solutions that will keep patient data safe and secure. From developing new and innovative types of software to deciding how best to incorporate cloud technology into data networks, Drew Madden and his team at Nordic Consulting Partners are now looked to for their expertise in this area time after time. Whether helping a large corporation increase its online security capabilities or installing new software for a local hospital’s electronic medical records system, Drew Madden is always looking for new and innovative methods to make online data even more safe and secure. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Having seen its annual revenue swell to more than $130 million in recent years, Nordic Consulting Partners is clearly providing solutions to the toughest of electronic medical records systems problems. Now working with well over 150 clients, Nordic and its more than 700 healthcare IT professionals are always analyzing current trends to discover how to make these data networks even more efficient. As he continues to work in all aspects of healthcare IT, Madden and his team will stay far ahead of the competition. You can follow their Twitter page.

Click here: https://www.facebook.com/drew.madden.54

Alex Pall Puts Himself into The Chainsmokers’ Music

The Chainsmokers have released several hits like “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Closer” featuring Halsey. Much of their success can be attributed to the heart they put into their songs, a trait that is rather rare among dance music. In a sea of sterile music with no feeling in it besides euphoria-inducing bass drops and beats, Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall, enjoys putting a human element into his music with Andrew Taggart.


Alex Pall was a relatively well-known DJ in the New York club scene in his younger years before the Chainsmokers. His at the time hobby began consuming more and more of his time but he couldn’t consider his music a job as he enjoyed it far too much. Eventually, he realized he wanted to make his hobby his full-time commitment and spoke to his manager, the same manager he has now even after he found success. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart and the two knew they needed to make music together. They shared music tastes and hit it off as people, so they immediately started working together. They clicked so well, in fact, that Alex Pell quit his job and Drew relocated from Maine to New York City to pursue their dream.


Another relatively unique aspect of Alex Pall’s Chainsmokers is that they do not rely entirely on songwriters and vocalists and put their own talent and voices into the music that they produce. When Alex Pall and Drew aren’t writing the entirety of the song, they are there with the songwriters for the entire process to give them their input or guide them to personalize the songs, so they fit who the pair are as people. (More about Pall on Genius.com: Alex Pall)


When Alex Pall and Taggart started writing for Chainsmokers, they had trouble trying to make lyrics that were relatable to their audience. They settled on writing songs about their own life experiences. As their audience is growing, the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall, and their music are evolving with them. Read This Article for more information.


Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chainsmokers