Susan McGalla is a Rising Star in the Business World

Companies that are open to new ideas are more likely to be successful. One way is generate more independent and original thinking and to cultivate a culture of diversity. Diverse companies are able to compete at a much higher level than other companies. Women struggle to teach high level positions inmost companies. Susan McGalla has been at the forefront and helped other women to take charge and pave the way for women leaders. She was raised in an environment where she was treated as equally as her brothers. She was not handed everthong she eanted, but had to male am effort to earn what she wanted. It was a lesson well learned and one she always carries with her. McGalla has held several high level positions and credits her success with what she learned early in life.

McGalla started at the bottom of the ladder and with hard work and determination worked her way to the position of President at a time when all executives were men. There are initiatives in place for women that give women the support necessary. It also gives women a place to share ideas and strategize methods for their businesses. The women are also able to learn the latest business trends.

The networks available to women have demonstrated that women have a great deal of capabilities when it comes to occupying executive positions. It also gives women the necessary vehicle to showcase their talents and support each other. The solution to helping women excel on the business world and take on roles of responsibility is to find male executives to champion their cause and serve as a sponsor to those women. The sponsors would take a proactive role to promote these women through project assignments.

There has to be an incentive for male executives to fill such sponsprship positions and work along side women and help them find executive positions they wish to fill. Keeping in mind that companies that invest such diversity are more successful than companies that do not.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and she is a graduate of Mount Union College where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business. She is a businesswomen with an entreprenurial spirit and had taken on several roles as a business strategist and consultant with several different companies. She founded P3 Executive Consulting and took on a challenge with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy.

Over the course of her career, McGalla worked in several managerial roles. She is also on the board of the directors of HEE, Inc. The company provides commercial real estate services, as well as the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

A Comprehensive Review of IDLife and Why Its Products Rock

As a health and wellness company, IDLife has been on the forefront supporting personalized nutrition, and through its products, it has been changing people’s lives. The company pursues network marketing and seeks to provide the best healthcare products for overall health enhancement. IDLife offers online assessments that highlight specific questions that help to determine the most recommended nutritional supplement formulation, and this is because different people will work with different products.

Their questionnaire is fairly simple and keenly follows HIPAA regulations, and this means you are assured any sensitive information you provide is protected. Some of the questions you are asked include topics like your lifestyle, dietary habits, medications you have been taking, and medical conditions.

The IDLife assessment is great as it helps to capture the specific problems each individual is facing and this means getting the right cure is also easy as you are able to identify what specifically is required for your kind of ailment. The nutrition and medical solutions offered by IDLife are mixed with exercise for maximum performance, and many of those who have tried this service report having achieved optimal health in few weeks.

IDLife Products

All the products offered by IDLife give a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, so in the event the product fails to perform as expected, you qualify for a refund. One thing you need to understand is that their products are not FDA Approved, but this does not rob them of the authenticity and quality promise to provide. The company offers a variety ranging from skin care products to products for kids and the elderly.

Many of these products are extremely useful as you will learn. For example, the IDLife Shake is a health product that is made up of healthy omega 3 fatty acids and also contains minimum calories to help in weight loss, joint recovery and mobility, and strengthen muscles. The ID Nutrition product provides all the nutrients you need for your body, and this can be customized based on your HIPAA assessment.

IDlife Compensation Plan

If you are looking to establish a business with the products offered by IDLife, there are few important things you might want to consider to help you go about this. The company compensates you in 15 ways and is mainly focused on bringing together large teams that can generate sales consistently, so apart from giving you solutions to your health problems, the company has availed earning opportunities for those interested.

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ClassDojo is revolutionizing the Education Sector

Education technology experts are likely to have better prospects this year. 2016 was a rough year for edtech, but it is presumed that the number of people investing in the technology will manifold within the year. The industry is expected to hit the $1.4 billion mark soon enough.

Well, here is proof as to why 2017 is the best year for the tech. LittleBits, which is an introductory coding device, has, for example, introduced a new tool that raves reviews. LittleBits has stolen the hearts of many and has been the focal point of attention for those in this sector; this can be proved by the respect the technology was regarded with at the National Principal’s Conference.

Nearpod also had a good run in with the year 2017.

The adaptive education startup received $21 million in funds within the year. The money came a long way into helping Nearpod introduce a considerable amount of digital lessons. Additionally, investors have also shown a lot of interest in gamification podiums such as Classcraft. Classcraft makes school attendance attractive to kids. Reports according to PE Hub show that Classcraft cashed in a $ 2.8 investment aimed at improving her efficiency and marketability.

ClassDojo also makes it into the list. The app makes it easier for teachers, students, and parents to talk about what happens in schools. The app helps make stronger the connection between the three education shareholders. It would also be right to say that the app aids in creating a community out of the three shareholders.

ClassDojo was started in the year 2011; her headquarters are in San Francisco, California. One can describe ClassDojo as a communication platform that helps strengthen the student’s social and communication skills. A lot of educational institutions have embraced ClassDojo, 2 in 3 schools are said to benefit positively from the application.

Additionally, ClassDojo helps tone down the negativity that comes with school life. A lot of kids and educators loath the idea of school, they often view education as a cumbersome stage of life. ClassDojo does away with this mentality. Investigations have been done on the product, and the results confirm the efficacy and effectiveness of this new technology. By empowering students to speak to their teachers and parents, the application has ground up a positive change in schools.

Louis Chenevert’s Legacy in Making UTC a Global Company

The people around us are usually the center of our success or failure. Whether we are aware or not, the actions of other do slowly affect the choices we make. These people are our educators, teaching us what is right and wrong, and how to overcome challenges. The motivation we do have maybe a novel hybrid, but with a close study, there are some people identifiable with it. Louis Chenevert, the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is one of such magnificent personalities whose actions has had an enormous impact on other people. Read more at

The success of Louis cannot be understood without an insight into his past. He was born in Quebec, Canada and later got his bachelor degree in production from HEC Montreal. His education equipped him with the business skills that saw him rise to glory.

The dedication Louis Chenevert had has a young man made him gain the critical experiences with different companies. For the first 14 years of his career, he worked with the General Motors before joining Pratt and Whitney, and later as the President of the Canadian Corporation before being promoted to be the CEO of UTC.

His vision and ambitions made him soar high in his career life. Mr. Chenevert understood that as the CEO he was the engine of the company. Every action he took was to ensure his legacy lives. His vision was to invest in both people and technology for the success of the business. Louise offered his employees with an opportunity to study any degree of their choice at the expense of the company. This opportunity has improved the skill of the workforce. For the last 20 years, 39,000 employees have acquired additional degrees, costing the company a fortune of $1 billion which the CEO believed was a justified investment.


Besides, he had a broader look that incorporated every player in business he understood that for the success of UTC, the suppliers, customers, and employees had to be satisfied. The investments on the suppliers improved the materials received with the company investing up to $40 billion US suppliers.

Today, United Technology Corporation is a global company, with the power to fairly compete with others. The foundation laid by Chenevert, through the innovative thinking and dedication will remain the pillar of UTC success. Though he is retired, the current employees and the CEO Gregory Hayes will always be proud of Mr. Chenevert. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

IDLife: Designed for People

IDLife is a health and wellness company. IDLife stands for Individually Designed Life. The CEO and founder of the company is named Logan Stout. The company is dedicated to helping people live better and more fulfilling lives by giving people the proper vitamins and minerals needed to live a healthier lifestyle. The face of personalized nutrition is changing rapidly and here are four war ways that IDLife is doing just that.

The first factor to take into account is the fact that IDLife is changing the face of the supplement market. IDLife is targeting the individual and keeping that person in mind when it comes to their products. Many people do not know where to start when it comes to personalized nutrition. This is where IDLife has found its niche in the health and wellness industry.

The second factor to consider is the heart of IDLife. These are the leaders of the company. People like Logan Stout and many others with the company want to see people succeed with products. Helping people attain their health and lifestyle goals is what makes the company as successful as it is. The people of IDLife want to make a difference and Logan Stout wouldn’t have it any other way.

The third factor to consider is the fact that IDLife uses only the highest quality ingredients for the products they sell. IDLife also believes in being socially responsible for the planet as well. The company believes that the supplements are only as good as the ingredients that make them. The company makes absolutely sure that the ingredients are resourced in a responsible manner and that the ingredients live up to not only the expectation of IDLife but most importantly the consumer who is using the product.

The fourth and final factor is that the products have been tested in studies and journals to live up to expectations. Clinical trials help the company ensure that the products do what they are meant to do. The trials and studies also make sure that the products themselves are of the highest quality before going on the market.

IDLife and the people of the company have turned the world of personalized nutrition into something anyone can achieve. The company is there to help people succeed in the ever-changing world of health and wellness. This is the ultimate goal of IDLife. Logan Stout wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Incorporating Technology In Fashion With TechStyle

In 2016, the revenues collected from retail commerce amounted to 72 billion dollars, and they are estimated to rise to 116 billion dollars by the year 2021. Startup and legacy fashion brands have attempted multiple techniques to win today’s digital-smart consumers, from embracing enhanced CRM technology to understanding how to market using social media. One style that has been tried widely is membership programs, and they have encountered variable degrees of success.

However, there’s one firm, a forerunner of subscription programs, which has been strikingly successful and has surfaced as a powerful and an overwhelming force in online retailing. Nevertheless, only a few people know about it, and most people do not see its role as a technology and marketing pioneer. The corporation is TechStyle Fashion Group, under the leadership of Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

In 2010, JustFab introduced the first membership program in the fashion retail industry for footwear. Its VIP monthly subscribers got over 30 percent discount on retail prices, alongside complete access to unique products and promotions, free shipping and loyalty rewards points. The model was very successful, and in two years, the website has captured six million consumers. JustFab sold over 2.5 million pairs of footwear during the first quarter of 2012. Don Ressler has been influential in decision making and transformation of the company through policymaking.

In the four years that followed, JustFab obtained ShoeDazzle and FabKids, and it successfully stretched out to Germany, U.K and several other countries, and also inaugurated Fabletics with Kate Hudson. The firm changed its name to TechStyle in 2016, as a better image of the position of the company as a platform that’s re-creating fashion marketing and retail by incorporating them with membership commerce, data science, and personalization.

Adam Goldenberg is the co-CEO and co-founder of TechStyle, and his career in startups started at the age of 13 when he began an online bulletin that changed to Gamer’s Alliance, a gaming website. At the age of 17, Adam sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix, a mother company to MySpace, an earlier social media site. Intermix gave Adam the position of chief operating officer. When he left Intermix, Goldenberg established Intelligent Beauty, a commerce site which generated more firms, among them JustFab and DermStore.

TechStyle is striving to hit 700million dollars in profits; the firm has 4.5 million members and 2,000 employees. A new product line will launch in 2018. The last major of the company raise was in 2014, making the sum of funds raised at 295 million dollars and a valuation of more than one billion dollars.

Highland Capital Excels Well Beyond Alternative Assets

Highland Capital Management is a pioneering investment manager with a strong focus on alternative investment strategies. The company specializes in high-yield credit, structured investment products, distressed assets and short-term equity solutions. It is one of the finest corporate advisory firms in Dallas, Texas. The privately-held business was established in 1993. It was co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The former serves as the President of the progressive alternative credit firm. Besides Dallas, the firm operates offices in New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul. The founders adopted a revolutionary strategy where the fund managers and owners have a stake in the portfolios they manage. Putting their money together with other investors demonstrates confidence and leadership. Highland Capital Management is a pioneer in the loan market.

It popularized collateralized loan obligations, CLOs, in the nineties and remains one of the largest CLO managers controlling over $30 million in assets in this segment. The firm attracts global clients including pension funds, endowments and foundations, financial service providers, governments and corporate institutions among others. Highland Capital Management is dedicated to delivering value to investors through unique product offerings, continually exploring new business opportunities and proactive strategies that protect investor’s assets. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero recently got a glowing review by Barron’s magazine for rapidly growing the Highland Global Allocation fund to outrank its peers. The firm relies on stellar research and comprehensive analysis of assets to understand their potential value to investors. It is famous in the industry for its bold positions in various situations. For example, the company bet a significant position in Argentina’s sovereign debt and came out winning following the country’s economic recovery from 2015.

As an alternative investment firm, the company is uniquely positioned to handle business that may not be available to the typical fund manager. The company is changing its focus to developing markets including clean energy and biopharmaceuticals. It has a strong focus on supporting evolving non-profits. The firm contributes to transformative ideas that empower the growth of the community.


For example, the firm supports Reasoning Mind, a nonprofit that leverages technology to deliver an innovative math curriculum for kids. This boosts math learning and gives students in remote locations without a math teacher access to resources that influence their lives.

Viper Rock Music Band Conquers The Music Industry Through The Help Of Cassio Audi

Music helps to bring people together so that they can relish in the idea of diversity. For Cassio Audi and his team, they traveled to different parts of the world all because they were able to connect with the listeners of the music that they produced. The Viper Rock Music Band was a musical team that was composed of five individuals, and in the course of the 1980’s, the band was able to make an impact in the music industry unlike any other group before. The Viper Rock Music Band was one of the few musical bands in the industry to enjoy massive success. Watch this video on Youtube.

Cassio Audi and his colleagues were able to conquer boundaries as their music was accepted in different regions, and similarly, the demand for their physical presence increased tenfold. Cassio Audi was a music writer, and his rise to prominence started immediately he decided to be part of the Viper Rock Music Band in 1980. Initially, Cassio Audi was primarily involved in corporate matters, and his entry into the music industry meant that he had to carry the skill and knowledge that he had obtained from his engagements in company matters, a fact that helped in the marketing process of content produced by the Viper Rock Music Band.

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Cassio Audi helped the team in the quest to write better music that would help people to associate closely with the band. Additionally, he served the crucial role of playing the drum set. The musical group was composed of Felipe, Yves, Pit, and Machado Andre. Cassio’s position in the team enabled him to understand all the dynamics that were associated with the music industry since it gave him the opportunity to do more of the listening. The Viper Rock Band released many albums including Soldiers of Sunset in the course of engaging in music, and it was as a result of the quality songs that it managed to produce. Read this article at

OSI Group vs The Competition

The food service industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and it has been for quite sometime. There are competitors that are near and there are competitors that are as far as the eye can see. There are many sectors of business that’s being conducted away from prying eyes, but the custom food solution sector is one of its most important. Having the ability to create great tasting foods isn’t as easy as one may think it is. There are a lot of variables that must fall into place. OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, is on another level when it comes to creating specific food solutions. Just about every type of business/organization is being served by this company.

Sourcing, developing, distributing and producing goods is what this company specializes in. Every chain of command is efficiently running OSI, and this efficiency is the heart of the entire operation. Custom food solutions or concept-table-solutions is the name of the game as this company offers a wide array of products like meatballs, tofu, flatbread, pizza, pepperoni, cooked sausages, cookies, tomatoes, fresh dough, onions, beef patties, pork products, pulled pork, chicken fired steak, hotdogs, cheese and many more items. Next-generation food solutions starts in the mind and OSI helps to personify them by working exclusively with the client. This dynamic situation is a brainstorming technique for coming up with the best possible products. It may just be the most important part of the process, especially for those who are seeking something unique. Here are a few of the core valuables below.

• Explore Innovative Solutions
• Integrity & Ethics
• Strives To Improve
• And more

OSI Group has that “it” factor as this team of OSI Group professionals is easy to work with, and it listens to the clients’ specific instructions. No matter the current location, OSI has facilities in 17 countries. On top of that, there are a total of 65 facilities worldwide. As long as the client has a physical address, top-of-the-line food products can be delivered on a consistent basis.

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Don Ressler And Kate Hudson use Fashion Art To Benefit the Fight for a Cure To Breast Cancer

Don Ressler and Kate Hudson have teamed up to bring forth high fashion to women at an affordable price. Fabletics and other brands of TechStyle have been created to show women that they are valued and cared about. However, their efforts to do that are incomplete without addressing on of the issues that affect millions of women throughout the world. This issue is breast cancer, a very devastating issue not just for women, but their families. This is why there are plenty of efforts being made to bring about effective treatments and to also find preventative measures to prevent any issues with breast cancer.

One of the best things about fashion and art is that they can be used as tools of expression. Kate Hudson and Don Ressler use the clothing of Fabletics to express their desire to help with the fight for a cure to cancer. They are also encouraging people to accept donations so that they can continue to fund research on breast cancer and ways to treat the issue without too many side effects. Any proceeds that are gained are going to be delivered to FTBC Global, a very reputable and reliable company for breast cancer research and treatment.

Women are not only going to buy more of the clothes that make them look and feel good about themselves but are also going to be made aware of different causes. They are also going to feel very proud of themselves for supporting these causes and making life better for women and their families that are unfortunate to go through this type of cancer.

It is not enough for a company to sell products. A really good and trustworthy company has to get involved in different efforts to make lives better for the unfortunate. This is not even just about winning more customers. There are people who are in legitimate need of help, and the most meaningful thing a company can do is put some kind of effort towards making the struggle just a bit easier for the person who is suffering. Getting involved in the community is one of the most effective things to be done for a business.