A review of Dick DeVos and his family’s Acts of Charity

Dick and Betsy DeVos are some of the leading philanthropists from West Michigan. They are known for giving millions of dollars in support of various causes such as education. Throughout their lifetime, they have donated funds amounting to $139 million. This report about their charitable activities came out during the vetting of Betsy DeVos for the post of the U.S. Education Secretary.


The DeVos’ charitable contributions


Dick and Betsy originate from a wealthy family in West Michigan and are known to have strong ties with the Republican political party. According to the Forbes Magazine, the entire DeVos lineage has given out $1.33 billion in donations. This act has earned them position 24 on the list of ‘America’s Top Givers.’ This family’s philanthropic contributions began with Dick’s father, who is the founder of Amway Corporation. Betsy also comes from a wealthy and charitable family and her father is the late Edgar Prince, an industrialist, and businessman. In 2015, their family donated $104 million through their Family Foundation.


This couple is passionate about supporting and strengthening the education system. In 2015, 26 percent of DeVos’ donations were dedicated towards educational causes while 3 percent was given to fund foundations that support reforms in this sector. When interviewed by The Grand Rapids Press and MLive, this couple revealed that they are determined to improve the educational sector so that all kids in the United States can achieve the American dream. Other beneficiaries of the 2015 grand donation were Northwood University, Ferris State University, Compass College of Cinematic Arts, and West Michigan Aviation Academy. Aside from education, this couple also supports arts & culture and health related matters.


Dick DeVos’ background and work history


Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur, founder, and the current president of the Windquest Group. DeVos began his career at Amway Corporation, a company that pioneers in the sale and distribution of household, health, and personal care products. DeVos joined Amway in 1974 and worked in various departments of the company. Ten years later, he was made the VP of the company and was tasked to oversee the company’s operations in 18 countries.


In 1989, he launched the Windquest Group, and two years later, DeVos became the manager of the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball. When his father Richard DeVos retired, he took over the executive president of Amway. DeVos grew the company, expanding its business operations to six continents. He also restructured the company putting it under Alticor Corporation. DeVos retired in 2002 and took over leadership at the Windquest Group. In 2006, he ventured into politics ran for the governor’s post via a Republican ticket but lost to Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat. He is married and has four children.

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