Academy of Art University and The Recent Achievements It Worked Hard For

The world of fashion is one of the most challenging, fluctuating and elusive industries today. It can be hard to excel in such a field because of the nature of its elements, which consists of a lot of randomness and elements that can’t easily be calculated to know the right way to excel. Truly, this statement is best represented by the kind of success that the Academy of Art University is showing today, as it recently launched its new line of masterpieces during the 21st Runway Showcase they did at the Skylight Clarkson Square.

The Art of Looking Good

In a report from Huffington Post, we can read that Academy of Art University is once again showing that it is one of the most competent art groups still existing today, and that’s saying a lot considering the amount of competition is in there right now.

In the fashion exhibit, HuffPost mentioned in its report the diverse backgrounds and style influences that have been showcased, not to mention the amount of hype it garnered. The event was such an exciting occasion, and it was made more special by the fact that designers from China and Europe joined in to exhibit their artistic fares.

In the event, people found a new way to see clothing and different range of ideas, concepts, and deconstructions that made fashion an even more exciting field to celebrate art.

About Academy of Art University

With the motto “Built by Artists for Artists”, Academy of Art University is one of the most successful art collectives today that have survived for many years now. Established in 1929, this group is headed by Elisa Stephens, who is right now the president and the leader who handles the more than 12,000 students under the group.

There are about 4,305 postgraduates already from the university, and such successful replication is a testament to why this art university is one of the most relevant groups in the market today. Since being founded, Academy of Art University has participated in various distinguished fashion exhibits, which include the NY Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Truly, this university holds an esteemed reputation.


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