Adam Goldenberg Loves Fashion, And Shocked Everyone When He Entered The Industry

One person who will be remembered in the fashion industry for getting into it while completely in the dark about the way it worked, is Adam Goldenberg. Goldenberg is a savvy entrepreneur who certainly knows all there is to know about social media marketing, but he entered into the fashion industry not even knowing, as he put it, the “difference between a peep toe and a Mary Jane.” Quite a bold move for a man in that position, but he just would not be deterred by his lack of knowledge. The company Adam Goldenberg owns is JustFab, a fashion retailer that he and his friend Don Ressler co-founded. But what was probably most shocking was how he went from a big digital media company into the fashion industry.

Goldenberg was a prodigy all the way from a young age. He started off as a website designer when he was only 15 years old, and his first company was Gamer’s Alliance. That company became a big hit and people everywhere began talking about Goldenberg. The digital media agency that bought out the company and hired Adam Goldenberg was Intermix Media, the company that would startup MySpace in the mid 2000’s. Goldenberg helped that company perform phenomenally, and he was promoted to chief operating officer at only age 20. Goldenberg became friends with another business-minded young man who had also had his startup company sold to Intermix Media, Don Ressler. The two had so many common ideas, that they knew they could become a great team together.

Goldenberg and Ressler left Intermix Media in 2005, and decided to try several startup ideas as businesses. Their first was Intelligent Beauty on YouTube, a platform they used to sell various health and beauty products. But after seeing something they liked in the fashion industry they decided to make the bold move to venture into that.

But Goldenberg and Ressler didn’t just simply want to trot out the most expensive, exquisite clothing on, instead they wanted to do the opposite and make it affordable and fun to shop at. And that’s where JustFab was born and soon became a popular company. A big reason for that was Kimora Lee Simmons, a model who loved what Goldenberg and Ressler were doing, and she’s now the President and Director of Creativity at JustFab. Matrix Partners’ Josh Hannah has also supplied JustFab with venture capital to help grow its operations to new markets.

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