Andrea McWilliams – A Lobbyist With Brains And A Gold Heart

Andrea McWilliams is a well-known figure in Texas. In partnership with husband, she presently runs a million-dollar consulting and lobbying firm. With a reputation of a highly-skilled lobbyist, she is relied upon heavily by her clients to get the results they seek. Both local, as well as nationally acclaimed newspaper like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, portray Andrea McWilliams as an expert fundraiser as well as a fierce political strategist.


Andrea McWilliams started humbly enough as a file clerk at the Texas Capitol in Austin. She did this job while pursuing her degree at the University of Texas and earned just minimum wages. Her hard work started paying off first when she was 21 and got promoted to the chief of staff for a Texas, state representative. It was from here that she first started making her presence felt and carved a niche for herself in the political landscape.


Andrea McWilliams also worked in Public Strategies Inc. once after taking a short break from the political realm. The wealth of experience of both these realms combined got her and her husband to start their own consulting and lobbying firm, the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants. Here, they took up clients from both public and private realms. By making her company foray in the innovative and new direction of the lobbying world, Andrea McWilliams succeeded in taking her company to scale new heights. She dared to work across the aisle played a crucial role in helping pass bipartisan policy for worthwhile causes like cleaner energy.


Andrea McWilliams was recognized with many winning awards like the Austin Under 40″ award and the ‘Style Setter’ award by Austin Fashion Week. She also featured in the “Profiles in Power” section of the Austin Business Journal. Apart from being successful, Andrea McWilliams is also a well-known philanthropist who supports her hometown, Austin through involvement with boards of Preservation Austin and other similar bodies. Andrea McWilliams is also involved in events like the Marathon Kids gala and the Mamma Jamma Ride.


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