Antioxidants, Dogs, and Their Diet

In the wild, animals are only able to eat what they can forage. Domesticated animals are fed what owners purchase for them and owners do buy quality brands like Beneful made with ingredients good for the pet. Or this is what owners assume. Just because a dog is eating prepared food does not mean the canine is automatically receiving more nutrients than what would be the case had the pet been forced to look for food on his or her own.

Owners do have to be very careful when they purchase food items. Not all selections are loaded with very helpful and beneficial antioxidants. Without a good supply of antioxidants, the dog is not going to have the necessary amount of nutrients in its diet to fight off free radicals. Free radicals are known to undermine the health of a pet in many different ways.

The purpose of antioxidants is rather varied. The simplest way to describe their value is to point their beneficial impact on the cells. When the cells of a living organism break down, the health of that creature slowly starts (or even rapidly starts) to decline. The immune system may suffer and this, in turn, makes it difficult for the animal to fight off disease. Even a minor cold could yield dire health risks when an immune system has been severely weakened.

Since all living things are made of a composition of cells, once the cells start to weaken, an animal’s health goes on the decline. Vitamins and nutrients that provide support to the cells greatly contribute towards disease prevention.

Once again in the wild, feral dogs do not exactly have many options for eating a good diet. Loving pet owners do know that there are certain brands on store shelves that are packed with antioxidants. Selections of Purina’s Beneful Dog Food does provide wet and dry food that contains these vital nutrients. One Beneful on multivu dry food selection contains carrots, peas, and other vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of antioxidants.

Owners should never skimp on purchasing diet and food selections for their pet. Low-grade food doesn’t help deliver a balanced diet capable of preserving the canine’s health. Depending upon the breed, genetic factors could be at work that make the pet susceptible to disease. Providing good dietary selections helps cut down on the already elevated chances the dog might get sick.

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    I thought that dogs have very strong antibodies and there would be no need to worry about this, though I see need for boosts. More like rush essays can have the best food provided for the best need of ones pets. Like in the different breeds some special need would be designed for as in Beneful multivu selection of foods.

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