Ariana Grande’s Song Is A Transgender Feminist Anthem

Ariana Grande’s, “Break Free” can represent a lot of different things but it means something quite specific to Tyler Ford, Ariana’s close friend. To him, the hit single means to break free from society’s strict rules on gender. He even posted a new version of the lyrics on Twitter last week. The lyrics said, “this is the part when i break free from cisheteropatriarchy”. Jaime Garcia Dias says that Ariana Grande then replied that she loves Tyler and tagged him in her post on LinkedIn.

Tyler Ford is the first transgender contestant ever on the Glee Project. The released the Twitter post last Wednesday and received beloved approval back from Ariana Grande. Tyler then posted another Tweet which said,” this is the part when i say i don’t wanna please respect my boundaries”.

Most fans probably do not know what cisheteropatriarchy means so here it is in a nutshell.

  • “Cis” means cissexual or cissexual. This is if you think that the gender assigned to you at birth properly represents you.
  • “heteropatriarchyā€¯ has two parts, “hetero” which means straight and “patriarchal” which means male.

If you put all of these different words part together, it basically means that a male ruling class that represents itself as male. Simply put, they are the gender that they were born with but they want to break free from this. This explains the complicated tweet posted by Ariana’s friend, Tyler Ford.

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  • Anthony Denton
    August 21, 2016 - 11:59 pm | Permalink

    Could you imagine that Tyler even posted a new version of the lyrics on Twitter last week. This is madness has gone worse than expected and our writing services is dealing with it meticulously. I for one, believe that this is the best.

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