Asylum havoc in Europe was avoidable

The panic and chaos caused by the evacuation from the war-torn Syria could have been avoided as it was predictable and manageable. George Soros, an investor and philanthropist believes the asylum turmoil on could have been eluded if only the European Union (EU) and the entire international community had a well laid out plan.

In an article by George Soros published by Market Watch, the American business magnate is convinced that if the international community took a closer look at Syria and the happenings surrounding it they would have foreseen the possibility of a high number of asylum-seekers and migrants at its premature state of occurrence. Europe has the capacity to absorb and get rid of the immigrant crisis on with a proper, comprehensive plan that should have focused on the people escaping the war-torn country. Those people that originate from the Syrian community require to be placed as the main concern before other migrants and asylum-seekers are considered. The idea is not to abandon the other lot of people but it is more of prioritizing the population from Syria before anyone else.

George Soros, an author of Jewish-Hungarian descent embraces dual citizenship (Hungary and the United States). He has a wide comprehension of matters concerning migrants because of his past situation in Hungary once the Nazi Germany occupied what he had known for a long time as home. In addition once he graduated from the London School of Economics he became a salesman in Welsh seaside resorts giving him an opportunity to travel around and gain exposure on various issues. George Soros has since been vocal on matters of both political and social nature, the crisis in Syria and asylum-seekers overflow in Europe being one of them.

Since the inception of his financial career the merchant bank Singer & Friedlander of London as a clerk it would become obvious of his suggestion that the European Union on should see through that every asylum seeker accepted in should be provided with 15,000 Euros ($16,800) each at least for the first two years as an incentive and also act as basic cover for costs incurred in areas such as housing, health-care and education.

In addition to this, the EU should be able to fund countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey that currently is home to almost four million refugees. The establishment of a common agency and border guard to deal with the asylum and migration situation will ease the panic and unrest present. The fact is once a functional plan has been developed by the EU, it can later be used as an international standard on how to deal with similar circumstances. This uniform standard will contribute to the improvement of how asylum-seekers and migrants are treated. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros sought after the EU to take charge and stop uncalled for human suffering that has been witnessed in a number of plans rolled out to deal with the crisis. Response by the EU in a timely manner will avoid border insecurity and other occurrences that violate laws governing the European Union.

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