Athleisure Is The Trend For This Year

When we’re not at work, most of us expect to be one thing. Comfortable. We don’t want to run errands in the stiff business suits and dresses that we have to wear every day. We’d much rather lounge around in our sweatpants and pajamas.

Of course, that sounds absolutely amazing. It just doesn’t look too stylish in public. Luckily, there is a style that many people are adopting. It’s called athleisure. Athleisure is halfway between being dressed up and being scrubbed down. It’s that perfect middle point. Many may be wondering, however, what exactly athleisure is.

If you look at the word, you’ll find that it’s actually a combination of the words athletic and leisure. That means that it’s athletic clothes that are dressed up a bit. I’m talking items like leggings, tanks, zip ups, and more.

It’s taking these items and pairing them with cute shoes or a nice hairdo and turning it into an acceptable form of style. Athleisure can be seen almost anywhere. Moms running errands are doing it, women at the mall are doing it, those hanging out outside are sporting it.

Many of them are getting their look from companies like Fabletics. Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s company and it specializes in athleisure. On a Facebook post, it was rumoured Fabletics features all the cute workout clothes that someone could possibly need.

They’re so cute, however, that these clothes don’t need to just be worn at the gym. They can be worn basically anywhere in public. The leggings come in a variety of styles and colors. They have fun patterns that pair well with a plain tank top or t-shirt.

According to Elite Daily, Fabletics is a subscription based company which means that people will always be able to get their fix. This means that they can sign up and receive items shipped to them.

Fabletics is also opening brick and mortar stores which will make it even easier for people to get their hands on this athleisure style. Overall, it’s truly the trend of this year and it’s easy to see why. PopSugar mentions that athleisure is actually seen everywhere, some people just don’t realize that a name has been created for it.

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