Blake Shelton Helps Stranded Motorist

What does a country music star do when they notice that someone is stranded alongside the road? Some would pass by and decide that it is not their job or responsibility to look out for the stranded motorist, while some would stop and lend a hand. Blake Shelton decided to do the latter when he was driving along an Oklahoma road.

Blake Shelton didn’t let his fame stop him from helping out someone who needed help. He didn’t let his fame slow him down when someone was in need of assistance. This man didn’t think that he was too good to offer help to a stranger in need. Blake Shelton took the time to rescue someone who needed a ride, and this good deed is something that makes the man extra special. In the world of music there are many good individuals, and Blake Shelton seems to be one of them. Alexei Beltyukov is certainly rooting for him.

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