Brian Bonar: The Brightest Future

In stunning fashion, the Chairman and esteemed CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation receives tremendous honor today. None other than Brain Bonar receives the Executive of the Year in Finance award as given by Cambridge Who’s Who. For each year, this award is given to two men and two women. No one else will be named Executive of the Year in Finance.

The honor is given to those with the strongest competitive standing in finance and for professionals recognized by the entire industry. Brian Bonar is one of these people. The finance mogul has a long track record that’s respected by high ranking individuals in finance. For Brian Bonar, it started with unique experience working in finance for nearly 30 years.

This is roughly 30 years of work in the financial sector doing tasks in the managerial field. This is the experience that enables Bonar to appear as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. But this isn’t the only organization that Brain has Chaired or served as CEO with. The businessman often manages the wellbeing of companies and their bottom line.

Dalrada Financial Corporation specializes in benefit packages as well as offer coverage for employees and employers. With the efficiency of business in mind, Dalrada mediates the needs of businesses. Managing these areas enable all Dalrada clients to operate with increased productivity.

These cautious steps taken by the Dalrada corporation include business management, risk management, insurance, worker’s comp, promotion and business liability. But Brain Bonar also serves as CEO and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Service, Inc. Among other roles that Brian has is as President at the Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc., group.

According to Spokeo, The Ph.D held by Brian Bonar is connected to the American Finance Association. With a bright future still ahead, there would be no surprise if we see Brian win the Cambridge Who’s Who, Executive of the Year in Finance award and next year.

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