Bruce Levenson Leads Former Hawks Ownership in Lawsuit Against AIG

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, headed by Bruce Levenson, have filed a lawsuit against against insurance company AIG. The lawsuit between the former Atlanta Hawk’s owners and the insurance company was filed on the 13th of September at the Superior Court of Fulton County. The AHBE claims that they were covered by their insurance under certain breaches of contract such as “Wrongful Termination” and other employment practices, according to an article featured on Danny Ferry, former Hawk’s general manager, came to a buyout agreement in June of 2015 for an undisclosed amount. The current ownership of the Atlanta Hawks has remained out of the discussion because neither party engaged in the lawsuit are currently associated with the organization.

Bruce Levenson has always been very successful in business. He was raised in Maryland and attended college in St. Louis at Washington University. Levenson continued his education at American University where he graduated from their law program. Perhaps Levenson’s most well-known accomplishment is the co-founding of United Communications Group. UCG was founded by Levenson in 1977 along with his partner Ed Peskowitz. The company began very modestly simply producing a newsletter about happenings in the oil market. The duo operated out of Levenson’s apartment during the early stages. UCG continued to grow and acquire other companies until it developed into the major information company that it is today.

According to Time magazine, besides his business endeavors, Bruce Levenson is also very active philanthropically. In the past, Levenson was president of the I Have A Dream Foundation in Washington, focusing on helping lower income children have access to quality education. He has also been very active in the Hoop Dreams Foundation as well as the Community Foundation of Washington. Having a mother-in-law who survived the Holocaust, Levenson has been an active donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum since its very foundation. Read more about Bruce philanthropic work on


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