Cameron Clokie: Brief information and Bone Discoveries

This article will give information about Cameron Clokie. Clokie has three occupations all rapped into one occpation. He is a scientist, maxillofacial surgeon, and a serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO of a company called Induce Biologics Inc. This is a regenerative medicine company which is focused on innovative solutions for reconstruction on the musculoskeltion.

In doing the musculoskeletal job a protein is used which seduces adult stem cell and makes them bone tissue. Clokie had created a technique which resets the skeletal clock of jaw’s. What this does is coaxes the bone to grow like in a baby who was just born.

For around thirty years Clokie had been involved in clinical practice and academic dentistry. Most recently he was given the title as the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998. The he got the name of Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, until his academic retirement this year. Also, he has help many positions on positions on scientific advisory boards or their positions for many companies.

In 1993, Cameron had formed a group that preforms bone research at McGIll University (at the time). The group has been involved actively in the development and evaluating of technologies that are able to regenerate bones.

Clokie has also made many presentations and published several papers. These were both internationally and nationally on regenerative medicine and the reconstruction of bones. He holds a total of twenty-five pending and or international existing patents. It includes those which are in relation to the healing of bones. With the healing, he has been successful in developing strategic business alliances, and being able to transfer his ingenuity and knowledge into commercially feasible enterprises.

His work’s main goal is developing bio-implants which will soon come in place of a requirement for autogenous bone grafts. He also is in charge of a busy clinical practice in Toronto, Ontario. This is where the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Toronto, Ontario is located. It’s main concern is of bone regeneration and facial reconstruction.

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