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Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco?

There’s always a great leader who runs famously recognized companies and Crunchbase’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of those. Trabuco is also still chairman of the board of a famous bank in Brazil known as Banco Bradesco SA, although the new CEO since March 2018 is now Octavio de Lazari Jr. Visit to know more.

Around 2003, Luiz Carlos Trabuco launched Bradesco on the New York Stock Exchange. The bank had captured 25% of the Brazilian market. That same year the Lagoa Christmas Tree event sponsored by Bradesco Seguros in Rio de Janeiro took place for the 20th consecutive year.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career started 48 years ago while he was very young at Bradesco when he first went there and soon enough he became its CEO. Today, Banco Bradesco SA. is Brazil’s second largest private bank with almost R$ 1.3 trillion in assets.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a graduate in the field of philosophy. His postgraduate studies were completed in Social Psychology on March 12th, 2018, at the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Crunchbase is the stellar destination for users to sight industry trends and investments, and hear firsthand info about new global companies, startups, and Fortune 1000 companies included. In a way, it’s a sort of business intelligence company that helps consumers and companies find and study, as well as track a company’s success.


Investors can fund the companies in which they are interested in by researching them first using Crunchbase. Many of the functions of this company founded by Luiz Carlos Trabuco are done in real-time. Up to 1000 companies can be analyzed at one time and that means a lot to those who are high caliber investors.

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was elected Entrepreneur of the Year by Isto E Inheiro Magazine after having purchased HSBC, one of the largest historic acquisitions.

In 2017, Unibrad, a corporate university started by Trabuco, won an international award.

Any company can be researched via data and customer analysis by means of their CRM or Customer Relationship Management department. Crunchbase locates and understands the competition for any company and is staying ahead of the curve by means of custom alert settings that are very convenient to use. Read this article at

Nick Vertucci entrepreneur and serial philanthropist

Nick Vertucci is a well-known entrepreneur and founder of NV Real Estate Academy. His success story is not only peculiar but also encouraging. He symbolizes the perfect “rags-to-riches” narrative. Mr. Nick Vertucci hails from a humble background that could barely make ends meet. Life took a turn for the worst with the death of his father at the age of ten. However, at eighteen years of age, Mr. Vertucci made an impeccable comeback and begun business in computer accessory sales. This business came to an end during the 2000 dot-com crash. He plunged into millions of debts to the point of losing his home.

Later on, Mr. Nick Vertucci enrolled in a real estate academy that inspired his prospect. He eventually ventured into the real estate business and managed to free himself from his financial predisposition. He led a successful career as an entrepreneur and real estate investor for some time then decided to launch the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, commonly referred to as NVREA.

In his interview with, he lets on in his life success story. Nick ascertains that the origin of his Real Estate Academy, was a three-day Real Estate class. This was when he enrolled as a student in the training industry. After the education, he began investing and acquiring real estate one at a time. At the peak of his success ten years later, he decided to avail his investing strategies to the masses. This was when he launched his academy with the vision of forging the best real estate training the industry has ever seen.

He developed a formula for bringing important ideas to life based on simplicity. “See it, believe it, map it then execute it!” He calmly explained. The rejuvenation of the entrepreneurial culture in America is one of the things that excite him the most. Besides, he states that the unbreakable pattern of self-belief in spite of all the challenges is the one thing that has always kept him going. He concludes by saying that failure is just a stepping stone to success.

Tony Petrello: Sharing His Wealth To Improve People’s Quality Of Life

Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello has long earned a reputation as a genius-level mathematician, a talented attorney and an excellent CEO. What many people don’t know is Tony Petrello is also a caring, generous philanthropist. He has given vast amounts to a wide range of charitable causes and organizations. Tony Petrello is from a working class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey and understands how it feels to need support. So, now that he is financially secure, he makes it a point to give as much as he can to whomever he can to improve the quality of their lives.

One of the largest charitable donations Tony Petrello has ever given was to the Texas Children’s Hospital. When Carena his daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia at birth, he gave $7 million to the hospital to help them build a facility for the research and treatment of children with neurological issues. Anthony Petrello also made a commitment to assist Texas Children’s Hospital in their quest to raise the several hundred million dollars more it took to build, equip and staff the world-class facility the hospital built which is called Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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The death of Yale mathematics professor Serge Lang was another instance Tony Petrello showed his caring, generous side. Petrello had studied under Professor Lang while at Yale pursuing both his bachelor’s degree and his master’s. Plus, Serge Lang had been something of a mentor for Tony Petrello. He saw Petrello as a talented young mathematician who complemented his natural talent with a willingness to put in the hard work necessary to be great. Tony Petrello put up $150,000 to establish a scholarship in Professor Lang’s name. He also committed another $150,000 to serve as a matching fund for the donations of other alumni.

Tony Petrello also gave generously to help people rebuild their lives when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston, Texas area in 2017. First, Petrello and Nabors Industries gave some of their workers paid vacation time so they could take part in the efforts to help hurricane survivors and begin to rebuild Houston. The company also provided 3 hot meals a day for tens of thousands of relief workers and people who lost their homes because of the hurricane. Tony Petrello also donated $175,000 and matched the $173,622 the employees gave through the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to help with Hurricane Harvey clean-up efforts.

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Vijay Eswaran Helps People Overcome Lack, Embrace Change And Thrive

The only difference between multimillionaire Vijay Eswaran and the millions of people worldwide struggling to make ends meet is their personal philosophy, mindset and worldview. While many people look at the world and see challenges, lack and failure, Vijay Eswaran sees opportunity, an unlimited supply and success. Many knowledgeable people say those differences in mindsets and views of the world is why some people succeed against all odds, while others find themselves eking out a meager, joyless existence with no hope, plan or vison for enjoying the bright, prosperous, glorious future that could be theirs.

Throughout his life Vijay Eswaran has been a visionary. Forced to dig ditches and pick grapes to survive while in college, he did it knowing it was a stepping stone to his prosperous future. While others saw network marketing as a waste of time, he learned its principles so he could apply them when the opportunity arose. When others saw the Asian economic crisis as a reason not to go into business, Vijay Eswaran saw billions of people who wanted quality products at affordable prices. So in 1998, he co-founded the QI Group confident there was a vast, lucrative market for the products he offered.

Vijay Eswaran’s vision became a reality. Millions of people bought products from the QI Group while companies all around them struggled and failed. The QI Group’s independent marketing representatives shared Vijay Eswaran’s vision of prosperity and success and their reality matched the goal they were working towards. Many of those who shared Eswaran’s vision, methods and success were not highly educated. But they did have faith in the success of their mission, belief in their plan of action and a willingness to go into large cities and remote villages to allow people to buy their products.

The principles that make up Vijay Eswaran’s personal and business philosophy are put forth in the many books and articles he has written. They deal with creating a success mindset, a clear vision of your goals, using fear as a motivator and embracing change. Those principles have helped many people overcome lack and thrive.

Highland Capital Excels Well Beyond Alternative Assets

Highland Capital Management is a pioneering investment manager with a strong focus on alternative investment strategies. The company specializes in high-yield credit, structured investment products, distressed assets and short-term equity solutions. It is one of the finest corporate advisory firms in Dallas, Texas. The privately-held business was established in 1993. It was co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The former serves as the President of the progressive alternative credit firm. Besides Dallas, the firm operates offices in New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul. The founders adopted a revolutionary strategy where the fund managers and owners have a stake in the portfolios they manage. Putting their money together with other investors demonstrates confidence and leadership. Highland Capital Management is a pioneer in the loan market.

It popularized collateralized loan obligations, CLOs, in the nineties and remains one of the largest CLO managers controlling over $30 million in assets in this segment. The firm attracts global clients including pension funds, endowments and foundations, financial service providers, governments and corporate institutions among others. Highland Capital Management is dedicated to delivering value to investors through unique product offerings, continually exploring new business opportunities and proactive strategies that protect investor’s assets. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero recently got a glowing review by Barron’s magazine for rapidly growing the Highland Global Allocation fund to outrank its peers. The firm relies on stellar research and comprehensive analysis of assets to understand their potential value to investors. It is famous in the industry for its bold positions in various situations. For example, the company bet a significant position in Argentina’s sovereign debt and came out winning following the country’s economic recovery from 2015.

As an alternative investment firm, the company is uniquely positioned to handle business that may not be available to the typical fund manager. The company is changing its focus to developing markets including clean energy and biopharmaceuticals. It has a strong focus on supporting evolving non-profits. The firm contributes to transformative ideas that empower the growth of the community.


For example, the firm supports Reasoning Mind, a nonprofit that leverages technology to deliver an innovative math curriculum for kids. This boosts math learning and gives students in remote locations without a math teacher access to resources that influence their lives.

Felipe Montoro Jens a leading Finance and Infrastructure Development Expert

Brazil has had a cordial relationship with the state for a very long time. Previously the state did most of the infrastructural developments, and by the 1980s Brazil faced a debt crisis forcing it to involve the private sector in matters development. According to the National Confederation of industry, the only way Brazil could achieve modernization was through state and private partnership.

According to Felipe Montoro, Jens Brazil began discussing privatization matters with key focus on infrastructural development in the 19th century. By the time Brazil reached the 80s much growth had already been witnessed including state-owned businesses. In 1990 the National Privatization Program was established, and privatization became a standardized economic reform platform that was suggested by Brazil government. In the late 90s concessions laws were passed and as a result certain industries were specifically selected for privatization and they include transport, electricity,sanitation and telecommunication among others. In 2014 the Public-Private Partnership Act (PPPs) was passed, and this saw the privatization of the telecommunications industry.

However, since this was something that has never happened before in Brazil a regulatory agency was of importance for the ultimate success of the privatization program as it would provide check and balances. In 2008 the General Concession plan was established, and in 2011 a plan to universalize the Fixed Telephone Service was established by the government. State and Private partnership in the last 20 years have culminated in exciting sustainable development in Brazil.

One man that has been in the center of State and Private Partnerships is Felipe Montoro Jens. Felipe is the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. Felipe has also worked as the Chairman of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. Felipe specializes in infrastructure and has vast experience in finance and financial strategy in both the public and the private sector.

Felipe attended Getulio Vargas Foundation where he received his undergraduate degree. Felipe also holds a Degree in international management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Felipe has served in several companies as chairman of the board and as a Director.

Mike Baur – A Man With Entrepreneurial Vision

Mike Baur has nearly 20 years of experience in Swiss Private Banking. He attended the University of Rochester in New York and received an MBA. He further received an Executive MBA from the University of Berne in Switzerland. Mike was born in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, grew up in Freiburg and currently lives in Zürich. Mr. Baur says he has always been an entrepreneur at heart and in 2014, Mike and two partners (Max Meister and Oliver Walzer) founded the Swiss Startup Factory which is currently the No. 1 independent and privately financed ICT startup in Switzerland.


As a young dynamic man, he became a well-respected and renowned banker. In his banking careers, he retained an impressive portfolio of wealthy Swiss persons whom he helped take advantage of profitable investments. He worked as an intern at UBS, where he quickly rose up in executive positions as well as becoming a Board member. He left UBS and was asked to join Clariden Leu as its regional manager.


Mike has always had a goal to help Swiss entrepreneurs get a head start in carrying out and reaching their digital management goals. For this reason, as Director of his Swiss Startup Factory company, they run an accelerated, three-month-long mentoring program in which he and his partners offer an innovative environment of coaching, mentoring, and an office location to work from directly in the center of Zurich. During this three-month accelerator program, young entrepreneurs are thrust forward to help bring their ideas on the market by working together with other innovators and experts and they are directed in how to develop their ideas to potential investors.


The Swiss Startup Factory is No. 1 because it has already proven that its entrepreneurial platform works. Many young entrepreneurs have already begun profitable financial businesses and investments around the world. Mike has a business formula that he believes in and passes onto his mentors: there are no coincidental events, make things happen to accomplish your goals, entrepreneurs must remain adaptable, and be willing to take career risks while facing setbacks to become a winning entrepreneur. Mike Baur seems to have found his niche in mentoring Swiss entrepreneurs and giving them an opportunity to hone their abilities and expand their career horizons.


Under George Soros’ guidance, progressives are winning local races across nation

The reformation of the U.S. criminal justice system has been one of the left’s primary goals throughout the entire history of the United States. The vast disparities in incarceration rates of minorities and rates at which they are charged with crimes has been an issue of contention throughout the entire period since the Reconstruction era. One man, George Soros, has decided to step up to the plate and do something about this long-standing progressive goal that has never seen real progress. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Through his main philanthropic vehicle, The Open Society Foundations, George Soros is heavily investing in prosecutorial races across the southern United States. The strategy is to replace conservatives with progressive-minded prosecutors, who can then reshape the criminal justice system from the ground up. Soros has long known that in the U.S. court system, the person who has the most power is the prosecutor. This stems from a number of characteristics unique to the U.S. criminal justice system. The most important of these is the fact that the prosecutor wields the power of the plea bargain, whereby they can compel defendants to plead to lesser charges than those which they’re charged with, in order to expedite the process of dispensing with criminal cases.

Soros’ idea is that by replacing old time and hardline conservative prosecutors with more progressive minded folks, the incredibly powerful tool of the plea bargain can be used to radically diminish the number of minorities who are sent to prison each year. So far, the strategy is proving to be a phenomenal success.


In the state of Florida, Soros contributed more than $1 million to the campaign of Aramis Ayala. Miss Ayala was running against then incumbent Jeff Ashton for the Orange County, Florida district attorney’s office. However, Miss Ayala was a newcomer to the political scene. With virtually no cash to fund her campaign, she stood little chance against the well-funded and popular incumbent Ashton.

But Soros’ donation completely turned the tables. Ayala was able to run almost 24/7 television advertisements and was able to convince the city’s many minorities to come out and vote for the progressive candidate. In a landslide, Ayala unseated her opponent, becoming the first African American female prosecutor in the history of the state of Florida. Learn more about this article at

Soros enjoyed similar success with his backing of another liberal candidate, Scott Colom. This time, the battle took place in the state of Mississippi. Deep in the center of the state, in Columbus, Scott Colom was running against another entrenched conservative opponent. Like Miss Ayala, he was able to unseat him through the largest of George Soros multibillion-dollar philanthropic organization, The Open Society Foundations.

Todd Lubar Real Estate Tips

Buying a home is an exciting process for anyone. However, many people make poor financial decisions because they only focus on the emotional aspects of this decision. With little inventory on the market in many areas, it is vital for people to start looking for their dream home today.

Todd Lubar is an expert real estate investor. He has been involved in hundreds of deals over the course of his career. He is ready to make his next move in the market.

Todd Lubar

Investing in real estate is not an easy way to make money. However, it can be a great way for you to take your finances to a new level. Having success with real estate investing requires a person to have a lot of patience. In hot real estate markets like the one we are in now, there are few good deals on the market.

Todd Lubar recommends that people spend several months looking at homes before they decide on one that they want to buy. The longer you look for a home, the more you will understand about the local real estate market. The last thing you want to do is overpay for a home. Instead, you need to act quickly when you see a deal you have interest in. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Future Trends

The real estate market is experiencing rapid price appreciation in many areas. Now is the time to purchase a home if you are interested in buying. The biggest trend dominating the real estate market is a lack of inventory. If you are buying in a hot area, you need to be prepared to act quickly and have other buyers who are interested in the property.

Todd Lubar has a lot of great real estate advice for people who are willing to work hard with investing.


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Using Inventive Strategies Tony Petrello’s Leadership Triumphs for Nabors Industries Stakeholders

Tony Petrello assumed the role as Chief Executive Officer for Nabors Industries in 1992, during a time when the oil and gas market was at its most-challenging. With Tony’s inventive leadership, Nabors Industries was able to sustain financial stability and pivot stakeholders in the direction of great future growth.

Nabor Industries is now well-known and predominately chosen for being the most creative provider for off-shore drilling in the oil and gas market. The company has created innovative technologies that competitors find very hard to match, which allows for a wider market share of an enormously lucrative industry.

Tony’s leadership has broadened the company’s vision, which permitted a greater amount of workforce inventiveness to increase productivity with off-shore drilling. He introduced new standards for operational measurements using smart technology with drilling and increased the capacity with 100 percent utilization in 2016, while using SmartRigs. With increased productivity, Tony’s executive decision, along with his team, positioned Nabor Industries in profiting over $5 billion for three consecutive years.

In the last fiscal year, Nabor Industries earned $2.23 billion net income with market capitalization of $2.51 billion and market trading shares at $8.11 million. As CEO, Tony’s total compensation package was $27.5 million, which included $16.8 million in company stock options.

While Tony is well-deserving of being one of North America’s highest paid CEO’s, he is more-known as a philanthropist within the state of Texas. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Texas Children’s Hospital, a nationally known non-profit organization providing care for children who are suffering from neurological disorders.

Tony and is wife Cynthia have a daughter that was born with a neurological disease and became heavily involved in supporting the hospital to provide children better treatment as well as emotional support for their families. Through their financial support totaling $7 million, Texas Children’s Hospital now has a new state-of-the-art Neurological Center.

About Tony Petrello: