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Jim Tananbaum & Foresite Capital Is Accelerating The Best In Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch where they had the opportunity to discuss how he came into his current success, where the idea for Foresite Capital came from, how ideas are developed, and the more personal things about his life like what a typical day looks like. He has had an adventurous young adult life in which he founded biopharmaceutical companies, led numerous investments, and helped establish Sierra Ventures healthcare services investment practices. His idea for Foresight Capital came from all the experiences he’s had in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, which he had already been a part of for 25 years. His typical day includes many phone calls and meetings but he always dedicates time to enjoy a dinner with his family every night. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

As the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital he has developed a private equity firm dedicated to the healthcare industry. His current largest investment is with Intarcia; a twice a year implant that helps diabetes patients lose weight and manage their disease. Tananbaum truly believes that this will revolutionize the diabetes industry the way the IUD affected the birth control industry globally. The product is expected to launch in the United States towards the end of 2017.

The company has also invested in Aeri Pharmaceuticals, which is developing a once a day glaucoma treatment. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes for blindness around the world. A proper medication that can manage the disease could save the eye sight of many people in the future.

Foresight Capital has also invested in sequencing and synthetic biology which will contribute to the healthcare industry as well as other sciences. Investments have also been made in MindStrong, HealthVerity; data science companies.

Besides Foresight Capital, Jim Tananbaum has served as product manager for Merck and Prilosec. During 1992 and 1993 he developed it into the largest selling drug globally.

Jim Tananbaum foresees the future bring a great deal of change in the healthcare industry. He understands that by working with other entrepreneurial professionals, and academicians, his company will bring forth great products and technology that will continue to ease illnesses and diseases.

Discover the Achievements of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello works as the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. Petrello has a vast occupational history. Before he started working at Nabors, he used to work at the Baker & McKenzie. While working at the law firm, he used to resolve settlement disputes that involved international parties. Later, he was promoted to be the managing partner of the company until he tendered his resignation in 1991.

A short while after his entry into the Nabors Industries, he was chosen to be on the executive committee and the company’s board of directors. He has been able to hold various positions while performing his duties as a board member of the Nabors Company. He has been fulfilling his company obligations and at the same time working as a board member.

Petrello’s main obligation is coming up with strategic concepts that are meant to assist in the growth of the company in a more dynamic manner.

Anthony Petrello is also a member of the executive committee and also works as the director of Steward & Stevenson LLC. He is in charge of the Hilcorp Energy Company. Petrello is well educated, and he has managed to attain J.D. degree from the Harvard Law School. He also holds bachelor’s and also master’s degree in mathematics. The mathematics qualification was attained at Yale University.

Anthony Petrello is a member of the board of trustees at the Texas Children’s hospital. He is a dedicated supporter of children’s welfare especially the children who suffer from neurological disorders. Lately, he has been calling for the increment of clinical programs that are supposed to address the issue.


A Look At The Successful Career Of James Dondero

James Dondero is a renowned investment expert. He has extensive experience in the equity and credit markets. Dondero is the president and co-founder of a successful company, Highland Capital Management. The SEC-registered Corporation, and its affiliates, has an asset base of $18 billion. These affiliates include NexPoint Capital, NexPoint Residential Trust, Acis Capital Management, and NexPoint Advisors. NexPoint focuses on healthcare BDC, close end Fund, real estate investment trust (REIT) and credit strategies fund. Acis specializes in CLOs

Highland Capital Management has been providing its clients with innovative set of asset classes in the alternative investment landscape. These products include special situation private equity, distressed portfolios, separate accounts and hedge funds.

In addition, the company offers its clients collateralized loan obligation, ETFs and mutual funds. Highland has an impressive history as a leading asset manager in the alternative investment industry. Over the years, the corporation has invested in the lucrative healthcare sector. According to their financial records, the institution has managed approximately $2.3 billion in various assets in the healthcare industry, in the form of mutual and institutional funds. James is credited for being among the pioneers of the collateralized loan obligation. The graduate of the esteemed University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce was the chief investment officer of Protective Life. Under his leadership, he managed to grow the company from its inception to a global corporation valued at $2 billion.

The certified management accountant holds a degree in accounting and finance. Owing to his extensive experience in the industry, he has been able to help different companies to enhance their operational excellence. He serves on the board of different corporations, including MGM Studios, CCS Medical, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare and American Banknote Corporation.

James’s career started in 1984 when he was accepted into the prestigious Morgan Guaranty training program. In the following year, the certified public accountant served as a corporate bond analyst. At the American Express,James Dondero worked as a portfolio manager. He oversaw $1 billion in fixed income funds. Notably, the chartered financial analyst has supported various charitable initiatives, including Education is Freedom, SMU’s Tower Scholar Program, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Uplift Education and Snowball Express.