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Susan McGalla is a Rising Star in the Business World

Companies that are open to new ideas are more likely to be successful. One way is generate more independent and original thinking and to cultivate a culture of diversity. Diverse companies are able to compete at a much higher level than other companies. Women struggle to teach high level positions inmost companies. Susan McGalla has been at the forefront and helped other women to take charge and pave the way for women leaders. She was raised in an environment where she was treated as equally as her brothers. She was not handed everthong she eanted, but had to male am effort to earn what she wanted. It was a lesson well learned and one she always carries with her. McGalla has held several high level positions and credits her success with what she learned early in life.

McGalla started at the bottom of the ladder and with hard work and determination worked her way to the position of President at a time when all executives were men. There are initiatives in place for women that give women the support necessary. It also gives women a place to share ideas and strategize methods for their businesses. The women are also able to learn the latest business trends.

The networks available to women have demonstrated that women have a great deal of capabilities when it comes to occupying executive positions. It also gives women the necessary vehicle to showcase their talents and support each other. The solution to helping women excel on the business world and take on roles of responsibility is to find male executives to champion their cause and serve as a sponsor to those women. The sponsors would take a proactive role to promote these women through project assignments.

There has to be an incentive for male executives to fill such sponsprship positions and work along side women and help them find executive positions they wish to fill. Keeping in mind that companies that invest such diversity are more successful than companies that do not.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and she is a graduate of Mount Union College where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business. She is a businesswomen with an entreprenurial spirit and had taken on several roles as a business strategist and consultant with several different companies. She founded P3 Executive Consulting and took on a challenge with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy.

Over the course of her career, McGalla worked in several managerial roles. She is also on the board of the directors of HEE, Inc. The company provides commercial real estate services, as well as the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

Susan McGalla Paves Way For Women CEOs

CEO Susan McGalla is considered a trailblazer when it comes to women in the boardroom. One of the youngest named female CEOs in history, McGalla has successfully run three Fortune 500 companies. Breaking through that glass ceiling wasn’t easy, according to McGalla. If you’re a woman, you have to have thin skin, tenacity, patience and a superb blend of personality, if you want to succeed.


The Pittsburgh native, who grew up with a football coach father, was taught the value of hard work at a very young age. “I was always taught that being a woman is no excuse for not attaining your goals,” said McGalla. After graduating from Mount College, McGalla hit the ground running by securing a job at Joseph Horne Co. She worked in marketing and talent management. In 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters. Her incredible work ethic and principles earned her the CEO title in 2006. Her last stop was at Wet Seal. She was appointed CEO in 2011. Longing to create her own company, she left a year later and created P3 Executive Consulting. McGalla’s company helps other corporations in many areas such as finance, human resources and marketing strategies.


The Pittsburgh Steelers recently hired McGalla as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. She oversees the marketing and production of the team’s product line.


McGalla says she had an incredible experience working for prior employers. When she first started out, there were very few women in the boardroom and CEO positions. She was determined to change that. Although McGalla wanted to prove her worth as an effective leader, there were still a number of stumbling blocks to navigate on her way. Women, in some instances, are still dealing with pay inequity, sexism, racism and other factors, according to McGalla. But despite all that, women continue to rise and prove that they are just as qualified to lead in the corporate world.