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David McDonald Is Leading The OSI Group To Expansion And Extraordinary Success

With the help of the leadership of David McDonald, The OSI Group has 65 facilities all over the world. These facilities employ 20,000 people and operate out of seventeen countries. This makes The OSI Group one of the biggest private companies in the United States. The company’s capabilities have been leveraged on a global scale to produce food products for restaurant chains and retail brands. David McDonald helps ensure the company secures good price on high quality products to fit the needs of their customers while ensuring food safety.

As time has passed, David McDonald has helped The OSI Group enter into joint ventures or acquire numerous poultry processing facilities, processing plants, farms and warehouses. His goal is to make the company the premier food provider for Europe, North America and many other locations across the globe. The company already has facilities in China, India and Japan. The capacity for chicken processing has been doubled in Toledo, Spain from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons due to an investment of €17 million. The plant is also producing additional pork and beef while adding twenty jobs.

David McDonald believes in greater sustainability and environmental stewardship. The facility has cut their consumption of electricity by twenty percent. The OSI Group also meets the Environmental Standards requirement and the Food Safety Standard’s rigid safety and food regulations. The company has acquired Baho Food, a food processing facility in Chicago and Flagship Europe. As the President of the company, David McDonald is leading the company to consistent growth and expansion. The production of The OSI Group is according to the specifications of their clients. There is no standard catalogue because the flavor profile and items are customized for every customer.

The OSI Group has R&D and Culinary teams to track the latest trends and the popular new flavors all over the world. These teams have the experience to create menu items for every meal including choices for vegetarians and protein items. The company produces an incredibly wide variety of items including both raw and fully cooked foods. The provide trendy culinary choices and chicken, beef and pork products.

Fortress Investment Group and The Insightful Data About Them From Patch and Wings Journal

Being an asset manager requires incredible skills, impeccable levels of courage and an ethical work ethic that would attract the trust of a lot of sophisticated investors. It’s not an easy task. It’s not for those who always want guaranteed success. Most of all, it’s not for those who can’t provide great revenue to investors. Fortunately, there are asset managers like Fortress Investment Group that are up for the challenge. There are companies like Fortress Investment Group that offer the solutions for investors to make their assets even bigger, more profitable and more secure.

Two of the most insightful features about Fortress Investment Group that people may like to analyze would be the ones from the news portals, Patch and Wings Journal. The Wings Journal article details what is ahead of Fortress Investment Group, along with the principals and founders that form the firm. It is there that people would realize that the latest venture of Fortress would be to stabilize its investments in Brightline, the private passenger train system that would make travelling between Miami and Fort Lauderdale take place in less than 45 minutes. Under the leadership of Wes Edens, the company’s principal and private equity investor, as well as co-owner of NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, this project has given Fortress the kind of ambitious reputation that investors want it to have.

It may also be added here that Brightline is a fantastic solution that South Florida commuters would greatly enjoy. This train even rides towards West Palm Beach, and would later provide service to Orlando. That alone provides the citizens of South Florida enough options to skip owning a car and just enjoy the life of a commuter.

Meanwhile, the Patch article contains all the historic highlights that shape what Fortress is today. Some of these highlights include the time when Fortress expanded in 2006 and brought its clients profitable investment programs, such as the Fortress Investment Fund I – IV. It is also in that article that the background of Fortress’ principals, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger, are given the right accurate details and context.

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Sahm Adrangi and His Negative Assesment for Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is one of the many business leaders today who are trying to address the disconsolate challenges of running a business, and the fact that he’s still in the market means that he knows a lot about running a business that makes it hard to ignore his leadership style. Consider his assessment of Kodak as an example. Follow Sahm Adrangi on


The Negative Report on Kodak Company


In the latest Press Release from CNBC, we read that Sahm Adrangi, the investment manager of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC, has assessed the market value of Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK), which is a commercial printing and imaging company. Its stocks have risen lately to about 187%. This rise of market value could be because it is partnering now with a blockchain company and taking advantage of the new progress and solutions that come with a Blockchain program. It is the assessment of Sahm Adrangi that there will be a negative series of results for KODAK. Its negative report means that it gives the Eastman Kodak Company a short position.


Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale explains that the recent announcement that comes with Kodak’s performance has a lot to do with the hollow attempt to chase away the ICO case that does nothing to offset what Kodak’s poor performance is doing. He also believes that there’s an unsustainable capital foundation in Kodak, which is the result of its negative assessment.


Truly, this explains why Kerrisdale sees a solid short position for Eastman Kodak Company, and companies like Kerrisdale will benefit a lot if the share price of Kodak falls.



About Sahm Adrangi


What you should know about Mr. Sahm is the fact he’s the passionate and leading founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.


There’s a lot of projects that go along with Mr. Sahm, and for this, he’s been involved with a lot of aspects of the firm’s development programs. Some of the projects he got involved with include being the Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC. He also worked as a finance restructuring programs for various bankrupt companies and bank debt holders. He also worked for the Deutsche Bank as a leverage finance officer and manager. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.


Jose Auriemo Neto- CEO and Chairman of JHSF

JHSF Participacoes, SA is a top real estate development and management company in Brazil. It has significant developments in development of commercial residential property all over the main cities of Brazil. Most of its operations are in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manors. JHSF have four main units that deal with incorporation of commercial and residential property, development as well administration of shopping centers, development of high-end hotels and restaurants and development of international business airports. JHSF Real Estate Company was established in 1972 with its first activities mostly in Sao Paulo. Fabio and Roberto Auriemo started JHSF. However, the two could not stick together, and in 1990, they separated with Fabio Auriemo being left in charge of the operations of the real estate company.

JHSF is popular in the real estate industry for being innovative and identifying unique opportunities that exist in the Brazilian real estate sector. JHSF has constructed property that covers over 6 million square meters all over the country and beyond. In the recent years, it has been penetrating other markets that include Uruguay and the United States. JHSF is the pioneer of shopping malls construction in the country. The first shopping mall to be built in Brazil was in Sao Paulo and was developed by JHSF in 2001. The mall is known as a Santa Cruz and is integrated with a subway system.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes. Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993 and has been the brain behind the biggest real estate projects by JHSF. He is the one who lobbied for shopping centers development rights. He oversaw the development of the first shopping mall in the country which started in 1998.

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Jose Auriemo Neto in 2009, lead JHSF in venturing into retail shopping after signing partnership deals with brands such as Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci. He has seen big brands in the world open retail outlets in shopping malls under their management, especially the Cidade Jardim shopping mall.