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Dr. Mark McKenna Discloses How He Began His Journey in Business

Just the other day, a renowned web magazine did an article on the multi-talented entrepreneur and medical doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna. This was a conscious and deliberate effort of trying to understand what makes the surgeon tick and if possible get him to share some of his secrets that have helped him become such a huge success over the years. It all began way back when Dr. Mark McKenna, who is originally from New Orleans Louisiana, went to one of the country’s finest and most celebrated centers for medical education, the Tulane University School of medicine which also happens to be situated in his hometown. The institution is among the oldest medical training institutions in the United States coming in second place in the Deep South region and at position 15 Countrywide.

Immediately after graduating from medical school, Dr. McKenna started working with his father depicting the commencement of his medical career. While working with his father, Dr. Mark McKenna spotted an unexploited opportunity in the real estate market and being a natural entrepreneur went on to establish McKenna Venture Investments.

McKenna Venture Investments is a real estate development company that has made a name for itself over the years as a one-stop shop offering design-build and finance services. The firm also offers real estate closing services.

Dr. McKenna did not stop here but went further to launch and acquire more companies such as Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage lending which saw his portfolio grow to more than 50 employees. Dr. Mark McKenna is now an experienced Medical Doctor who has keen interests and specialties in the fields of surgery and medicine. He was accredited by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners and this is one of the reasons why Dr. Mark McKenna has substantial business operations in the two jurisdictions namely the state of Florida and the state of Georgia.

Dr. Mark McKenna is not only an esteemed patient advocate who has dedicated most of his adult life to community service but also an astute entrepreneur successful businessman who has a soft spot in his heart for the community at large.

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IDLife: Designed for People

IDLife is a health and wellness company. IDLife stands for Individually Designed Life. The CEO and founder of the company is named Logan Stout. The company is dedicated to helping people live better and more fulfilling lives by giving people the proper vitamins and minerals needed to live a healthier lifestyle. The face of personalized nutrition is changing rapidly and here are four war ways that IDLife is doing just that.

The first factor to take into account is the fact that IDLife is changing the face of the supplement market. IDLife is targeting the individual and keeping that person in mind when it comes to their products. Many people do not know where to start when it comes to personalized nutrition. This is where IDLife has found its niche in the health and wellness industry.

The second factor to consider is the heart of IDLife. These are the leaders of the company. People like Logan Stout and many others with the company want to see people succeed with products. Helping people attain their health and lifestyle goals is what makes the company as successful as it is. The people of IDLife want to make a difference and Logan Stout wouldn’t have it any other way.

The third factor to consider is the fact that IDLife uses only the highest quality ingredients for the products they sell. IDLife also believes in being socially responsible for the planet as well. The company believes that the supplements are only as good as the ingredients that make them. The company makes absolutely sure that the ingredients are resourced in a responsible manner and that the ingredients live up to not only the expectation of IDLife but most importantly the consumer who is using the product.

The fourth and final factor is that the products have been tested in studies and journals to live up to expectations. Clinical trials help the company ensure that the products do what they are meant to do. The trials and studies also make sure that the products themselves are of the highest quality before going on the market.

IDLife and the people of the company have turned the world of personalized nutrition into something anyone can achieve. The company is there to help people succeed in the ever-changing world of health and wellness. This is the ultimate goal of IDLife. Logan Stout wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Incorporating Technology In Fashion With TechStyle

In 2016, the revenues collected from retail commerce amounted to 72 billion dollars, and they are estimated to rise to 116 billion dollars by the year 2021. Startup and legacy fashion brands have attempted multiple techniques to win today’s digital-smart consumers, from embracing enhanced CRM technology to understanding how to market using social media. One style that has been tried widely is membership programs, and they have encountered variable degrees of success.

However, there’s one firm, a forerunner of subscription programs, which has been strikingly successful and has surfaced as a powerful and an overwhelming force in online retailing. Nevertheless, only a few people know about it, and most people do not see its role as a technology and marketing pioneer. The corporation is TechStyle Fashion Group, under the leadership of Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

In 2010, JustFab introduced the first membership program in the fashion retail industry for footwear. Its VIP monthly subscribers got over 30 percent discount on retail prices, alongside complete access to unique products and promotions, free shipping and loyalty rewards points. The model was very successful, and in two years, the website has captured six million consumers. JustFab sold over 2.5 million pairs of footwear during the first quarter of 2012. Don Ressler has been influential in decision making and transformation of the company through policymaking.

In the four years that followed, JustFab obtained ShoeDazzle and FabKids, and it successfully stretched out to Germany, U.K and several other countries, and also inaugurated Fabletics with Kate Hudson. The firm changed its name to TechStyle in 2016, as a better image of the position of the company as a platform that’s re-creating fashion marketing and retail by incorporating them with membership commerce, data science, and personalization.

Adam Goldenberg is the co-CEO and co-founder of TechStyle, and his career in startups started at the age of 13 when he began an online bulletin that changed to Gamer’s Alliance, a gaming website. At the age of 17, Adam sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix, a mother company to MySpace, an earlier social media site. Intermix gave Adam the position of chief operating officer. When he left Intermix, Goldenberg established Intelligent Beauty, a commerce site which generated more firms, among them JustFab and DermStore.

TechStyle is striving to hit 700million dollars in profits; the firm has 4.5 million members and 2,000 employees. A new product line will launch in 2018. The last major of the company raise was in 2014, making the sum of funds raised at 295 million dollars and a valuation of more than one billion dollars.

OSI Group vs The Competition

The food service industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and it has been for quite sometime. There are competitors that are near and there are competitors that are as far as the eye can see. There are many sectors of business that’s being conducted away from prying eyes, but the custom food solution sector is one of its most important. Having the ability to create great tasting foods isn’t as easy as one may think it is. There are a lot of variables that must fall into place. OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, is on another level when it comes to creating specific food solutions. Just about every type of business/organization is being served by this company.

Sourcing, developing, distributing and producing goods is what this company specializes in. Every chain of command is efficiently running OSI, and this efficiency is the heart of the entire operation. Custom food solutions or concept-table-solutions is the name of the game as this company offers a wide array of products like meatballs, tofu, flatbread, pizza, pepperoni, cooked sausages, cookies, tomatoes, fresh dough, onions, beef patties, pork products, pulled pork, chicken fired steak, hotdogs, cheese and many more items. Next-generation food solutions starts in the mind and OSI helps to personify them by working exclusively with the client. This dynamic situation is a brainstorming technique for coming up with the best possible products. It may just be the most important part of the process, especially for those who are seeking something unique. Here are a few of the core valuables below.

• Explore Innovative Solutions
• Integrity & Ethics
• Strives To Improve
• And more

OSI Group has that “it” factor as this team of OSI Group professionals is easy to work with, and it listens to the clients’ specific instructions. No matter the current location, OSI has facilities in 17 countries. On top of that, there are a total of 65 facilities worldwide. As long as the client has a physical address, top-of-the-line food products can be delivered on a consistent basis.

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Tony Petrello: The Life and Career of the Gifted Mathematician

It is an understatement saying that the career of Tony Petrello has been one of huge success. After all, in the year 2015, Petrello was one of United States highest compensated chief executive officers. Many of his accomplishments have been the product of creative thinking, consistent hard work, and natural gifts.

Also, it is essential to note how Petrello has given back to the community, especially how he has worked to help kids with neurological disorders. Petrello’s life is truly worthy of admiration plus emulation. He grew up in Newark city in the state of New Jersey, where he went to public schools. When Petrello was was still in high school, he used to be popular in his hometown because of his amazing mathematics capabilities.

Yale University took notice of his gift, and it awarded Petrello a scholarship plus the opportunity to be trained by Serge Lang, a brilliant mathematician, professor, and author. At Yale University, from which Petrell would receive both his master’s and bachelor’s degrees, he became recognized for his strong sense of humor and outgoing personality. After graduating from Yale, Petrello surprised his classmates and professors when he chose not becoming a mathematician. Instead, he joined the Harvard Law School.

In the year 1979, Petrello joined a major multinational American law firm called Baker & McKenzie. At the firm, Petrello specialized in business law, particularly arbitration and taxation. He became a managing partner of the firm’s NY division in 1986. At Baker & McKenzie, he worked with Nabors Industries, a company that drills for natural gas and oil, and it is the largest such company worldwide. Nabors managers were impressed by the Petrello’s efforts and analysis powers that they started trying to hire him. He accepted Nabors offer and became a business executive.

He started serving Nabors as its Chief Operating Officer in 1991. During the same year, Petrello took a position on the board’s executive committee and the board of directors. He became the president of Nabors in 1992. His achievements in these positions were helpful regarding building up the Nabors. For example, in 1993, he helped direct a 32-million-dollar acquisition of a firm known as Grace Drilling. Additionally, a much more significant transaction in the year 2010 brought the Superior Well Services under the corporate umbrella of Nabors.

Since Oct. 28, 2011, Petrello has been the chief executive officer of Nabors. In addition to that, in June of 2012, he became the board’s executive committee chairman and the board chairman. Under his leadership, Nabors has grown and continued to thrive.

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Omar Yunes Iconic Business Career

Turning into a business person is a fantasy for some individuals. With the innovation accessible today, it is genuinely simple to begin an organization. Omar Yunes has a long time of experience beginning and running organizations in various enterprises. He gets a kick out of the chance to invest energy helping other individuals with this procedure.

Throughout the years, Omar Yunes has learned numerous extraordinary lessons in business. Any individual who needs to take their organization to another level ought to gain from Omar Yunes. He is the kind of individual who is continually ready to work harder than others to accomplish his fantasies.

Helping other people

Something that isolates Omar Yunes from different entrepreneurs is his sense of duty regarding client benefit. He unequivocally trusts that dealing with the client is the most imperative part of business. Also, he invests a great deal of energy getting input from clients that he can execute in his organization.

Omar Yunes offers back to his nearby group also. With the greater part of his budgetary achievement, he can give cash to foundations that he feels emphatically about. This is an extraordinary path for him to have a beneficial outcome on his general surroundings.

Business Advice

Omar Yunes trusts that beginning a business is an extraordinary approach to change your life. Be that as it may, before beginning an organization, youthful entrepreneurs require an arrangement. There are many individuals who get into monetary inconvenience since they obtain excessively cash to begin a business. Some obligation is fine in a business, however entrepreneurs require an arrangement to oversee it the correct way.

Omar Yunes suggests that entrepreneurs begin an organization as lean as would be prudent. This powers entrepreneurs to decrease the loss inside the business. Omar Yunes has had a great deal of accomplishment in business following this equation.

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Forex Success Stories: Greg Secker Discovers How To Make Forex Work

The Forex market is a very popular market because of the potential it has to bring forth riches to people. Given the lo cost of paying for an asset and the high potential of making huge returns on investment, the Forex market is one market that is worth looking into for people. However, many people who jump into the market tend to lose everything they have because they do not have the right type of knowledge. Fortunately, Greg Secker is one of the people who have learned how to make the Forex market work in his favor. He is willing to share his insights on interviews.

How Greg got into Forex is a rather interesting affair. For one thing, he has gone to school to study food and agriculture. Meanwhile, he was building and selling computers. This has set him on a path that has eventually brought him to the Forex market. While this may seem like a curious way of getting involved with Forex, stories like that might just be common because the Forex market has the draw to attract people from all walks of life. The only thing is figuring out a strategy that is going to work in the favor of the individual trader.

Greg Secker has been passionate about not only Forex trading but also helping people find the right type of information they can use to learn about the activity of Forex trading. For one thing, people that are able to learn from the right sources are going to know better what to expect when they are trading. After all, there are many people who have a lot to say about how surprisingly hard it is to make profits from the Forex market. One of the common recommendations for people when they sign up for Forex is to get a practice account and trade using that account.



As a world leader in processed foods, the OSI Group is scaling heights of success, by expanding its tentacles across the world. This makes it the largest privately-held company, with estimated revenue of $6.1 billion, according to Forbes. Currently, under the leadership of David McDonald, as the president, it has crossed borders to over 17 countries, outside the United States. This multi-billion-dollar food industry has been in operation for decades, since 1902, bearing the name Otto and sons, before changing to OSI industries.Therefore; it has gained an extensive experience of the market trends and customer preference. As a result, it offers quality protein products, which are available in supermarkets, and major chain restaurants like the McDonalds. These products include cheese, chicken products, pizzas, bacon, and sausages, among others.

What Makes OSI Group Relevant

Few food industries afford to remain relevant in the industry, like OSI Group. Its relevance and growth are attributed to its product development that suits their customer’s taste buds and the marketing strategy. With every new market, they venture into, they first have to study the local market.This helps in providing the required products. Consequently, this has enabled the OSI Group to develop an appetite for growth that has resulted in the acquisition of more facilities, like the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. This acquisition has provided a platform for the OSI Group, to reach a wider clientele base.

Additionally, with an aim to grow and expand the business, the OSI Group, has ventured into the European market with a merge with the Baho Food. This is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks, and deli meats, with subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands. The merger has not only created employment but also enabled the OSI Group to provide better services due to an increase in the production facilities. The acquisitions and growth of OSI are attributed to the able leadership, of both Sheldon and David McDonald. These are the CEO and president respectively. Through their dedication and vision of the company, they have played a key role in tremendous expansion over the years.

Its Service to Society

Apart from processing food, the OSI Group has personal connections with the local communities of Illinois, where its headquarters are. As a way of growing with the community, it is involved in several charity projects like feeding and providing healthcare facilities. This enhances a mutual relationship between the OSI and the community.

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The Seeds of Empowerment: Family Wine Collection

Family Wine Collection has a passion for producing some of the best tasting and highest of quality wines. The company has been around since 1982, and it has grown into a full-blown vinification powerhouse. This family owned and operated business was started by Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. This couple would go on to teach their children all about the family business, which actually came in handy years later. The youngest daughter, Julia Jackson, was born after the business was founded. She has been around the winemaking process all of her life. As of today, she is involved with the international sales team. This team travels all around the world on a consistent basis and introduces the company wines to untapped markets.

Julia just so happen to be one of the best individuals for the job as she is very knowledgeable of the industry, and she is very soft spoken. She has attended the prestigious Stanford University as well as Scripps College. Before ever getting involved in the wine industry, she did a bit of modeling in Los Angeles as well as taught a sixth-grade French class. Seeds of Empowerment is the name of her nonprofit organization, and it is geared to honoring female empowerment. Seeds of Employment donates $100,000 to local organizations on an annual basis. Julia has her hands in a number of progressive things, but the family business is her main priority and Julia Jackson’s lacrosse camp.

Family Wine Collection produces some of the highest of quality wines on earth. By having so many wineries on so many continents, the company has one of the most diverse vinification system. Lassegue, the company’s flagship wine from France, is very elegant and sophisticated. The grapes that grow from these hillside vines have a rich, distinct taste. Family Wine Collection is the embodiment for the seeds of empowerment, but who knows what this company has in store in the future and her

Investing Done Right: Warren Buffet and Timothy Armour

When it comes to investing, one thing remains certain. Moreover, only a few investors actually know how to invest. This remains attributed to the never-ending fluctuation of the market. Moreover, no investor knows for certain the outcome of an investment. Aside from having a natural given “know how,” investing essentially remains an educated guess. The chances of becoming an affluent investor remain similar to the chances of winning the lottery. In spite of such adversity, some investors continue to defy the odds. In addition, these investors rose to prominence because of their natural ability to invest. Regardless of whether a man has a Ph.D. or a second-grade education, both of them have an equal chance at becoming a successful investor and more information click here.


To begin, Warren Buffett and Timothy Armour rank among some of the most respected investors in the world. This remains attributed to their years of expertise and natural giving abilities. Moreover, no one can replicate their investing acumen. In particular, Warren Buffett remains a veteran when it comes to investing. For years, he has utilized the same investment strategy. In addition, the strategy remains as potent as when he first started using it. To expound further, the strategy involves making long-term investments. Recently, Warren Buffett challenged a group of hedge fund investors to a bet. Moreover, he swore he would give $1 million dollars to charity if he failed to achieve better returns on his investments than they did and Timothy on Facebook.


Unfortunately for the charity, Warren Buffett remained victorious. In parallel, Timothy Armour remains another noteworthy investor. For over 32 years, Timothy Armour worked for Capital group. Moreover, he worked his way up the corporate ladder. Currently, he serves as chairman of Capital Group. Moreover, he does an excellent job. Since his ascendance to the position, the company has seen an unprecedented amount of growth. Also, they continue to expand their operations. In addition, Timothy Armour comes from an educated background. While attending Middlebury College, Timothy earned a bachelor’s degree. Aside from his expertise in investing, Timothy Armour remains an inspiration to numerous upcoming investors. In closing, Warren Buffett remains equally important and learn more about Timothy.

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