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Sussex Healthcare Providing Quality Healthcare To Residents

Sussex healthcare is a company based in Britain it has been in existence since 1985. Its current CEO is Amanda Morgan Taylor who joined the company in 2018. The company started as a small facility but it now has more than 20 facilities with 580beds. It received its ISO certification in 2005. It offers treatments that are related to sensory integration, aromatherapy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. The company has a mission which is to provide each resident with the highest quality of care.The company is adding more caregivers to its network. It also has vacancies for physical therapists, nurses and administrative staff. It welcomes qualified caregivers to apply for a position at one of its many homes in the United Kingdom.

However, it will offer full training for individuals who are ambitious and have the right attitude so experience is not necessary. Sussex healthcare chooses caregivers also known as carers carefully. This means it hires people who want to learn about each resident as an individual. Therefore, a requirement of all caregivers is that they have to be friendly, warm and compassionate to the residents. The company looks for creative caregivers who are observant, can give the highest standard of care and can make life better for the residents by suggesting improvements.Caregivers should also work well with family members, residents and other staff members. The leadership team emphasizes on the value of each worker and all workers should understand their contribution to provide quality life for residents. Therefore, the company hires reliable and punctual caregivers.

Caregivers assist residents with daily activities such as bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, walking and grooming.Being paid at competitive rates is one of the biggest benefits for working at Sussex Healthcare. Working as a caregiver on holiday also earns you double the normal rate. Another benefit is for new caregivers after completing training they have compassionate and patient teachers who provide guidance. There are other benefits but this are the most important. The supportive and warm culture is a top reason for seeking employment at Sussex Healthcare. There are plenty of specialty areas to consider for experienced care givers and for new caregivers there is an option to train in a desired specialty.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare operates a group of care homes in Sussex, United Kingdom. The company specializes in offering care to older adults with dementia, neurological problems, mental handicaps, and physical handicaps.

Sussex Healthcare also provides several support services to the older adults in their independently run care homes. Sussex Healthcare is the perfect solution for seniors that require personal care to live a satisfying lifestyle. In addition, the care homes are staffed by friendly, warm, and caring people that truly understand the needs of the older adults. Seniors receive personal care, customized treatments, meals, recreational activities, and social activities too. Clearly, Sussex Healthcare firmly believes in treating the entire individual.

About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare provides a high quality level of care in their residential homes. This care might include providing personal services, meals, treatments, medical services, and transportation. The organization provides 20 care homes to the Sussex community. The company has provided care and operated the homes for 25 years. The care homes are a way to provide independent living for seniors in a comfortable and home like atmosphere. The organization is managed by Amanda Morgan-Taylor, the new CEO. Currently, she is getting familiar with the organization and implementing strategies to help the organization grow.

Working For Sussex Healthcare
The company requires a staff that is well-trained, warm, and friendly. Care is provided to the older adults in a home like atmosphere, which encourages a more satisfying and stable environment for the senior adult. People in the community trust Sussex Healthcare to provide their family member with the best care possible. Therefore, they require a staff that meets the previous criteria. Ultimately, Sussex Healthcare’s goal is to be the best healthcare provider for seniors in the local and surrounding community.

Job Opportunities
Sussex is always on the hunt for talented people to provide high quality services to the people in their care home. The fact is that they look for people that enjoy providing services to people in need to populate the staff. The organization also offers staff members excellent benefits and the opportunity for training and education. Below are a few of the job opportunities available. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to work with a great group of professionals providing great care and making a positive difference in a senior’s life. Sussex Healthcare has job openings for the following.

Registered Care Home Manager
Registered Nurse
Deputy Care Home Manager
Care Assistants
Kitchen Assistant
Senior Care
Domestic Assistant

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Eric Lefkofsky Is Committed To Transforming Cancer Care

Research shows that nearly 40 percent of adults in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. These startling statistics mean that we are all likely to know some who have been diagnosed or will be in the future. Though researchers fear that the number of U. S. citizens affected with cancer will significantly increase by the year 2024, advances are being made every day to help improve the lives of those battling the difficult disease.

One of the newest additions to the cancer treatment industry is Tempus. Founded in 2015, Tempus is a technology company that focuses on providing data-driven health care and treatment options to aid in the battle against cancer. Using genomic data, the Tempus software carefully analyzes each patient to develop a thorough plan of action. By understanding the composition of a patient’s tumor, Tempus can help doctors and medical professionals develop a more personalized treatment plan.

When Tempus co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky had an up close and personal experience with cancer and the options available for treatment, he was discouraged by what he felt was a lack of correlation between data collection and digital technology. While doctors seemed to collect a significant amount of data on his wife, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Lefkofsky began to wonder how they were using that information to determine which treatment option was best for her specifically. So, he began to focus his efforts on one thing: Transforming cancer care. His hope is that in the future, doctors will be able to quickly and accurately identify the best treatment options available for each individual patient.

Aside from his contributions to the advancement of cancer care, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife formed the Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust organization that supports scientific and educational organizations. He is also a member of The Giving Pledge, a charitable organization established in 2010.

How to Prepare For Life Line Screening

Life Line screening entails using sound waves to see images of body structures. Some screenings will require a lot of time while others will require a little time. Some will even cause the patient sleepless nights. Life Line Screening is important because it helps people to know any defects with their health, early enough.

What to Wear During Life Line Screening

Different screenings are done because individuals suffer various health complications. Therefore, proper preparation is necessary to avoid the side effects that may arise from the screening process. There is a certain way you need to dress for a successful screening. For instance, a stroke screening would require an open shirt without a collar. The shirt needs to be short sleeved. That will allow for easy visibility of the body structures that need to be screened.

What to Eat Before a Life Line Screening

Every person wants to get accurate results after a screening. Depending on what testing you are undertaking, the health specialist needs to prepare you well in advance. There are life screenings that would require you to fast, meaning you should not eat anything before the screening process. Some health experts would recommend an eight-hour fast and others a six-hour fast. It all depends on the nature of the screening. A patient needs to fast to get accurate results.

Why go through a Life Line Screening

It would be an absolute shock, knowing you suffered a particular condition for a very long time without your knowledge. A lifeline screening is recommended for any patient. You do not have to be ailing to go through the process. As earlier mentioned, it would help you deal with any illness that may want to arise. It helps you save a situation that would otherwise have been, early in advance. For more info about us: click here.

The life screenings that are not thorough may not require any preparation. You may not need to be in some specific clothing. However, all patients under medication are advised to continue as prescribed. Life Line Screening has been known as a cure if a patient adheres to all the prescriptions given by the health experts.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Involvement in the Cosmetic Surgery Field

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon from America. She is also an academic and a media commentator. Dr. Walden has been able to begin her own company known as Jennifer L. Walden, M.D. She has also been able to begin the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The American Board has certified Dr. Jennifer Walden. Recently, the doctor moved her busy cosmetic surgery from New York from Austin. She moved so that her children are raised near her family.

Dr. Walden is a member of the Society of America for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She also has a membership of the Plastic Surgeons American Society. The American College of Surgeons has her as a Fellow. Currently, Dr. Walden also provides her services on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In that professional society, she is the Vice Commissioner for Communications. Moreover, the doctor holds a distinction of serving the American Societies for Artistic Plastic Surgery and of Plastic Surgeons as their media spokesperson.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been in the industry of plastic surgery for about eight years. Her primary focus is on the cosmetic surgery. She deals with the breast augmentation, eyelid lifts, the face-lifts, and rhinoplasties (nose jobs). She can also perform liposuction on inner thighs, arms and the abdomen. She also deals with the least invasive procedures like injecting Botox and the soft tissue fillers.

The career of Dr. Jennifer Reviews began in Manhattan. She worked at the Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital of Manhattan. Here, she was mentored by Dr. Sherrell Aston. This was after she was done with her residency from the University of Texas Medical Branch. In 2014, Jennifer was on the Harper’s Bazaar’s list of the best beauty surgeons in the nation. She stayed in the hospital and worked for New York’s Upper East Side for around seven years. As she was in New York, she was involved in several clinical trials. These experiments led to the reintroduction of the silicone breast implants.

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USHEALTH Advisors at their Best in the Marketing Sector

USHEALTH Advisors is a sector of the USHEALTH Group which main work is marketing of the health care techniques which is covered by USHEALTH Group’s family of an insurance company. The objectives of the company are to help American people, self-employed and those owning a small business in the marketing sector. Furthermore, in America, there is no opportunity in taking delight in each person completion and specialist achievement although USHEALTH Advisors is committed to thriving as a successful self-entrepreneur.


Through assisting self-business individual and self-employed to have the right to entry to the collection of if inventive and lower prices benefit solution they are able to make them be successful. Furthermore, the other main thing is to always help clients to recognize the solutions which are better and they can be able to attain them in low cost. USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group have the main agenda and it is always serving their customers with their various needs to the health care for over 30 years. With their better products, they provide opportunities that will maintain the increasing of each insurance purchaser.


The company always gives their agents Inventive returns whereby they attain business first commission that is based weekly and monthly salary commission, therefore, they make good opportunities for them to attain more profit. The agents are certain to be maintained to their arrangement holder at the company such as provided with fast and exact response relating to their regulation and claim. In order for the organization to respond to their clients, they introduced podium site whereby they are able to respond to their inquiries faster hence their clients are pleased. In addition for the company to motivate their agent they always ensure that they give them exceptional bonuses to those who always submit business.


USHEALTH Advisors group also ensure that they spot and award sales representative of the company due to the big part that they always take in the company. Also, their Sales Leader of the health care product specialist has enough experience and skills in the field hence they are able to provide better service to their clients so they send them to the field so they can be trained and learn more hence they become successful.

Troy McQuagge: Award Winning CEO

A well-reputed business man and a leader named Troy McQuagge is recognized in all sectors. Well known for his hard work and devotion for his company and employees working there. Troy McQuagge is the CEO of a company named USHEALTH group; and has been performing his responsibilities with full dedication resulting in better growth and development. Troy McQuagge has great experience working in the field of finance and insurance, providing valuable knowledge he has to the company, he is one of the most valuable assets to the company as he is the mastermind and experienced leader helping company to reach its targets and profits.



The health insurance sector is known to be led by USHEATH Group. The company has improved their costumer’s service in all possible level I.e. giving them quality services in proper time, solving their problems and proper communication with their costumers has made them one of the most reliable existing insurance company. Troy has implemented all the experience and tactics he has learned in this field, thus making it a topnotch company of the time. As TROY being experienced and business minded all the strategies used by the company is formulated by him. He believes if proper tactics and strategies are used, the company can do better and be more successful.



Troy McQuagge is highly praised and recognized all over his field because of his hard work and immense contribution to the company. He was also awarded the CEO of the year because of his outstanding work for his company and his contribution to his field of finance and insurance. And because of his incredible work in his field, he was also recognized by a prestigious institution and was presented by Planet One Award.



Troy believes in team work and knowns that if his employees weren’t hardworking and talented the company won’t have prospered. During his speech in the inauguration, he gave all the credit to his employees and mentioned they are the reason that our company is well reputed and that they truly deserve this prestigious award, as they have worked day and night tirelessly and has offered their clients the best they had. And in his acceptance speech, he told that he was extremely thankful but the journey to success does not end here he plans to make this company better and better.



Troy McQuagge has won numerous awards in the past as well, because of his constant devotion. In 2016 he was awarded the Most Innovative CEO of the Year nominated by CEO World Awards. He has also been rewarded for the growth and profits that USHEALTH has since he became the CEO of the company.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Stands Out As Austin’s Finest Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden stands out as an incredible cosmetic surgeon in spite of being one of the few working females in a male dominated industry. Walden’s gender has more often been a boon than a hindrance, however. Patients, being mostly female, often have an easier time confiding in Walden. With other doctors, patients may be forced to share intensely personal information and insecurities with a physician who couldn’t possibly sympathize; such is not the case with Walden. Only nine percent of cosmetic surgeons in the United States are female, making Walden both a rarity and an exceptional doctor and learn more about Jennifer.

Having begun working in 1998, Walden boasts a body of work spanning nearly three decades. This experience has translated to a vast array of accolades and accomplishments unique to Walden. Walden has the distinction of being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of fellowships all across the United States. Walden was also a member the prestigious fellowship Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat, an organization of which she later became the standing Clinical Instructor. Having received the distinguished Herman Barnett Memorial Award, Walden’s experience and quality continue to speak for themselves and more information click  here.

Walden recently relocated from New York City to Austin, Texas, and has made enormous waves in a short amount of time. Having already been featured in ‘Texas Super Doctors‘ three years running, Walden has distinguished herself in a fiercely competitive crowd. Furthermore, Walden’s patients preach entirely positive and exemplary experiences with Walden, giving her a trusted and expansive clientele. As a cosmetic surgeon, Walden has proven time and time again to be second to none. As a native Texan, Walden’s Austin operation treats every individual patient like family and will go to extreme lengths to ensure the best possible experience. For anyone considering cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the obvious choice and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

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USHEALTH Group CEO Troy McQuagge has been honored recently by the One Planet℠ Professional and Business Excellence Award. The premier global award recognizes professional and technical excellence. The prestigious award was established to honor all global companies participating in profitable, private, public and the non-profit category.


Other classes that were considered for the award include new executives, Corporate Communications, PR Marketing team, as well as services and products.In a legal statement following the Award ceremony, Mr. McQuagge showed appreciation for being acknowledged as the most esteemed peer and industry manager. The renowned entrepreneur donated the award to his business USHEALTH Group, Inc, announcing that “in fact, the perfection related to all involved parties at USHEALTH.”


He reinforced that the award was the show of his company’s continuing responsibility to answer customer’s health care affordability difficulties through the procurement of innovative and advanced health care coverage requirements. Regarding his company’s breakthrough, said that his leading core was the blend of an excellent game plan accomplished through outstanding agents, employees and sales leaders. Mr. McQuagge also confirmed that it was his company’s aim to take over the current healthcare business divisions.


About Troy McQuagge’s USHEALTH


USHEALTH Insurance Group Inc is based in Ft. Worth, Texas, and the company offers self-employed individuals and small business owners with health insurance covers. The company’s core is established upon uniting employee and agent talent to present the most competitive and profitable insurance market products while procuring most advanced customer experience.


Troy McQuagge’s Career


Mr. McQuagge has been working with his company for the last one decade, and throughout the entire profession, he has used his experience to advance his agency into the most innovative States-based health insurance provider. After showing lots of transformative efforts, McGauge was reinstated as the company CEO and President. But this is nothing compared to the unprecedented growth, success, and profitability that he led his company to achieve in the current individual health insurance business. Besides working at USHEALTH, Mr. McQuagge also served in Student Insurance Division at UICI, United Insurance Companies Inc. He achieved the resident position at UICI before moving on to UGA. At UGA, he achieved a tremendous milestone by breaking the yearly record sales.


At UGA, he also achieved other several partnerships through both equity and private Health investor Markets. As a leading figure at UGA, he able to manage sales marketing and the self-employed division of the agency. Even more, his magnificent works have been previously honored through the best-selling Insurance Salesman of the Year. With an industry expertise of more than three decades, Mcgauge continues to assist his hometown of Coppell Texas.

Life Line Screening: leading the charge for healthier lives

One of the key factors to taking care of your health is regular checkups to find unnoticed health problems before they can become serious. Life Line Screenings sets the standard higher encouraging people to participate in their thorough preventive screenings in addition to just a yearly checkup with a doctor. With nearly 25 years of professional service, Life Line Screenings is an integral partner in the fight for a healthier life.

Life Line Screening Shares Knowledge

In an article posted on, Life Line Screening provided some great professional advice for men interested in better health. Here are the highlights for people in a hurry.

  • Reduce stress: we all have busy lives and stress can come from many sources such as work or even family. Try meditation, relaxing in a hot tub or listening to calming music.
  • Do Cardio: this should be a no-brainer, but it’s widely ignored. Go for a jog or a swim, raising your heart rate and sweating promotes better blood flow and will keep your cardiovascular strong and more information click here.
  • Get you sleep: being an adult is great, nobody to tell you when to go to bed or what to eat. Be your own best friend and make sure you get a good seven hours of sleep every night. Your body and mind need time to regenerate and heal.

More About Life Line Screening

Starting out in Florida back in 1993, Life Line Screening has gradually grown to offer services not just in the United States but also in the United Kingdom and Austrailia. Using state of the art technology to help people detect potentially life-threatening health issues.

Life Line Screening offers the following preventive health screenings: ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardiograph screenings. All are performed by trained professionals and in state of the art facilities.

Life Line Screening is committed to quality and helping people lead healthier lives and learn more about Life Line Screening.

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