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Eric Lefkofsky Is Committed To Transforming Cancer Care

Research shows that nearly 40 percent of adults in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. These startling statistics mean that we are all likely to know some who have been diagnosed or will be in the future. Though researchers fear that the number of U. S. citizens affected with cancer will significantly increase by the year 2024, advances are being made every day to help improve the lives of those battling the difficult disease.

One of the newest additions to the cancer treatment industry is Tempus. Founded in 2015, Tempus is a technology company that focuses on providing data-driven health care and treatment options to aid in the battle against cancer. Using genomic data, the Tempus software carefully analyzes each patient to develop a thorough plan of action. By understanding the composition of a patient’s tumor, Tempus can help doctors and medical professionals develop a more personalized treatment plan.

When Tempus co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky had an up close and personal experience with cancer and the options available for treatment, he was discouraged by what he felt was a lack of correlation between data collection and digital technology. While doctors seemed to collect a significant amount of data on his wife, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Lefkofsky began to wonder how they were using that information to determine which treatment option was best for her specifically. So, he began to focus his efforts on one thing: Transforming cancer care. His hope is that in the future, doctors will be able to quickly and accurately identify the best treatment options available for each individual patient.

Aside from his contributions to the advancement of cancer care, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife formed the Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust organization that supports scientific and educational organizations. He is also a member of The Giving Pledge, a charitable organization established in 2010.

Working Experience of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is privileged to work for the largest consulting company in the country. He is responsible for all activities of development, consulting and recruiting in Nordic. That means he is the president. He has served as sales director where he was responsible for sales and development of Ingenix Consulting. In most cases, consulting has been his work. He had handled that duty when he was working at Healthia.

Apart from consulting work, he is a guru in healthcare IT where he has more that 8yearsof working experience. In this complex field, he was responsible for many activities including optimization of records in most health care centers around the world. With his B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering, Drew Madden have other four EPIC certifications. He has more than for years of working at Cerner Corporation as a consultant. He is also one of the graduates from University of Iowa with a degree in medical systems.

His real working experience was molded at EHR where he worked for 11 good years. During his stay, he was responsible for management of projects and development. From there he joined Nordic. Drew Madden states that his life experience at Nordic is very different from that of Ingenix Consulting and Epic consulting. At Nordic, life was very different, and he was ready to give people what they wanted regarding consulting.

Drew Madden keeps on explaining that, he has his own Microsoft history which he acquired from Nordic. He maintains that the way Nordic was being handled using Microsoft consulting companies was different from what he started doing when he joined Nordic. One of the drawbacks which they had was lacking the right channel of communication. When Drew Madden stated working, he changed things out to the best. They started preaching transparency and honesty to their employees. By doing that, these workers developed strong customer relationships that attracted more people to the company.

Fewer people have a secret of their success. For Drew Madden, the focus is his primary goal. He and Nordic try as much as possible to concentrate on the customer need and determine what they want. The study is done by compiling research question on all the potential needs of clients.