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Seasoned Financial Expert, Chris Linkas, Recommends Young People Begin Investing as Early as Possible.

Investing is not usually something that young people prioritize. Generally, limited funds and ever-mounting school debt cause young people to “put-off” investing until sometime in the future.


Expert Advice

However, experts like Chris Linkas (head of a UK-based investment firm), recommend investing as early as possible. Linkas recommends prioritizing early investing rather than waiting until student loans have been repaid and/or a higher paying job has been acquired.

According to Linkas, a person’s age will determine how risk-tolerant they can be.

Young investors have the advantage of time to recuperate, which enables them to take bigger risks than older investors. Along with bigger risks, of course, comes the potential for bigger rewards.


Start Early

By starting early, young investors may take advantage of compound interest, wherein their interest earns interest. Given enough time, even small initial investments can grow to sizeable amounts, but the key is to make that investment early.

With over 25 years of finance experience, Chris Linkas initially entered the financial world straight out of college. He laments the fact that many young folks procrastinate rather than beginning to invest in their early 20’s.


Life Benefit

Another benefit of investing early in life is the development of budgeting skills needed in order to invest. Early investors tend to develop better spending habits than their peers as they prioritize saving and direct where their money goes. This is an invaluable skill and will directly affect their future and how comfortable it is.

Linkas said that investing early, young people have the flexibility to create a diversified portfolio with both risky investments and secure dividends. He recommends that they take the time to thoroughly educate themselves in order to create a balanced portfolio. Additionally, he suggests that investors take the time to periodically review their investments, decide if they are still the right fit for them, and make adjustments if needed.

By choosing to start investing funds early, savvy young people can better set themselves up for a life of financial comfort and security.