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Jason Hope pledges large donation for anti-aging research

Jason Hope is one of the largest and most successful entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona. He has been involved in the creation of some of the most cutting-edge tech firms in the state’s history and in that of the country. He was one of the first people to pioneer the model of premium content mobile streaming, beating Apple and Google to that market by more than 10 years and proving that he has what it takes to see trends taking shape decades before anyone else knows they even exist.

Aside from that, Hope has also founded a wide range of other tech-based firms. These include business-to-business application development companies, search engine optimization and web design and internet presence firms. All of these have been wildly successful, helping Hope to become one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the United States today.

But recently, Hope has stepped back from the day-to-day management tasks of his business empire, choosing instead to write and blog about various issues on sites across the internet. One of the subjects about which Hope is taking an intense interest is the role that science and, in particular, medicine will play in future technological advancements. Specifically, Hope believes that medical technology will soon be able to significantly increase the lifespan of the average American, allowing people to live into their 100s and beyond.

As part of this vision, Hope has pledged to give a large some of his own money to anti-aging research. He recently pledged to give more than half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, one of the most cutting-edge research institutions in the country today. The SENS Foundation was founded by Aubrey de Grey, one of the most renowned gerontologists in the world. It seeks to discover the molecular roots of the aging process, hoping to tease out ways that science will be able to someday help prevent the aging process at the most fundamental levels.

Hope revealed that his donations will go directly to the study of atherosclerosis. Hope believes that the underlying phenomena that lead to atherosclerotic plaque formation are the same ones that are at the center of a number of aging related diseases. Hope says that atherosclerosis is primarily a product of an inflammatory response that is brought about by high levels of lipids circulating through the bloodstream. The same inflammatory response, says Hope, lies at the root of conditions ranging from glaucoma to rheumatoid arthritis.

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Nihiwatu Hotel; Another Entrepreneurial Masterpiece In Chris Burch’s Portfolio

For many years, Chris Burch has been renowned as a prominent figure in the commercial retail industry. He has earned multiple plaudits for orchestrating the success of numberless leading brands, including the famous Tory Burch. As an entrepreneur, Chris maintains a perpetual impetus to prosper. For this reason, he has extended his business ventures into the hospitality sector.


In partnership with the hotel industry magnate James McBride, Chris acquired an underdeveloped beach hostel in the Sumba Isle, off the Indonesian archipelago. The two businessmen pimped immense amounts to the project, reportedly $30 million. After thorough restructuring as well as revamping, the hostel was transformed into a world-class beach resort, named Nihiwatu. Though the hotel is hardly two years old, it surpassed an array of household names to be called the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure.


Chris Burch said that he purchased the hotel as an investment for the future. Heaping praise on the masterpiece, he also expressed hope that the project would contribute towards philanthropic causes. He concluded by revealing his fascination on the rapid success witnessed by Nihiwatu, saying it had exceeded his expectations.


Credible reports from the WSJ, claim that Chris often spends time in three different locations, the Hamptons, Miami, and Nihiwatu. The magnificent resort boasts of over twenty private villas, among which is Raja Mendaka, the personal home of Chris Burch. The elegant villas have luxurious features, including private plunge swimming pools.


Due to the remote nature of its locality, Nihiwatu has been codenamed ‘the edge of the wilderness.’ The restaurant is the largest source of formal employment in the island, and further donates its proceeds to the Sumba Foundation, a local charity.


Nihiwatu possesses a myriad of salient features, which have enhanced its reputation among visitors. Apart from a picturesque environment, the hotel has integrated traditional Sumbanese antiques into its infrastructure. Also, a beach spa, as well as fitness center equipped with competent yogis, is availed.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is a respected entrepreneur, accredited for the establishment of numerous entrepreneurial ventures. He particularly focuses on branding and uses his propensity on the subject to develop businesses in the fashion, commercial, information technology, and hospitality industries.

In his illustrious career, traversing over four decades, Burch has supervised an array of important institutions. As of now, he is the incumbent CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is also affiliated with Cocoon9, Poppin, and Nihiwatu among many others.