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Director General Kamil Idris and A Response to His World Intellectual Property Rights Day Involvement

Being a politician is not just challenging, but rewarding. The challenging part is when you are putting yourself at risk when the public you’re protecting as a public servant has attracted so much enmity, that you might be putting your life in danger. Since the biblical times, being a judge and protecting those who are about to be punished would be needing a lot of protection because of the nature of being a politican. Fortunately, we still have public servants and leaders like Director General Kamil Idris who still brave the path of public service despite the risks.

The World Intellectual Property Day Celebration: A Response

At the IE Forum is a long speech from Director General Kamil about the recent World Intellectual Property Day. In that speech, he talked about the importance of intellectual property rights and about doing promotions work to get the message across. While this isn’t a layman issue that a person in the street would be able to relate immediately, the fact of the matter is that world intellectual rights celebration has its purpose. As a form of response, we can say here that it is remarkable that Director General Kamil is still finding time to promote such advocacy despite his busy schedule.

Secondly, it is also amazing that he’s able to acknowledge the link between intellectual property rights and the new technologies that we all enjoy today. Without such linkages, we as a whole would probably not be able to enjoy the technology, entertainment, apps and social media networks that we all take advantage of right now. It is also important for Director General Kamil to recognize that human creativity has to have limits and ownership of such rights should mean a fair and just deliberation of who owns what. The celebration of such event is indeed an impressive way for Director General Kamil to drive the point of his advocacy.

In conclusion, the celebration of the intellectual property rights of the world through Director General Kamil has been a success and should be a continued advocacy for the protection and respect of humanity’s greatest asset: its imagination.

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