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OSI Group President David McDonald

David McDonald is COO and President at OSI Group. He is the project manager of OSI industries. David also serves as chairman of North America Meat Institute. He has also been a director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. Mr.David is OSI’s board member. He serves as board member of OSI international Foods, Australia. David is a professional in Animal Science.

Education Background and Experience

David earned a Animal Science degree from Iowa State University. The institution also awarded him with the Wallace Senior Award. David began his career at OSI industries, Chicago after graduating. He proved himself at every stage until he became the president and COO. McDonald is a devoted family man with one wife and six children. He has shown great commitment in supporting his former university. This is expected to benefit new students.

Involvement in OSI Groups Sustainability

David McDonald has received the Young Alumni Award from ISU Alumni Association. The company has been celebrated internationally under his leadership. The company has contributed to the growth of China’s economy. OSI Industries supplied tons of food products like beef, chicken, pork, and eggs during Olympic games. He is part of the management team which has expanded ISO Industries into foreign markets. The company operates more than 50 facilities in 17 countries. David has overseen the establishment of major processing plants. These include a beef-processing plant in Poland and poultry mega-plant in Henan Province, China. He has also initiated a joint venture with DOYOO group to expand poultry operations.

Activities and Social Responsibilities

He has interest in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. A group of students was able to visit facilities in China courtesy of David. One of them is now employed at the company. He also champions the internship programme which aims at providing future opportunities for upcoming professionals. David McDonald owns a fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho which he supports through funding scholarships. ISO’s COO has participated in many fundraising activities like for Iowa State AGR house. Mr. David serves as a board director for American Meat Institute.

Reaction After Acquisition of Baho Food

David McDonald announced that the company had acquired Baho Food. This is a Dutch company which deals with snack, drinks and meat production. It distributes food products in 18 different nations. The COO and president indicated that this acquisition will allow the company to expand into Europe. He stated that products offered by Baho Food compliment OSI’s current processing strengths. Adding a new portfolio will enable the company to satisfy dynamic customer needs better.

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Tony Petrello’s Story of Rising to the Top of Nabors Industries

Mr. Tony Petrello is one of the top executives in the United States, having been employed by Nabors Industries since 1991. Although not the top-paid executive any longer, he earned a whopping $68.2 million in 2014 thanks to his exceptional leadership and decision-making skills.

Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey, to a working-class family. Although his family didn’t have enough money to enlist him in private school or afford tutors, Tony’s mathematic skills were off the charts. Friends, family members, and teachers quickly recognized his academic ability. His parents have even said that Tony read academic textbooks prior to entering kindergarten, unlike virtually every other child that age.

Exceeding in mathematics, Tony Petrello wanted to work as a mathematician throughout his time in grade school and at Yale University. Tony Petrello excelled in doctorate-level calculus and linear algebra, far beyond the academic scope of virtually everyone his age. After high school, he lived in a dormitory with shared rooms, unlike most other executives who’ve likely been fed from proverbial silver spoons.

Tony Petrello went to Yale University, offered a full scholarship due to his advanced mathematical abilities. Following both a bachelor’s and master’s in mathematics in only four years, Petrello changed his mind about his career. He enrolled in Harvard’s School of Law, where Mr. Petrello earned his Juris Doctorate.

He began working for Baker & McKenzie, a law firm focusing on international law. Mr. Petrello was named Managing Partner in 1986. From that date onwards, Tony Petrello dealt with several clients, one of which was Nabors Industries. Executives at the energy company asked Petrello to join their ranks for several years, although he wasn’t responsive to the requests at first. Finally, in 1991, Mr. Petrello moved to Houston, Texas, where he initially served as Nabors’ Chief Operating Officer and President. He’s currently the Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Nabors Industries has more land-based oil drilling rigs than any other entity in the world. While not a leader in offshore drilling, Nabors is undoubtedly a staunch competitor in ocean-based oil drilling. The organization is listed on the S&P 500, a stock index of the largest, best-performing entities in the world. Nabors also provides consulting services to those in the oil, gas, and energy industries, drills for independent parties, and has a number of software performance tools for others to benefit from.

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