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The News on the Chainsmokers

On January 17, 2018, the Chainsmokers released yet another big hit, Sick Boy and You Owe Me. The Chainsmokers have only been around for the past two years. The incredibly talented band consists of Alex Pall age 32 and Drew Taggart age 28. They have been performing top songs one after the other. To keep this kind of fame up will be a stressful process, but they have shown over and over they have what it takes to do so. The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound


Since hitting success with “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” the duo has added a new dimension to their work with Taggart, one half of the duo, adding his singing to their crowd-rousing sound beginning with the single “Closer,” in which Halsey also performs. Popularity has skyrocketed greatly for the duo. The Chainsmokers have won two American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, five iHeartRadio Music Awards, and are continually preparing to release some new musical treats since their beginnings.


Their most recent song called “Sick Boy”, was a long overdue song, considering they had nothing new for 9 months. The song is a little dark but as Drew stated in the interview with Forbes “he thinks this is the way our society now.” The words to a song are usually something felt in the artist life, but the interpretation is always left up to the fans. The song seems dark and twisted but considering the way our culture is right now and the pressures kids have these days, this song seems to fit right in. The kids these days are all connected to one another through social media to the point we are all on stage. (View: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)



“Sick boy” has a different feel compared to their other music that’s for sure. Some people like the song and others will not, but it’s all left up to each person’s take on the song. Their name “Chainsmokers” is a mystery because neither of them smokes and they don’t want to explain how they came up with it. Their music is a mix of hip-hop, dance music, pop and electro-pop. They seem to express their lives through music in many different music styles. This duo doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, they plan to be around for a long time to come.



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Alex Pall Puts Himself into The Chainsmokers’ Music

The Chainsmokers have released several hits like “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Closer” featuring Halsey. Much of their success can be attributed to the heart they put into their songs, a trait that is rather rare among dance music. In a sea of sterile music with no feeling in it besides euphoria-inducing bass drops and beats, Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall, enjoys putting a human element into his music with Andrew Taggart.


Alex Pall was a relatively well-known DJ in the New York club scene in his younger years before the Chainsmokers. His at the time hobby began consuming more and more of his time but he couldn’t consider his music a job as he enjoyed it far too much. Eventually, he realized he wanted to make his hobby his full-time commitment and spoke to his manager, the same manager he has now even after he found success. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart and the two knew they needed to make music together. They shared music tastes and hit it off as people, so they immediately started working together. They clicked so well, in fact, that Alex Pell quit his job and Drew relocated from Maine to New York City to pursue their dream.


Another relatively unique aspect of Alex Pall’s Chainsmokers is that they do not rely entirely on songwriters and vocalists and put their own talent and voices into the music that they produce. When Alex Pall and Drew aren’t writing the entirety of the song, they are there with the songwriters for the entire process to give them their input or guide them to personalize the songs, so they fit who the pair are as people. (More about Pall on Alex Pall)


When Alex Pall and Taggart started writing for Chainsmokers, they had trouble trying to make lyrics that were relatable to their audience. They settled on writing songs about their own life experiences. As their audience is growing, the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall, and their music are evolving with them. Read This Article for more information.



Desiree Perez

Jay-Z is practically a household name, in the music business letting his entrepreneurial skills develop making him into a self made hip-hop mogul. Every big name has a team of people to help them achieve these goals while in the background. If there’s a woman tough enough to handle the job of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation exec, it’s Desiree “Des” Perez.

Now you know in order to be on Hov’s team you have to be tough and strong-willed with business mind set. She’s no stranger to the Roc dynasty, working closely with Jay’s business ventures for almost 20 years with the Roc franchise. She is known in this line of work as “babe ruthless” due to her hardcore negotiation skills, a real boss like mind that has major influence on the moves Roc makes.

Recently, Jay-Z may be closing a deal with Universal Music Group and you can bet he had his head executive Des right by his side. She has also had to do with Rihanna’s latest deal with Samsung. In a cut-throat industry run by men, women are also making waves and going for the top in a strong way and there’s no stopping it. Desiree Perez is a tough cookie you’d want on your team.

She has her strong track record backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, making a name for herself as one of the toughest business negotiators in the game. Behind every powerful man is in fact, an even stronger woman.

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Sergio Cortes Can Feel Proud Of Himself For Perfecting His Skills

When a man loves a singer enough, and when he has admired him for many years, then it might not be too hard for him to slip into the role of being that singer. It didn’t seem too hard for Sergio Cortes to be able to take on the life and look of Michael Jackson. He knew all that he had to do to become a great impersonator of the man, and he did it. He had been a big fan of the singer since he was just a boy, and he wanted to be able to pay the man an honor by doing this.
Sergio Cortes has become one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators ever. He’s made some big changes, so that he can look and act just like the other man, and many people have been quite impressed with his skills. Sergio Cortes knows what needs to be done in order to impersonate the man, and many people have loved him for the way that he has done that. They can tell that he has been a long time fan of the man, and they can tell that he has put a lot of work and effort into getting everything down just right.
Sergio Cortes could have given his impersonating skills half of the effort that he has put into perfecting them.

He could have just said that he was going to look like Michael Jackson and act like him but not really put any true effort into it. But he wanted to do things right. He wanted to pay the man an honor, and he wanted to look, dress and act just like him. So, he took his time when learning all that he should do in order to make that come true. He practiced and perfected everything that he was doing, so that everyone who saw him would know just who he was impersonating. And now many people have come to love him for the way that he impersonates Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortes Is A Gifted Artist Who Impersonates Michael Jackson Perfectly

Sergio Cortes has made a big name among people who imitate Michael Jackson. The death of MJ might have left a scar in hearts of many fans. However, as sad as it may have been, one man is keeping the memories of Jackson alive, and that is Sergio Cortes. You may think that Cortes is obsessed with Jackson but whether it is true or not, Cortes has the passion and flair and wants to live like Jackson.
Cortes is so far the most acclaimed impersonator of Jackson.


Michael Jackson was an iconic musician with great vocal presentation and unique dance style including the moonwalk. He is a man who has brought life changes and transformation in many people.
Jackson gave some of the most memorable performances in the history of Pop music. Sergio Cortes fell in love with the style and music performances of Jackson from his childhood. He started practicing the moves, music and dressing codes in those early days. Today, he has perfected most attributes of Jackson and has been regarded as a dedicated impersonator of Jackson.
Cortes has something special that distinguishes him from the rest who try to impersonate MJ. He has the looks something that has given him a competitive edge in impersonating MJ. Cortes is also talented with great vocal presentation and can sing like Michael Jack.
A company known as Destiny Projects discovered the talent of Sergio Cortes and employed him to nurture this unique gift. He has become a recognized name among those who imitate Jackson. His series of performances have left fans thrilled and excited. He has performed in major Jackson’s tribute shows in areas like Madrid and Milan.
When he performs, he carries the spirit so high that people can really connect with the soul of Jackson. People cry in joy as they watch Cortes give the best performances in terms of choreography and dance styles— just the same way Michael Jackson did it.
It is an inspiration for many young people who want to impersonate Jackson. Cortes may be doing it out of passion; however, this is a talent that has earned him fame, reputation, respect, and above all, living. In Madrid, Cortes took part in a tribute show designed to commemorate the life of Jackson. Cortes recreated the best songs of Jackson making fans believe that Jackson was alive.
Cortes was also in Milan recently where he gave a two-hour performance in a show dubbed Human Nature. It was an amazing show filled with memories and excitement as fans watched the great impersonate do it again in front of a huge audience.

Enrique Iglesias Arrested

Enrique Iglesias is one of the most successful Latin pop stars of all time stated Madison Street Capital. However, the last few months have been extremely rough for him. For those of you that don’t know, Enrique Iglesias recently cut his hand on a drone during his own concert. The injury was quite severe, and Enrique Iglesias almost had to cancel the rest of his summer tour. Aside from his bodily injuries, Enrique Iglesias has found himself in trouble once again.

This time, Enrique Iglesias is in trouble with the law, and it’s due to a few misdemeanor crimes that took place in Miami earlier this week. Apparently, Enrique Iglesias has a suspended license in Florida, but that didn’t stop the Latin rebel from driving. However, a police officer scanned Enrique’s license plates, and the officer discovered that Enrique Iglesias is not a legal driver in the state of Florida. The police officer put his sirens on, and that’s when Enrique Iglesias decided to switch seats with his passenger. It should be noted the Enrique Iglesias was driving when he tried to fool the police officer with the “old passenger switch.” recently revealed that Enrique Iglesias and his passenger were put in handcuffs. Fans are hoping that Enrique Iglesias won’t be in too much trouble, but he will definitely be forced to pay a few fines.

Steven Tyler Goes Country

Steven Tyler grew up spending summers in New Hampshire. He listened to a radio station out of Fort Wayne Indiana to hear his favorite country music. Back then the Battle of New Orleans was a favorite of the kids. Steven Tyler grew up to be part of the famous band Aerosmith. They were a major influence on rock and roll helping to shape where it is today. Now Steven Tyler after falling in love with Nashville a few years back is going to go country. This will be different from the path of rock and roll that he is known for. I know those who are true Aerosmith fans will remember this groundbreaking hit from back in the day. Walk This Way by Aerosmith and Run DMC. The collaboration of this type was unheard of at that time. Fans like Brad Reifler know that when it comes to their music a great musician is influenced by many different genres of music. Though they may get stuck on one style that people love that carries them a lifetime. They often like to venture and go after passions and opportunities in styles they loved as kids. Great musicians come from everywhere all around the world. Thanks to the wonderful minds behind these individuals who think outside of the box. Thanks to the musicians who change music in ways that we would not have imagined otherwise.

Jennifer Hudson Speaks out on Marriage Equality

The new single by Jennifer Hudson I Still Love You, is a love song with a message. The video for the song chronicles a father’s last-minute choice to attend his gay son’s wedding. Hudson wants to spread the message that love is love, and that equality in love is an important mission that we all share.

With the pending decision of the US Supreme Court to rule in favor of marriage equality in all 50 states, Hudson is using this video to support the #All50 campaign. This is a place for the LGBT community and their supporters to stay up to date on the information available in the struggle for marriage equality in the United States.

The video concludes with the people that have congregated at the wedding singing and dancing and exudes celebratory feels, as if the decision has already been made. This is Jennifer’s favorite scene in the music video as it shows everyone having a good time together. Sam Tabar likes it as well. Hudson also commented in the interview with MTV that she wants to see more people come together, and if her music can somehow help that happen, then she feels as if she has done good things. The gay community has been a huge supporter of Hudson since her American Idol days. She wanted to show her appreciation of their support as well with this video.

Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour Rolls On

The boys have hit the road one more time, and the band known for it’s grueling tours shows no signs of slowing down. The Rolling Stones “Zip Code” tour is proving to be exactly that for fans. It’s a 15 date North American stadium tour that began with a bang on May 24th at San Diego, California’s Petco Park, and will finish up on July 15th in Quebec.

The tour is featuring rarities from the bands “Sticky Fingers” tour in 1971. They are also re-releasing a deluxe version of the album on June 8th, which is now available for pre-order on their website. To get ready for the tour, the Stones played a club gig at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theater. Only 1,200 fans got to experience the show, but it was filmed for a possible future release.

Guitarist Keith Richards and drummer Charlie Wood both said the band has never been better, as expressed in a FreedomPop review. “I think it’s the best vibe ever within the band,” says Wood. “We’ve never been closer.”

Donald Fagen Mad at Journalist

Rolling Stone Magazine is publishing, unedited, Steely Dan front man Donald Fagen’s tour diary. In one entry, Fagen defends himself against accusations in a negative review about Steely Dan appearing in The Washington Post by a writer named Geoff Edgers.

Edgars says that Steely Dan appearing at the Coachella music festival is a bad thing. For one, he says that Steely Dan being there just shows that the festival organizers are thinking only of money and not of promoting new acts. Fagen counters by saying the article is great publicity for his band.

He goes on to say that the festival promotes a huge variety of music and puts many new acts on the stage. He mentions that the producers made a huge profit last year by doing this and that it had nothing to do with the older acts.

Fagen also says festivals aren’t a great place to hear live music because of the poor acoustics. He thinks that the appeal of the festival experience is more about getting together with a crowd of happy, partying people.

Fans like Sam Tabar have learned that, also, Fagen resents being accused of playing “Dadrock” in the review. He says that music can remain relevant years after it was released and uses Bob Dylan as an example.

Personally, I think its sad that Fagen has to defend himself at all. He’s 76 years old and his band is still going strong.