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Meet Ryan Seacrest; the Producer of American’s Leading Radio and TV Shows

Becoming a popular producer in the USA is not easy. The TV and radio industry is highly competitive, and for one to succeed, skills and hard work are essential. Ryan Seacrest is one of the leading producers of television and radio shows in the USA. His journey has not been easy as the industry is highly demanding. You have to be unique and give listeners and viewers what they expect. He has dedicated much of his time to satisfy clients, and that has resulted in his success.

Ryan Seacrest is a host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” which is aired on iHeart Media’s 102.7 KIIS FM. The show is one of the most popular morning drive-time shows in Los Angeles. When it comes to television shows, he has vast experience gained over the years. He currently holds positions in broadcast and cable television. Together with Kelly Ripa, they host “Live with Kelly and Ryan” TV talk show. The show is loved by many, and due to his unique abilities in broadcast, the show will become one of America’s favorites. On top of that, Ryan will be the host of the American Idol, 2018; a music competition that will be aired on ABC in spring.

Ryan Seacrest is a great entrepreneur. He is the founder of a leading men’s wear brand; Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The brand specializes in designing and delivering high-quality clothing for men. It also provides tips on how to create a coordinated look for men. Ryan is an entrepreneur who gives back to the society. He founded Ryan Seacrest Foundation to assist and inspire youths through educational focused and entertainment initiatives.

Despite having such a big name in the TV and radio industry, Ryan has struggled with weight loss. Throughout his career, he has worked hard to lose weight. He ensures that he exercises at least five hours a week. He likes circuit, core workouts, sprints on the stationary bike, push-ups and sit-ups. Ryan takes a balanced diet that promotes weight loss.

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Change Is a Cycle, Says Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran, one of the greatest life coaches and motivational speakers, has some of the most beautiful insights about change. He says that first of all, you have to change from within. When you change yourself, you can start attracting change in all parts of your life.

The truth is that when you change, you start surrounding yourself with and attracting people who are going through the same process. Those people who do not want to change and want to remain in the same rut will fall by the wayside. Change is not easy and it is not meant to be easy. It is hard and it is tough. However, when you do it, you will grow so much as a person. Many people will not want to change with you. They will be lazy and will disappear from your life.

Vijay Eswaran goes on to explain a very beautiful insight a friend of his had while he and she were sitting by the ocean. They were watching how the waves were washing against some rocks. They noticed how the waves were eroding the rocks. However, it takes hundreds or even thousands of years for the waves to erode the rocks.

The truth is that change is no different. Change happens slowly. You can not go from one to ten overnight. First, you have to go from one to two. Once you do that, going to three is not a big deal anymore. Then you go to four, which is a lot easier now that you are at three. Finally, you will be at nine, at which point going to ten will be no big deal.

Once you make changes in your life, says Vijay Eswaran, you will be able to make bigger changes later on. What seemed like a big change to you a year ago will seem like a small change now. What seems like a big change to you now will seem like nothing in five years from now. All you have to do is make the first step and you will be on your way very soon.