End Citizens United Calls Out Gov. Rick Scott For Campaign Finance Abuses

Too often in America, extremely wealthy businessmen with a history of corruption win elections and take seats in the highest offices of our land. The current governor of Florida is a classic example. In 1997, Scott was CEO of a medical company called Columbia/HCA. He was pressured to resign after it was revealed that his company was committing massive fraud relating to Medicaid, Medicare and other federal programs.

Columbia/HCA received the biggest government fine in history — but Rick Scott got off Scott free. He went on to work as a venture capitalist, made millions more, and then ran for Florida governor. He has won the seat twice.

Now Scott wants to be a U.S. Senator, but he’s still up to his old tricks. A group called End Citizens United has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission charging that Scott has played fast and loose of what is left of campaign finance regulation in America.

It seems that Scott is coordinating his campaign with a Super PAC known as New Republican. A Super PAC can raise and spend as much money as it wants to, but it cannot work directly or coordinate with any particular campaign.

End Citizens United sites the Rick Scott example as just one of many serious problems the United States has with campaign finance laws. The goal of the group is to get Big Money and Dark Money out of politics — period.

Going after shady players like Gov. Rick Scott is just one example of hundreds of battles End Citizens United is fighting across the nation as the 2018 midterm elections approach. ECU is also raising money using a grassroots model to support candidates that have come out for campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United has raised $35 million during this election cycle, a $10 million increase over what is raised ahead of the 2016 presidential election. The average donation has been just $14.

That means millions of American citizens are behind the goals, principles and values of End Citizens United — and that means getting Big Money out of politics once and for all.

End Citizens United info: www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

End Citizens United Opposes the Grievous Citizens United Ruling

“Anything is permitted” has become a reality and the American campaign finance system. That does not mean the American people must stand for the unjust End Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission ruling. The American people have every right to blast the decision as something that protects the wealthy to have too much influence in our government. The people of this nation may organize against the atrocious decision. One organization made up by the people is the End Citizens United group. They were founded in March 2015 to combat the Citizens United ruling.

The Citizens United ruling happened in 2008. The Federal Election Commission -or FEC- Investigated the Hillary the movie campaign ad this ad was a 90 minute campaign video attacking Hillary Clinton. Citizens United put this video together. The organization refused to say how the ad was paid for. At the time political ads needed to identify who funded them. Initially the FEC won the case after Citizens United attempted to sue them. Later the Supreme Court shockingly ruled in favor of Citizens United by extending First Amendment free speech rights to corporations.

The Citizens United ruling gave the Republican Party an advantage as the party has numerous corporate owner supporters. The Waltons (they own 50% of Walmart), Koch brothers, and the divorce family are longtime supporters of the Republican Party and with the Citizens United decision their donations are capable of being hidden away from the public eye and protected as free speech.

The ACLU, the League of Women Voters, and End Citizens United out of their voices in opposition to the Citizens United decision. End citizens United was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Washington DC. The organization has always been open in its goals. In the first place, End Citizens United seeks to raise grassroots donations to counter the money from corporations hiding behind Citizens United. The money raised by ECU is given to Democrat candidate campaigns to improve the likelihood of them winning. The candidate given donations raised by End Citizens United must also be for pushing to reform the campaign finance system in this country. Of course, the main goal of ECU is to see through a constitutional amendment that clearly protects freedom of speech to citizens and not to corporations.

Contact End Citizens United: thehill.com/social-tags/end-citizens-united

End Citizens United Changes The Political Landscape Of The U.S.

Every so often, the U.S. political landscape changes in some way which may be for the better or for the worse. The Citizens United decision of 2010 is one which the majority of the U.S. public believe has been created to the detriment of the political landscape in the U.S. because of the high level of interference and influence this Supreme Court decision allowed for special interest groups and billionaire donors. End Citizens United is a traditional PAC fighting to ensure the future of the nation is placed firmly on the changing landscape of election finance regulations which are among the most controversial of recent years.

Established in Washington D.C. under President Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United was created to raise awareness of the issue of unfair election finance regulations; End Citizens United was created to back left-leaning political candidates for office who shared the belief of the PAC in the need to reverse the Citizens United decision. Tiffany Muller made the decision to work with Democrats from across the U.S. as End Citizens United believed members of the party were more open to reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision than their Republican counterparts who have benefitted most from the ruling.

For Tiffany Muller, the 5-4 Supreme Court decision of 2010 in favor of the Citizens United group was one made with political beliefs in mind as the ruling instantly favored the Republican party and conservative candidates. The GOP has always remained steadfast in its loyalty to the economic elite using a system which benefits conservative candidates greatly for their loyalty to special interest groups.

Eliminating so-called “dark money” from the political scene is something End Citizens United is dedicated to doing and has spent a large amount of the buildup to the 2018 Midterms naming and shaming a group of Republican known to have accepted the most funding from controversial organizations. The “Big Money 20” included some of the biggest names from the GOP including House Speaker Paul Ryan who made the decision to retire rather than face the public with his links to special interest groups revealed by End Citizens United. Backing liberal candidates who pledge not to accept funding from special interest groups during the coming Midterm elections are a major part of the motivation of End Citizens United and drives the work being done in Washington and at the grassroots level.

For More info: www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/

The History and Future of End Citizens United

In 2010, Citizens United attempted to keep big money out of politics in the supreme court case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. Unfortunately, the court ruled in favor of the FEC. Five years later, End Citizens United was established to help overturn the ruling and they’ve been fighting that good fight in their Washington DC headquarters ever since. Many people have argued that this particular case has become the modern-day equivalent of such cases as Dred Scott vs. Sanford and Brown vs. Board of Education. Tiffany Muller first founded End Citizens United on March 1, 2015 and she and her team are currently working to raise $35 million in 2018, an amount significantly more than they raised last year.

Another big priority for them at the moment is what they refer to as the Big Money 20, a list of the most corrupt and depraved politicians currently holding public office. Their goal is to ensure these candidates do not win reelection. The list includes such well-known republicans as Dana Rohrbacher, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan. Currently, three of the Republicans on that list have already announced their intentions to not seek reelection and, thus, the list has been narrowed down to just 17. Additionally, one of the goals of End Citizens United is to help politicians who are currently looking to end corporate donations to their political campaigns.

They plan to accomplish fundraising goals by November to help Democrats emerge victorious in the impending midterms. Of course, it’s not as if they haven’t made any progress in recent years. In fact, their organization has grown significantly over the years. They currently receive about 380,000 donations per year, they’ve already endorsed approximately 130 political candidates in 2018 alone and their staff has doubled since 2017. In the midterms, they have made it clear that they will only support candidates who share their goals of keeping big corporations from making substantial donations to political campaigns. They currently rely on grassroots donations to help counteract the corporate money funneled into Republicans campaigns.

With more Republicans than ever announcing either their retirement or their intent to not run for reelection, the Democrats seem poised to take back the house, senate and congress in the midterms this year. Hopefully, with a little aid from End Citizens United, they will emerge victorious in these upcoming elections and set the country back on the right track.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

End Citizens United Believes That Jones Can Bring Reforms At The Senate Seat

End Citizens United is gracing headlines with their news about Jones Doug, their preferred candidate for leading the senate seat. While making the announcement, there were key areas that the PAC mentioned to support their candidate. Jones has been in the judicial system for years. It is likely that he can comfortably lead in many aspects. He is determined to give his people the best there is in America. Jones is set to lead because he has a clean name in the town. He is however, vying for the seat alongside his counterpart, a man that has bad reputation, Moore.

Why Doug Jones Is A Good Leader

According to Jones, the people deserve good leadership. He is the only one that can deliver that. He says this from the point of understanding that he has been part of the people. Alabamians are fed up of having to wait for good leadership in order to lead better lives. The system has been rigged, the people have had to pay dearly for this. This is a system that must be ended. Jones speaks for reforms. He is determined to move the town to better management and reforms. If elected, he says that he will involve End Citizens United in battling the corrosion that corruption has caused. Jones has served the city before. He was a powerful attorney and never did he make money illegally. This is sufficient proof that he shall deliver if elected. Jones’ determination encourages the people to elect him to office.

Why Is Moore Not Fit To Lead

Moore is Jones’ ally in this race. He has been squandering money from his own people. To drive the point home, Moore has made money out of charitable organizations. He spent the money on the wrong dockets. This character highly disqualifies him. There are more factors that paint him badly. First of all, he is corrupt. He has no good agenda. Secondly, he is racist. He cannot be racist and lead properly. He will be biased. Moore is linked to corruption in many ways. He is shady and ill bigoted. He has been dining with mega donors that have bad influence on leadership. Moore cannot deliver a just system to the people. He is self-indulged and cannot put the people before himself. The senate seat is for the people. He is supposed to take care of over 1000 people. He cannot do that if he only interested in satisfying his gains.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United exists to bring about political reforms. It was launched in 2015. Since then, the PAC has committed to giving the people the best leaders the world has had. The agenda is to initiate political reforms through finance reforms.

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