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NGP VAN Provides Digital Solutions for Democratic Political Campaigns

A comment you often hear from politicians is “Our strategy is to have a good ground game.” Every candidate wants an effective ground game and NGP VAN, and their digital tools are poised to assist Democratic candidates in developing an efficient ground game. A ground game or “canvassing,” is volunteers and sometimes the candidate himself or herself knocking on the doors of constituents to ask for their vote. Unfortunately, many campaigns are doing it wrong.

In a recent article published in the Chronicle of the Week, an independent online news forum, the author Haley Thompson indicated canvassing is becoming more difficult. The amount of dollars needed to launch and sustain an effective political campaign and the fact that voters have moved into opposite “ideological corners,” complicates canvassing as a political strategy.

Thompson shares that during the 2016 federal campaign, candidates spent a combined total of $6.4 billion and in 2017, David Broockman of Stanford and Joshua Kalla from UC Berkley conducted a study and results indicated only 1 out of every 800 voters switched their allegiance from one candidate to another. Canvassing as a political tool is not dead, but politicians and campaigns waste their time if the goal of their canvassing is to sway voters on the opposite ideological spectrum. The more effective way to conduct canvassing is to appeal on a personal level with voters of similar ideology to the candidate. NGP VAN has developed digital tools to assist candidates in preparing canvassing campaigns that are efficient and effective.

NGP VAN developed an iOS and Android compatible app called MiniVAN. This NGP VAN app is free and it reduces the effort required for active and strategic canvassing by developing lists, maps, and talking points automatically, something it would take canvass organizers considerable hours to build. MiniVAN also provides data so the canvasser can personalize their message. For example, through a feature in MiniVAN known as Distributed Canvassing, critical data about issues relevant to the voter is available. If the voter is a veteran, for example, the canvasser can share information with him or her about where the candidate stands on the issue of veteran’s affairs.

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MiniVAN with Distributed Canvassing streamlines canvassing efforts and saves campaigns countless hours in the development and analysis of data. These data tools also enable politicians to target voters with similar ideology and to personalize their message to the individual voter.


Making Money Selling Wine With Traveling Vineyard Has Never Been Easier

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells quality wine at amazing prices. How do they get their wine in the eyes of the right customers? Through people like you and me. Wine Guides is what they call the sellers who join this company. Being a guide allows you to sell their products and earn a commission on every sale that you make. It’s a wonderful business to make a good amount of money because the money is unlimited and the potential is huge.

Making Money Selling Wine With Traveling Vineyard Has Never Been Easier

It’s hard to find the right companies to work with if you want to work in sales, but this specific company knows what to do to help move you further in your new career. They have a ton of talented people who work behind the scenes to help you out. You also have many people above you who are more than ready to help you out. You are assigned your very own expert in your own city that could help get you succeeding in no time at all.

Once you are ready and already making a decent income, you can always have more people become Wine Guides with you. When you refer others to join, you can earn a small percentage of what they make. It’s a great business idea that could continue even when you’re done selling in this business. Traveling Vineyard is the place to be if you are passionate about wine and ready for growth.

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Scottsdale, AZ Entrepreneur Jason Hope And The Future Of Technology

Technology is the future and it is also our present. We live in a world surrounded by and operated on technology and that is not set to change any time soon. Our world will continue to grow on this technology. It shapes us, it defines us, and it guides us. Jason Hope is a man who understands the importance of technology and how it influences our world.

Jason Hope’s work in technology focuses on specific avenues of research and development. For example, he focuses on developing mobile apps, desktop software, gaming software and other devices that help people embrace the power of connectivity in our lives. He has had a huge hand in guiding cutting-edge technical advancements.

We live in a world that is “always on”. You can log onto the Internet at any given time and it’s awake and waiting for you. Something is always happening. People don’t want to miss out on that. Even more important, they want quick access to the things that matter to them.

This “always on” atmosphere that we live in also means there is a lot of stuff available. Not all of it is quality and not all of it is what you’re interested in. This is why many advancements in technology are focused around sifting through the content available and finding what suits your needs. There are apps to help you find what you need fast. There are programs to help you connect when and where you want.

Hope also works with people who have great ideas but might not have the tools or know-how to get those ideas launched. He takes new ideas, business opportunities, and new products and helps their creators make them a reality – literally bringing ideas to life.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who understands the importance of technology and is doing his part to help advance the future of technology as well as how we use it in our daily lives and business. Hope is focused on the future of technology. Are you?