Changing the State of your Business with NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV has been a major asset in the cultivation of the longevity of a variety of major companies, startups, and mom and pop businesses since their inaugural episode in March of 1990. For the past twenty eight years NewsWatch has provided viewers with the latest on consumer technology, cutting edge developments in various fields, and up-to-date segments on a variety of different upcoming projects. Broadcast weekly on a plethora of channels including AMC, ION, and local affiliates, NewsWatch TV have also been responsible for making some of the world’s biggest companies household names, and for providing up and coming businesses with segments that have been integral in boosting sales and popularity. NewsWatch have worked with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, including D-Link, Body Glove, and Outback Steakhouse, to further popularize those brands, but have really shown their marketing potential for smaller companies through their organic, three to four minute, viral segments.

SteelSeries Professional Gaming Gear are one such up and coming brand who’s name may have not received the international recognition they now have if not for their NewsWatch TV segment. NewsWatch worked alongside SteelSeries to produce two segments on the company’s line of controllers and headsets. The segments subsequently were shown in every marketing area within the United States and reached over ninety five million households. SteelSeries’ Senior Director of Marketing lauded his praises for NewsWatch TV stating that it was an amazing opportunity to get to work with a company who truly understood the world of PR. For more information on what NewsWatch TV can do for you and your business visit them online at


Bob Reina: Talking Solves Problems

Bob Reina is always amazed when he finds out how many problems are out there because people are simply not talking to each other. It is a big reason why he likes to go around and give motivational speeches to as many people as possible. He wants them to know that talk is not cheap. Talk Fusion, on the other hand, is affordable for customers and easy to use, but the actual act of talk is not cheap. It is important and it matters. Actions matter more, but the actions can’t occur unless people are talking to one another and connecting on the same level. If that does not happen, it can be hard for any progress to be made in the first place.


That is why Bob Reina wants people to re-open the lines of communication when they use Talk Fusion. He wants them to use to understand where someone else is coming from and what he or she has to say. Too often, that is where the issues arise in the first place. Bob Reina believes all of that could be avoided if people simply communicated using all of the great video technology of Talk Fusion and used it for the greater good. On the other hand, Talk Fusion can be used to start up a company for someone that is looking for a change in life. Learn more:


Change is almost always a good thing. Keep in mind; I used the word “almost.” There are cases where change is a bad thing. However, if someone is unhappy and they want to change things up and they want to start over, Talk Fusion is the way to go. It has everything that one could want to get started. They have the right man in charge in Bob Reina, and they have a team that really cares about people and making sure they understand how to use Talk Fusion.


Technology is a wonderful thing, but people need to know how to use it the right way. When they use it the right way and really know why they are using it, the future is bright for them!