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Bob Reina: It’s All About Now

Bob Reina has made it a point to never live in the past. He does not see the benefit of it as too many times, people get stuck in the past. He is all about plowing ahead, being in the moment, and looking into the future. All of the things he learned in the past, they are with him, but he does not obsess over them. They have been learning tools. As the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, he is not simply going to keep talking about the fact the company won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. They have the award and they are proud of it, but they are more focused on what they can do in the future.


One last thing about that award: they won that award because it recognizes companies that are making positive changes. It is impossible to find someone that is as positive as Bob Reina. That is infectious, and Bob Reina knows it. He knows his employees feed off it, and they can tell it is for real. Bob Reina is not going to put on a show for anyone or become someone that he is not. He is going to stay true to whom he really is, and he is not going to let anything get in his way, that is for sure.


He also is smart enough to know Talk Fusion is not all about him. He knows the company is a group of men and women working together to help people. They are big on helping people and being there for them when they need it most. For a lot of folks out there, they need a change in their situation as soon as possible. They are stuck at a regular office job, and they have a boss that does not treat them with any respect. They want that respect, and frankly, they have earned that respect. It is not too much to ask to receive it at a job.


When they use Talk Fusion and become their own boss, they will have all of the respect in the world. Learn more:







Clayton Hutson and Strong Musical Performances

Clayton Hutson is a conscientious person who has been working on live shows for musicians everywhere for years at this point. He’s a business owner who has a lot of experience. He accommodates the needs of event planners and musicians alike. He studied theater design at a university prior to beginning work. This skilled audio engineer landed jobs with businesses that were part of the world of live music. He was able to land a project manager position, too. He worked on boosting his abilities for quite some time. He chose to set up a company that handles all sorts of needs that relate to concerts. The company designs, produces and supervises them. He typically concentrates on musical performances that are part of the rock genre. He has worked on a wide assortment of technical and administrative responsibilities for prominent musical acts such as Pink, Guns N Roses and even Kid Rock.


Hutson was involved in a world tour back in 2005 that was referred to as “Bleed Like Me.” This tour was for an alternative rock outfit by the name of Garbage. He went to all sorts of destinations for this tour, too. These included North America, Australia and Europe. He functioned as a monitor engineer. Hutson not long ago was in charge of a rigging system that was automatic. This was for the Honda Civic Tour for OneRepublic. These musical performances were in both Asia and North America. They occurred in the months of July and August. They were some that occurred in September as well. Learn more:


Hutson had earlier positions that gave him the ability to acquire various marketing strengths. The big recession negatively affected his place of employment in a massive way. That’s the thing that motivated Hutson to set up a firm on his own. He knew that doing so would be pretty scary at first. He knew well that he’d be able to do everything he wanted, though. Hutson’s strengths give him self-esteem.


This engineer understands the value of drawing in new clients all of the time. He has a strong work ethic that keeps him going day in and day out. He’s not someone who is afraid of going the extra mile. Hutson thinks about technological advancements that have brought on the growth of the music world. He makes a point to stay on top of all technological advancements that may be beneficial to his client base.

MB2 And The Future of Dental Care

Dr. Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, a network that offers dental treatment. He is a practitioner who has the vision of promoting the best corporate dentistry in the health sector. Dr. Villanueva recognized that professionals in the commercial dentistry require special assistance. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental. Dr. Steven spent his time on both sides of the equation of provider-business. He is excited by the role, which is played by technology in the dental industry. As a dentist, Chris Villanueva started MB2 Dental with the knowledge of what is expected in the health sector. He did not want to come up with something that will comprise the integrity of his profession.
Management networks of dental practice operate like the traditional ones. The methods are uninspired and drab. For that reason, Dr. Villanueva came up with MB2 Dental with the hope of bringing something that is different in the field. He wanted an idea, which is more than the expected profit margins. Therefore, Dr. Chris built MB2 as an organization, which focuses on personal growth, autonomy, and support. The network emphasizes on the innovations that promote well-established operating standards. Additionally, Chris wanted a network where practitioners are happier and can facilitate organic and healthy business growth.
The Future of Dental Care
The introduction of MB2 Dental in the health sector has changed the dental industry. It was established on the foundation that doctors who work together can achieve more than working individually. This is a culture that should not be left behind. As an association, MB2 is offering a youthful and fresh perception on how dental practice could be managed for future development. As a result, MB2 is changing the lives of many dentists and patients around the world. The management system that is provided by MB2 is unique. It is different from the traditional methods because it improved dental practices, which benefits both patients and practitioners.
Success and practical experience back the foundation of MB2. It promotes an environment where professional dentists can grow and learn from one another as well. Members of MB2 are committed to helping one another in taking control of what they practice. Furthermore, MB2 has an expert team that can help dentists overcome challenges such as compliance, legal, and payroll issues. As a technologically-advanced company, MB2 is in a good position of providing practices that are speed-to-market.

What Dr. Reddy Has in Mind for MB2 Dental

The idea that MB2 Dental is something that is supposed to be modern and better for patients is what Dr. Reddy has always intended on. When he started working as a dentist, he wanted to see major changes in the field and wanted to make it something that would be focused on the patients. He felt that this is how all offices should be and how people can get the most out of the dental experience that they have. For MB2 Dental to be able to grow, Dr. Reddy has done a lot and has helped patients through a lot with the practice that he has.

Dr. Reddy does his best to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible. He believes that the least invasive a procedure is, the better it will be for people to deal with. He also wants to ensure that people are able to feel good about coming to the dentist so he has neglected all of the notions that are normally associated with the dentist. Since MB2 Dental is much different from any other dental office, it is clear that Dr. Reddy has succeeded in that part of his goal as a dentist in the industry.

While Dr. Reddy cannot change everything about dentistry, he can try his best to make MB2 Dental a better practice. He is going to continue to improve the practice and modify it so that it is something that people can benefit from. He also uses the help of other dentists to get their feedback and advice on what being a dentist is really like in the new world. He does his best to include the things that they have tried to do so that he can help other people out with the issues that they are also having.

This community that Dr. Reddy has set up with MB2 Dental is something that was unheard of in the industry before. Instead of all of the people working together and trying different things, they are all functioning more like a family. They get along well and the environment is one that is positive for most people. Since MB2 Dental is growing, it is also going to becomes something that even more people can enjoy in the future. Dr. Reddy hopes that it will make a lasting impact on the dental world and on the people who are doing things with the dental industry.

The Music Journey of Cassio Audi

Many people become musicians hence gaining the title of a celebrity. One of the most renowned award-winning musicians is Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was born in 1971 in Sao Paulo. He graduated from Pontificial Catholic University with a degree in Business administration. He is a music legend from Brazil. He was one of the founders of a rock music band called Viper in 1985.
Cassio was the last to form the band which was inclusive of two brothers, their roommates, a neighbour and him. Despite Cascio Audi having a music talent, he was given the role of a drummist in the band. He is known to have discipline and commitment, a factor that led to the groups’ success. The band specialized in genres like Heavy metal, power and thrash metal and alternative rock.
Casio Audi and his band were inspired by Maiden Iron, and this made them love heavy metal. The band realized their Demo album called the Killera Sword which was recorded in 1985.The album included songs like Sign of the Night, Killera Princess from Hell and Nightmare. Casio Audi Together with the band recorded Soldiers of sunrise in 1987.The track had songs like Nightmares and the title song Soldiers of Sunrise.
Their music as a band was in magazines like Metal Forces, Kerrang, and Metal hammer. They also made another album called Theatre of Fate 1989. Their music popular because of mixing with metal genre. This saw them beat the famous charts musicians like Nivarna. Cassio led to the opening of the recording stage. Cassio Audi left his music career in 1989.

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Highland Capital Has A Fine Charitable Giving Manager

Highland Capital has given back to the city of Dallas many times over, and the city is growing quite a lot because of this firm. This article explains how Highland Capital Management has hired Linda Owens to help with giving, and it shows that she has done quite a lot to make Dallas a better place to live. The company sets aside quite a lot of money to give, and James Dondero believes that Linda is the best choice to give money back.

#1: The Company Has A Giving Fund

There are many people who need funds from the company to help with their charities, and Linda chooses the places where the money will go. She helps the company make hard choices about giving, and she alerts the company to new charities they may give to. It is quite important for the company to see a change in the way the people of Dallas live, and Linda makes those choices.

#2: Giving To Many Causes

The company has given to a number of different charities, and James Dondero gives his own money to many more charities. They have a reputation of giving to things that matter to the people of Dallas, and the company will continue to do so for some time because of the money they have set aside for such purposes.

#3: More Jobs And Opportunities

There are many more jobs and opportunities offered by HCM every year, and someone who works for this company may grow into one of the finest investors in the country. HCM will help people change their lives, and the company will continue to grow through their investments and charity giving throughout the city of Dallas.

There are many people who will find it easy to use the HCM giving department to build their charities, and they may speak to Linda Owen about the money her firm is giving. She has been hired by James Dondero to help Highland Capital Management give money back to the city of Dallas, and she will ensure that all the most-worthy charities will be given more support.

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Cassio Audi’s Musical Career Unearthed

From 1985 to the start of 1990, Cassio Audi engaged in an exciting musical career that earned in respect and fame among the lovers of rock music in Brazil. Much detail about his gallant musical career had never found the way into the limelight, but the little that is known shows that he belonged to a four-man band that was named the Viper.

Cassio Musical Trajectory
When they started out, rock music had little acknowledgment due to the inexperience and the little westernization influence that existed at the time. In fact, most people came to appreciate the band due to the incredible drumming skills that he possessed. Cassio was so passionate with his drumming and consequently his band that his fame grew all over Brazil in a short time span. He also took other active roles in the band, where he turned as a composer and also helped Andres, his colleague as a co-vocalist.
Determination Bearing Fruits
Through their constant determination and commitment, the band secured a lot of shows in Brazil, which came as a surprise to them since Rock music grappled with a lot of resistance from the conservatives during that time. They further went a notch higher, when they first released their first album which they named, Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. Cassio’s compositions in the album comprised Nightmare, Killeria, and Princess from Death. Cassio and his band members continued to soar higher with the number of stage performances increasing by the day. Despite constant attacks from their critics, their fame grew all over Brazil and even spread beyond the borders. Most fans attested that their love for the band grew courtesy of their electric performances, with Cassio becoming the main center of attraction due to his great drumming skills. Two years later, they released the album Theatre of Fate, which untimely brought an abrupt end to Cassio Audi’s career in music.

Introducing Agora Financial

In this day and age, reputable investing companies remain a rarity. In spite of the plentiful investment opportunities available, theses companies delve into business for the wrong reason. For those unaware, numerous companies exist that exploit their customers. To expound further, these companies prey on the ambition of their customers to accrue wealth. Therefore, many customers remained concerned about doing business with these companies. Fortunately, companies such as Agora Financial exist. For those unaware, Agora Financial remains a prominent fixture in the investment industry. Since 1979, the company has trumped its competitors in reference to customer satisfaction.

For those unaware, Agora Financial supplies its clients with economic information through numerous news outlets. Moreover, the company remains able to provide its clients with unbiased market news and information. In addition, the company remains completely independent. This remains noteworthy due to the company not accepting brides or financial persuasion from other companies. As a result, the company remains a topic of discussion in numerous media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg. For over 25 years, the company has dominated its industry by supplying its customers with a plethora of information.

In addition, the company has proven its ability its ability to deploy accurate financial predictions. Regardless of the economic outlook, the company has remained among the top tier investment companies in the world. Moreover, the company remains a subsidiary of The Agora Inc. Therefore, Agora Financial became an independent entity in 2004. This remains attributed to the company being influenced by several high profile publications. A few examples include the Plague of the Black Debt and The Daily Reckoning. For years, the company has created its own path to success. With that being said, it has remained competitive with mainstream financial media entities.

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James Dondero is a Philanthropist and Dedicated to his Community

James Dondero is a businessman and philanthropist and as a philanthropist, Dondero is a great supporter of community based projects and programs. His focus over the years has been some of Dallas, Texas attractions. His latest venture is re-establishing a hippopotamus house at the Dallas Zoo. For the first time in 15 years hippo fans are overwhelmed with joy at the sight of the lovable animals.

For all the visitors to the zoo, 2017 will be a banner year for the facility as they welcome back “The Hippo Habitat.” Mr. Dondero made that promise in 2016 and delivered on that promise in April of 2017. The promise was made possible through a donation from Highland Capital Management to the construction of the 5,000 square foot hippo habitat that is called “Highland Capital Lodge.” The lodge also hosts private events with proceeds benefiting future zoo improvements.

The initiative to bring the hippos back to the zoo was a costly one, but the cost and effort proved highly successful as the hippo habitat will be enjoyed by visitors for years to come. James Dondero and the team of philanthropist that made the hippo revival possible have brought a very valuable resource back to the city. The fact that visitors do not have to travel to the deepest darkest jungles to see a hippo has become quite the sight to behold and the facility itself has exceeded all expectations.

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. Highland is an investment advisory company and manages more than $15 billion in assets. Through Dondero’s leadership, the company has grown in the investment world and become one o0f the largest alternative credit managers. The Highland team specializes in hedge funds collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), distressed and special situation private equity and long-only funds and separate accounts.

Dondero has a varied background in financial interests. He earned degrees in accounting and finance from the University Of Virginia McIntyre School Of Commerce. Mr. Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and has the right to use the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation. He has used his vast experience developing unique solutions for clients and helping those clients achieve their financial goals.

Cassio Audi’s Passion in Music and his Early Music Career

Other than being a brilliant investment mind, Cassio Audi’s strong passion in music is not a secret. He was a rock star and a member of the Viper, a Brazilian hard metal rock band.

He, together with his friends, Andre Machos, Filipe Machida, Yves and Pitt Passarell were practicing with instruments in their house. The idea of forming the band was greatly influenced by the rising popularity in British hard metal rock bands in the early 80’s.
Cassio Audi’s skills with the drum allowed him to take this role. His talent was evident and he contributed to the band’s two successful albums; Killera Sword and Soldiers of Sunrise. He even wrote one of the songs of the album Soldiers of Sunrise.
The albums were huge success in the country and the band was among the fan favorites. It was also nicknamed as the Brazil’s Iron Maiden after the success of the actual Iron Maiden on Britain. The Viper performed at many concerts and got opportunities of touring other popular cities around the world.
Cassio Audi stayed with the band for nine years before in 1989 deciding to leave and pursue a different path. He joined the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo where he got a degree in Business Administration. He also earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Sao Paulo.
Cassio audi’s passion in music has never died. Even though he cannot play professionally anymore, he still finds time to play with friends and sharpen his drumming skills.

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