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TalkFusions revolutionary Video Chat program wins Communications Solutions Product of the Year 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation

TalkFusion is a face, video and data transmission application that is connecting people from around the world and from devise to devise. From a cell phones, to a tablets too desktops. It’s software is available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Founded in 2007 TalkFusion is not just a global ground breaking opportunity. It is becoming the company to watch for, for voice, video and data transfer. Their product is growing and has made a lot of headway during 2016. The company now operates person to person in over one hundred and forty countries. Involved with many charitable contributions to family, friends, communities and animal charities around the world. Branding theirselves as a company that is changing lives and assisting the people that work for them to empower and pursue their dreams.

For the year of 2016 the company has snagged the title of Communications Solution Product of the year from the Technology Marketing Corporarion. The second award this year from the media leader. The Communications Special Product of the year award honors companies that have created applications or in the prior twelve months or have improved upon existing ones. Ones that make voice, video and data transmission possible. The CEO of Techolgy Marketing Corporation, in summation, said that the contenders for this award are among the “best of the best”.

This is just the beginning“, saying the CEO for TalkFusion. Stating that their talented I.T. department “has big plans” for the next year of their products development.

In addition to this achievement TalkFusion has in 2016 introduced Free Trials, its WebRTC Recorder, and even a brand new site With all the excitement in 2016 it looks to be their best year yet. With continued growth and support for the company’s end users and their associates The product designers and members are excited for the year to come.