CCMP Capital – Stephen Murray Co-Founder

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm offering many years of expertise in four targeted areas. Their finance experts are highly qualified and bring years of experience to the company. They invested over $16 billion in buyout and equity growth transactions, and are consistently offering and accepting new business roles. Their four targeted areas of expertise involve consumer and retail services and their businesses, industrial services, healthcare businesses and providers and chemical and energy companies and services. In particular, they concentrate on specialty retails service when it comes to consumer and retail businesses. They also focus on mass channel supplies, information services and marketing. Thomas Walker and Richard Zannino are the two experts in the field that lead the investing efforts. The industrial investments include $4.1 billion in over 29 years and focus on manufacturing materials and services, the distribution of certain products and all other industrial services. Timothy Walsh is responsible for leading the industrial side of CCMP Capital’s investing protocols. Healthcare is needed all over the world. Most people wouldn’t be able to survive without it, and investing in companies and specialized healthcare services is an absolute must. CCMP Capital has invested $1.6 billion in over 27 years to healthcare companies all over the world specializing in healthcare services long with providers, different companies that provide specialty products, distributors of medical products and payors. Kevin O’Brien and Jonathan Lynch are the two lead executives that manage the healthcare side of CCMP Capital’s investments. Chemicals and Energy are pertinent and important in today’s society. We need energy to create power, and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital‘s Christopher Behrens ensures that it happens. They concentrate on chemicals, oilfield services, power and production. The industry has invested $2.6 billion in over 24 years.

CCMP Capital was co-founded by Stephen Murray in 2006. By 2007 he was named the chief executive officer and president of the company, and was known for bring knowledge and years of experience to the company. He died in March 2015 of health reason, but many will remember him for his strong will to succeed and ensure that client satisfaction was quality. He was knowledgeable in economics and business administration as that is what he studied while attending Boston College. Many know him for his efforts in the community and taking part in different foundations and charity events. He was on the board at Boston College and was very much still active with the college functions.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formed from many different financial investments firms, and eventually became a branch from J.P. Morgan and Chase. The companies prior to the creation of CCMP Capital were ether bought out or transferred together to create a highly successful private investment firm.

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