Choosing the right Beneful food for any type of dog

Beneful has a lot of different varieties of dog food, and every owner should test them out. So here is a list that might help you make the most, Beneful decision:

The Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food from Beneful– This great food is made with real chick and real peas and carrots. As soon as the food hits the bowl, every dog is sure to come flying to their dish with this meal. This low-calorie meal is perfect for trying to maintain the right weight for dogs. Made with 3018 kcal/kg and 305 kcal/cup, this food is beyond amazing. It also has 25% protein, 7% crude fat, 1.2% linoleic acid, 14% moisture, 1% calcium, 100 IU/kg vitamin E and 10,000 IU/kg vitamin A.

The Baked Delights Stars (Dog Treats from Beneful)- These treats are made for dogs, they are made with real chicken and cheese. They are shortbread treats that are filled with yummy centers. The recommended feeding for this treat is 1 treat for every 10 pounds in their body weight a day. Do not go over the amount of 5 treats a day. The amount of calories for this treat are 3454 kcal/kg and 26 kcal/piece. When the analysis was performed on these treats, it was found that they have 9% crude fat, 10% crude protein, 4% crude fiber and 12% moisture.

Tuscan Style Medley (Wet Dog Food by Beneful Petco)- Made with beef, rice, spinach and carrots, this meal is sure to cause a stir in every household. With it’s amazing sauce, this meal is just blended with ingredients that every dog will love. Adult dogs should be fed 0ne 3 ounce can for every 2 1/2 to 3 pounds of weight in their body each day, for puppies, just feed them up to two times the amount of the food per pound ratio that adult dogs get. This can be split between two or more meals. This medley has 2% crude fiber, 9% protein, 2% crude fat and 82% moisture.

Savory Rice & Lamb Stew (Wet Dog Food by Beneful)– This yummy stew is made with real ingredients that will have your dog wagging their tail for the rest of the day. It has real lamb, carrots and peas in it, along with the many nutrients that it comes packed with. To feed adult dogs, feed them one 10 ounce tub for every 10 to 12 pounds of weight in their body each day. For puppies, just feed them twice that of the adult food per pound ratio. Every tub has been determined to have 933 kcal/kg and 264 kcal/tub, also it has been determined to have 2% crude fat, 11% crude protein, 78% moisture and 1.5% crude fiber.



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