Christanna Bevin Defines The Role of a Project Manager


One of the most frequently asked questions concerning project management is what makes a good project manager? There are many answers to this question. A good project manager is defined in many ways. There is no set way that a project manager is expected to act or needs to act to successfully complete a project. However, there are certain qualities that all good project managers tend to possess.


Some of these qualities include leadership, good communication skills, the ability to delegate, the ability to multi task, a good organizer, a good planner, the ability to manage well, and a variety of other qualities. A good project manager is able to blend a wide array of skills, talents, and abilities to oversee a project. No two project managers will usually look the same, and in the same way, no two project managers will handle a project in the same manner. There is a level of individualism that all project managers display during the length of a project. In many ways, a project will take on the personality of the project manager because the project manager will usually manage a project based on his or her personality style.


A project management professional who has her own style of project management is Christanna Bevin. Having many qualities that are considered excellent for a project manager, Christanna Bevin is able to manage the role of a project manager very well. She has tremendous leadership qualities, and top notch communication skills. As a project management professional, Christanna Bevin is highly respected.


There are project managers who have some positive attributes that they depend on to help them mange projects. They tend to depend on specific aspects of their abilities to help them primarily concerning project management. For people who are very analytical, they depend on analytics. For people who are great communicators, they depend on communication.


Christanna Bevin does not depend on one or two specific abilities that she has because she is able to pull from numerous abilities. Depending on the particular project, Christanna Bevin may pull more from one ability than another because a particular ability maybe more appropriate for a specific project. The flexibility that Christanna Bevin possesses allows her to manage projects in a manner that is uniquely her.



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