ClassDojo is revolutionizing the Education Sector

Education technology experts are likely to have better prospects this year. 2016 was a rough year for edtech, but it is presumed that the number of people investing in the technology will manifold within the year. The industry is expected to hit the $1.4 billion mark soon enough.

Well, here is proof as to why 2017 is the best year for the tech. LittleBits, which is an introductory coding device, has, for example, introduced a new tool that raves reviews. LittleBits has stolen the hearts of many and has been the focal point of attention for those in this sector; this can be proved by the respect the technology was regarded with at the National Principal’s Conference.

Nearpod also had a good run in with the year 2017.

The adaptive education startup received $21 million in funds within the year. The money came a long way into helping Nearpod introduce a considerable amount of digital lessons. Additionally, investors have also shown a lot of interest in gamification podiums such as Classcraft. Classcraft makes school attendance attractive to kids. Reports according to PE Hub show that Classcraft cashed in a $ 2.8 investment aimed at improving her efficiency and marketability.

ClassDojo also makes it into the list. The app makes it easier for teachers, students, and parents to talk about what happens in schools. The app helps make stronger the connection between the three education shareholders. It would also be right to say that the app aids in creating a community out of the three shareholders.

ClassDojo was started in the year 2011; her headquarters are in San Francisco, California. One can describe ClassDojo as a communication platform that helps strengthen the student’s social and communication skills. A lot of educational institutions have embraced ClassDojo, 2 in 3 schools are said to benefit positively from the application.

Additionally, ClassDojo helps tone down the negativity that comes with school life. A lot of kids and educators loath the idea of school, they often view education as a cumbersome stage of life. ClassDojo does away with this mentality. Investigations have been done on the product, and the results confirm the efficacy and effectiveness of this new technology. By empowering students to speak to their teachers and parents, the application has ground up a positive change in schools.

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