Classic Horror Everybody Needs to See


While most horror movies have an “R” rating, there are several PG 13 horror movies that will give you a scare.


“Little Shop of Horrors” stars Rick Moranis as a flower shop owner who happens upon a Venus flytrap that has an appetite for more than flies and insets. The plant grows as it’s fed blood until it gets to astronomical proportions.


If you don’t like clowns, then it’s best to avoid “Killer Clowns From Outer Space.” This is an odd movie, but it can get under your skin as the clowns use a web of cotton candy to trap their victims before killing them.  It also has one of the best movie theme songs.


“Arachnophobia” is a classic that gives you a crawling feeling on your skin. The movie features spiders that have mated to create small spiders that have a high potency of poison in their bodies. From the jumps around every corner to the disgusting web of the mother spider, you’ll think again before entering any kind of barn.  That spider almost became one of the most famous movie villains of the 90s, without saying a word.

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