Clayton Hutson and Strong Musical Performances

Clayton Hutson is a conscientious person who has been working on live shows for musicians everywhere for years at this point. He’s a business owner who has a lot of experience. He accommodates the needs of event planners and musicians alike. He studied theater design at a university prior to beginning work. This skilled audio engineer landed jobs with businesses that were part of the world of live music. He was able to land a project manager position, too. He worked on boosting his abilities for quite some time. He chose to set up a company that handles all sorts of needs that relate to concerts. The company designs, produces and supervises them. He typically concentrates on musical performances that are part of the rock genre. He has worked on a wide assortment of technical and administrative responsibilities for prominent musical acts such as Pink, Guns N Roses and even Kid Rock.


Hutson was involved in a world tour back in 2005 that was referred to as “Bleed Like Me.” This tour was for an alternative rock outfit by the name of Garbage. He went to all sorts of destinations for this tour, too. These included North America, Australia and Europe. He functioned as a monitor engineer. Hutson not long ago was in charge of a rigging system that was automatic. This was for the Honda Civic Tour for OneRepublic. These musical performances were in both Asia and North America. They occurred in the months of July and August. They were some that occurred in September as well. Learn more:¬†


Hutson had earlier positions that gave him the ability to acquire various marketing strengths. The big recession negatively affected his place of employment in a massive way. That’s the thing that motivated Hutson to set up a firm on his own. He knew that doing so would be pretty scary at first. He knew well that he’d be able to do everything he wanted, though. Hutson’s strengths give him self-esteem.


This engineer understands the value of drawing in new clients all of the time. He has a strong work ethic that keeps him going day in and day out. He’s not someone who is afraid of going the extra mile. Hutson thinks about technological advancements that have brought on the growth of the music world. He makes a point to stay on top of all technological advancements that may be beneficial to his client base.

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