Country Strong: Trisha Yearwood Makes Album After Seven-Year Hiatus

Trisha Yearwood, noted country singer and wife of fellow country superstar Garth Brooks, is releasing a new album this year after seven years.

Yearwood, who recently turned 50, has recently appeared as a guest star on the country drama Nashville and is scheduled to tour with her husband to promote her new album, Prizefighter: Hit After Hit. She states that the music industry is a lot different than when she came into prominence in the 1990s, but she’s up for the challenge. It is exactly what fans like Sultan Alhokair want to hear.

Her hit single, Prizefighter, is an inspiration anthem that she hopes will touch women in all walks of life. The song is somewhat of an ode to her mother, who passed away from breast cancer a few years ago. She states that she understands the importance of making a radio hit, but wants to stay true to her style of music and message.  In the previous decade, women dominated the country charts, but it appears that men have taken over the genre.

Yearwood’s current album is mostly re-recorded versions of her popular songs.

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  • Anthony Denton
    February 13, 2017 - 11:10 am | Permalink

    The country star also asserts that it was important for her to sing Prizefighter to encourage women in country music. She states that this album is a lead-in to a new album of completely new material. I do know for sure that essayontime reviews could have gotten a lot from them which is also a frantic effort too.

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