Dating in the Fast Lane with Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is that app that people are starting to fall in love with. It is the app that explores a whole new world of dating that places a focus on time. This is something that has been done by Whitney Wolfe. She has managed to gained a lot of app users with the Bumble app because it looks and feels different from anything else that is on the way up right now.

App based dating has become very popular because there are so many smartphone and tablet users. This has become the norm for the mainstream of millennials that are trying to find someone to share their life with. Whitney Wolfe has done a great job of tapping into what young millennials want because she is still fairly young herself. She has appeared on the Forbes list for the Top 30 under 30 leaders. This is an amazing thing for someone that has expressed lots of interest in changing the way that people date. She has shown the world that there is something amazing about the concept of app based dating with Bumble.

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There are a lot of people that are interested in what Whitney Wolfe has to bring to the table. Wolfe is a wonderful entrepreneur that knows how to build an audience of young people that don’t want to play those games with weak prospects anymore.

Most entrepreneurs that were considering the concept of app-based dating are following what everyone else was doing. The thing that made Whitney Wolfe a champion of the app-based dating world is her ability to brainstorm and come up with something that is different from what everyone else was doing. This is what has allowed her to thrive in this industry while other entrepreneurs of apps for dating apps taking a backseat.

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