David McDonald Is Leading The OSI Group To Expansion And Extraordinary Success

With the help of the leadership of David McDonald, The OSI Group has 65 facilities all over the world. These facilities employ 20,000 people and operate out of seventeen countries. This makes The OSI Group one of the biggest private companies in the United States. The company’s capabilities have been leveraged on a global scale to produce food products for restaurant chains and retail brands. David McDonald helps ensure the company secures good price on high quality products to fit the needs of their customers while ensuring food safety.

As time has passed, David McDonald has helped The OSI Group enter into joint ventures or acquire numerous poultry processing facilities, processing plants, farms and warehouses. His goal is to make the company the premier food provider for Europe, North America and many other locations across the globe. The company already has facilities in China, India and Japan. The capacity for chicken processing has been doubled in Toledo, Spain from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons due to an investment of €17 million. The plant is also producing additional pork and beef while adding twenty jobs.

David McDonald believes in greater sustainability and environmental stewardship. The facility has cut their consumption of electricity by twenty percent. The OSI Group also meets the Environmental Standards requirement and the Food Safety Standard’s rigid safety and food regulations. The company has acquired Baho Food, a food processing facility in Chicago and Flagship Europe. As the President of the company, David McDonald is leading the company to consistent growth and expansion. The production of The OSI Group is according to the specifications of their clients. There is no standard catalogue because the flavor profile and items are customized for every customer.

The OSI Group has R&D and Culinary teams to track the latest trends and the popular new flavors all over the world. These teams have the experience to create menu items for every meal including choices for vegetarians and protein items. The company produces an incredibly wide variety of items including both raw and fully cooked foods. The provide trendy culinary choices and chicken, beef and pork products.

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