David McDonald Leadership in the OSI Group

David G. McDonald was born to David and Mary McDonald who were Welsh immigrants living in Pennsylvania. He started his education at the Catholic Parochial Schools. David McDonald graduated with a Bachelors’ in Animal Science from Lowa State University. David McDonald is not only the Chief Operating Officer but also the President of the OSI group. He used to be OSI industries’ manager. He is also a board member of OSI group. OSI is the leading food processing company globally. He is the current chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He served as an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods. David specializes in three fields in his career. The fields include Scale Information System, Human-Computer Interaction, and Computer Support Cooperative Work.

David McDonald is playing an essential role in improving the sustainability of OSI group. He has taken transformative moods that have improved the performance of the company globally. The OSI group has numerous branches across the world with most of them in China, Europe and the United States of America. Such organizations require leaders with the proper skills of connecting and enhancing communication in the spread offices and branches globally. David has also put in place an efficient management team. The team of professionals works round the clock especially in the incorporation of different tasks and cultures in the organization. The group promotes efficiency and at the same time provide solutions to customers.

The company’s decision to concentrate more on China was a smart move. China has a large population. Moreover, the lack of complaints when OSI group supplied its products to the 2008 Beijing Olympic is proof enough that OSI produces quality products. The company supplied 113 tons of five different types of products. The products include beef, eggs, pork, chicken and dehydrated onions. OSI group also acquired a former food plant in Chicago named Tyson Foods.

The addition of Baho food to the OSI group will expand their business and presence in Europe according to David. Baho Food is a company dealing with deli meats among other foodstuffs and situated in Dutch. Baho has plants in Netherlands and Germany with fiver minor companies. The OSI group’s move will satisfy their ever-growing market in Europe because Boha’s portfolio of goods adds up to OSI’s processing strength. The move that is still in the implementation stage will put OSI in its niche in the market. The excellent relationship between OSI and its suppliers and customers will hasten the implementation.

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