Desiree Perez Brings Wave of Success to Tidal

The music industry has undergone some fundamental changes over the last several decades. From the major switch from vinyl pressed records to CDs and finally the crossover from analog, the entire industry was forced to adjust to not only a change in the way people consume music but also the way that insiders within the industry do business. No longer able to count on record album sales producers and distributors have had to turn their focus towards turning a profit in the age of streaming.

As music streaming has taken over the market almost completely, few companies have been able to break through the old guards that were there from music streaming’s inception and gain access to the millions of dollars to be made in the quickly growing industry. Adding to the difficulty of breaking into an industry that is still very new to everyone involved, free services like Spotify and Pandora have continued to make monetizing music streaming a truly lucrative endeavor for upstart companies who have yet to show the market their true potential.


Breaking Through the Static with Tidal and Desiree Perez

The major player to enter the field of music streaming is certainly the revolutionary streaming service created by Hip Hop legend Jay-z, more of this on  Riding the wave of fame from its celebrity founder as well as a slew of exclusive content from super stars within hip-hop and rap, the company made a large splash when it sprung onto the scene.

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Now well past the initial buzz, Tidal has found new ways to maintain an edge and continue their success under its leader Desiree Perez. Perez who has led a storied career rubbing elbows with some of music’s greatest business men and producers has helped Tidal gain traction among new listeners with innovative marketing.  If you would like to learn more about Desiree Perez’s work, hit on


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