Desiree Perez Leads Tidal’s Comeback And Massive Success

Desiree ‘Dez’ Perez is a woman on a mission. It is no secret that, among music streaming service giants like Spotify and Apple Music, Tidal is the underdog and has been struggling for quite some time. However, new wins made by negotiations guru Desiree Perez have placed the company on the track for great success. So, who exactly is Desiree Perez?

Perez is an experienced businesswoman with a reputation for being tough and savvy. She is the current manager of some of the popular musician Jay Z’s successful businesses, namely Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports, and Tidal. She has been instrumental in closing several multi-million contracts for Roc Nation, accomplishing some great coups for famous artists Beyonce and Rihanna. Perez led negotiations for stadiums used in Beyonce’s Formation tour, as well as Rihanna’s famous endorsement deal with Samsung.

Desiree Perez has been crediting with the shifting fortunes of Tidal. Rumored to be in a precarious financial situation after a few key executives left the company, Perez joined the music streaming service’s management team in early 2016 with ambitious ideas that are proving to be successful so far. The first thing she accomplished was increasing the public’s interest in the service. This was done by netting consecutive exclusive album releases, from Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo,” Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to Rihanna’s “ANTI.”

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As a result of this bold move, Tidal is currently riding higher on iTunes than it ever has. It has also gained about one million more subscribers since Perez took over Tidal’s operations. She is also responsible for shifting the service’s focus from its existing roster to discovering and promoting new artists. Toward this end, Tidal has also added new categories, including Tidal Rising, where new artists are featured; Tidal Discovery, where users can find new music releases; and Tidal X, which highlights exclusive live content.  Check Updates on

Desiree Perez is a heavy hitting innovative executive that has undoubtedly placed Tidal in the map, check this on Dez’ page, and ensures the continued success of the entire Roc Nation enterprise. She has undoubtedly played a significant part in ensuring the growth and sustainability of the prolific business.  Learn more about Dez, follow her on

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