Discover the Alternative Financial Solutions from Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a company that has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was launched in 2002, and since then, it has been providing alternative financial solutions to clients.

The company focuses on the provision of capital against the shares that are traded publicly. This arrangement has enabled the company’s customers to meet most of their financial goals. So far, Equities First Holdings has done more than 600 transactions, and it is has become famous for providing loans at low-interest rates.

Equities First Holdings is an international firm with offices in over nine countries. These offices are located in cities and states such as Singapore, Indianapolis, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Perth and Bangkok. The company’s loans are usually based on risk evaluation, the performance of stocks, bonds and Treasurys.

The company lately has been recording enormous growth. The growth has been accelerating despite the fact that the firm has been operating in a harsh economic climate due to stringent lending rates common in banks and various other institutions and more information click here.

Equities First Holdings is gaining popularity for being an alternative source of capital to those who need it fast or those people who are not qualified to get loans in banks and other institutions. Although there are numerous options to these people, it has become increasingly difficult for people to get loans in banks. This is due to the high-interest rates charged by the banks and tight lending rules and contact its.

According to Al Christy, who is the founder of Equities First Holdings, the loans that are collateralized by stocks have established themselves as borrowing alternatives for those individuals who are looking for working capital for their businesses.

These stock-based loans do have fixed interest rates, and this gives the person who has borrowed the money certainty throughout the period he is paying the loan. This means that these loans have a buffer because they are not affected by the rampant fluctuations common to other lenders.

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