Discovering The Colors Of Fantasy With Lime Crime

While cosmetic users have their own individual brand and color preferences, there have always been some universal rules. Makeup should always look natural. It shouldn’t draw attention to the person wearing it. And certain types of cosmetics were appropriate for certain places and times of day, while others should be confined to nightclubs and Halloween parties. But thenĀ Lime Crime came along and changed all of the cosmetic rules, from the look of makeup itself to the way in which it’s marketed and sold.

Lime Crime was created by Xenia Vorotova, better known in the fashion world as Doe Deere, a former fashion school student and model who had attracted attention for her distinctive eye makeup. Having difficulty reproducing her look for herself and others using pre-packaged cosmetics, Deere began manufacturing her own in her New York City apartment. With the support of her husband and business partner, Doe officially launched the Lime Crime cosmetics brand in the summer of 2088. The Lime Crime products were initially marketed and sold only online. While one of the brand’s first signature eye shadows was Lime Criminal, Doe has said that the Lime Crime name has no particular relevance, and was chosen for its playful rhyming.

Indeed, “playful” seems to be the image behind the Lime Crime name, with fantastically garbed and made-up models camping it up in online advertising, and product packaging featuring a unicorn motif. Deere also refers to her customers as “unicorns”, and exhorts them on her company website and blog not to give up their daydreams. She also encourages them to look at makeup as a form of freedom and self expression, rather than a means to cover up imperfections.

Reviews of the Lime Crime products were largely positive when the brand debuted, calling the products “radical” and “trend-setting”. Reviews from the general public indicated that they were also taken with Lime Crime’s distinctive color palette and pigment use. The brand caught the attention of several prominent fashion show makeup artists as well. In 2009, the company began adding lipsticks to its product line. Despite the popularity of the eye shadows and their importance to the brand, lipstick sales, especially the brand’s Velvetine line, began to dominate Lime Crime sales. Because of the Velvetine line’s popularity, the company began offering it with a range of application methods, from matte to liquid. Nail and hair color in candy hues were also added to the brand lineup. All products are vegan-specific and cruelty-free.

Because the brand is of most appeal to younger, more urban users, when Lime Crime began expanding its sales base beyond online marketing, it selected NastyGirl and Urban Outfitters to carry its line in their stores. Lime Crime is also now available in the radical retailer Dollskill. Lime Crime continues to maintain its online store and retains a strong online presence. The brand offers non-models a chance to try modeling on a weekly basis. Lime Crime users can submit photos of themselves for the company to use on their “Friday Fashion” page. This gives the world a chance to
see these ladies, and the various Lime Crime products, at their creative best.

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