Donald Fagen Mad at Journalist

Rolling Stone Magazine is publishing, unedited, Steely Dan front man Donald Fagen’s tour diary. In one entry, Fagen defends himself against accusations in a negative review about Steely Dan appearing in The Washington Post by a writer named Geoff Edgers.

Edgars says that Steely Dan appearing at the Coachella music festival is a bad thing. For one, he says that Steely Dan being there just shows that the festival organizers are thinking only of money and not of promoting new acts. Fagen counters by saying the article is great publicity for his band.

He goes on to say that the festival promotes a huge variety of music and puts many new acts on the stage. He mentions that the producers made a huge profit last year by doing this and that it had nothing to do with the older acts.

Fagen also says festivals aren’t a great place to hear live music because of the poor acoustics. He thinks that the appeal of the festival experience is more about getting together with a crowd of happy, partying people.

Fans like Sam Tabar have learned that, also, Fagen resents being accused of playing “Dadrock” in the review. He says that music can remain relevant years after it was released and uses Bob Dylan as an example.

Personally, I think its sad that Fagen has to defend himself at all. He’s 76 years old and his band is still going strong.

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