Drew Madden: Software, Clouds, And Security

When most people think of clouds, they look to the skies. However, in today’s healthcare IT world, clouds take on a whole new meaning. The latest in computer technology, the cloud can make all the difference in keeping patient medical data secure from data breaches. However, with so much data available today, knowing how to integrate cloud technology into the data networks of hospitals, corporations, and other types of medical organizations can be difficult. And with recent developments suggesting CVS and Aetna are about to join forces, and Amazon is preparing to offer customers the chance to get nationwide next-day delivery of prescription medications, the quest for electronic medical records security is more important than ever. To deal with this issue, healthcare IT entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden are making an impact on organizations around the world.

With electronic medical records systems being expected to handle an ever-growing amount of patient data, it’s important for healthcare IT professionals such as Drew Madden to use all of their available skills to analyze systems and then create solutions that will keep patient data safe and secure. From developing new and innovative types of software to deciding how best to incorporate cloud technology into data networks, Drew Madden and his team at Nordic Consulting Partners are now looked to for their expertise in this area time after time. Whether helping a large corporation increase its online security capabilities or installing new software for a local hospital’s electronic medical records system, Drew Madden is always looking for new and innovative methods to make online data even more safe and secure. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Having seen its annual revenue swell to more than $130 million in recent years, Nordic Consulting Partners is clearly providing solutions to the toughest of electronic medical records systems problems. Now working with well over 150 clients, Nordic and its more than 700 healthcare IT professionals are always analyzing current trends to discover how to make these data networks even more efficient. As he continues to work in all aspects of healthcare IT, Madden and his team will stay far ahead of the competition. You can follow their Twitter page.

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