End Citizens United Believes That Jones Can Bring Reforms At The Senate Seat

End Citizens United is gracing headlines with their news about Jones Doug, their preferred candidate for leading the senate seat. While making the announcement, there were key areas that the PAC mentioned to support their candidate. Jones has been in the judicial system for years. It is likely that he can comfortably lead in many aspects. He is determined to give his people the best there is in America. Jones is set to lead because he has a clean name in the town. He is however, vying for the seat alongside his counterpart, a man that has bad reputation, Moore.

Why Doug Jones Is A Good Leader

According to Jones, the people deserve good leadership. He is the only one that can deliver that. He says this from the point of understanding that he has been part of the people. Alabamians are fed up of having to wait for good leadership in order to lead better lives. The system has been rigged, the people have had to pay dearly for this. This is a system that must be ended. Jones speaks for reforms. He is determined to move the town to better management and reforms. If elected, he says that he will involve End Citizens United in battling the corrosion that corruption has caused. Jones has served the city before. He was a powerful attorney and never did he make money illegally. This is sufficient proof that he shall deliver if elected. Jones’ determination encourages the people to elect him to office.

Why Is Moore Not Fit To Lead

Moore is Jones’ ally in this race. He has been squandering money from his own people. To drive the point home, Moore has made money out of charitable organizations. He spent the money on the wrong dockets. This character highly disqualifies him. There are more factors that paint him badly. First of all, he is corrupt. He has no good agenda. Secondly, he is racist. He cannot be racist and lead properly. He will be biased. Moore is linked to corruption in many ways. He is shady and ill bigoted. He has been dining with mega donors that have bad influence on leadership. Moore cannot deliver a just system to the people. He is self-indulged and cannot put the people before himself. The senate seat is for the people. He is supposed to take care of over 1000 people. He cannot do that if he only interested in satisfying his gains.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United exists to bring about political reforms. It was launched in 2015. Since then, the PAC has committed to giving the people the best leaders the world has had. The agenda is to initiate political reforms through finance reforms.

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