Enrique Iglesias Arrested

Enrique Iglesias is one of the most successful Latin pop stars of all time stated Madison Street Capital. However, the last few months have been extremely rough for him. For those of you that don’t know, Enrique Iglesias recently cut his hand on a drone during his own concert. The injury was quite severe, and Enrique Iglesias almost had to cancel the rest of his summer tour. Aside from his bodily injuries, Enrique Iglesias has found himself in trouble once again.

This time, Enrique Iglesias is in trouble with the law, and it’s due to a few misdemeanor crimes that took place in Miami earlier this week. Apparently, Enrique Iglesias has a suspended license in Florida, but that didn’t stop the Latin rebel from driving. However, a police officer scanned Enrique’s license plates, and the officer discovered that Enrique Iglesias is not a legal driver in the state of Florida. The police officer put his sirens on, and that’s when Enrique Iglesias decided to switch seats with his passenger. It should be noted the Enrique Iglesias was driving when he tried to fool the police officer with the “old passenger switch.” E.com recently revealed that Enrique Iglesias and his passenger were put in handcuffs. Fans are hoping that Enrique Iglesias won’t be in too much trouble, but he will definitely be forced to pay a few fines.

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