Equities First Holdings: Always A Step Ahead

Equities First Holdings offers lending solutions for businesses and high net-worth individuals seeking non-purpose capital. It truly is remarkable as a business, and one of a kind in its game. There are no other business quite exactly like it.


Equitiesfirst.com is the link where the main web site may be reached. Its online slogan is “we do one thing so you can do anything….”. It promises a more secure and sufficient overall form of capital and are highly recommended for use by many.


In a recent online web site article source which was released just earlier this year on July the 12th of 2016, we can see more. It appears that Equities First Holdings, this world renowned global lender, has more recently spotted what is known as a growing trend. The article may be read in full by following this link, and I highly recommend it: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/global-lender-equities-first-holdings-sees-growing-trend-among-borrowers-who-use-stock-2141671.htm . There is nothing to lose and much to learn in doing so.


In summary of the article itself, allow me to quote first that:
“Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH, www.equitiesfirst.com), a global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, is seeing more traction in margin loans and stock-based loans in an economic climate where banks and other institutions have tightened lending criteria.” (pg. 1, para. 1)
Something has been noted. The observation and opportunity to act upon such an observation have begun earlier this year, with plans to continue upon the stated course of the company.


It appears that many such choices are still available at the moment. Yet, it seems that plenty of banks are no longer offering their lending options as they were before….for such borrowers. Higher interest rates and more strict loan requirement procedures are in effect as well as an added and overall result to this.


Since there is a higher loan to value ratio when it comes to loans which are stock based (as opposed to marginal loans). A more fixed interest rate is offered and assumed, which is used to provide a sense of both clarity and trust throughout the entire life of the transaction.

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